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  1. Oooooo what did you order? I'm wearing HoG blood orange marshmallow today and this stuff last so well!! Still smells like I just put it on
  2. Ok my goals for this stretch are simple: LIPSTICK. I have so freaking much, lippies are the area of my collection that needs the most attention, and I need to use them more. Goal is to have THREE lip products (as in products with color in them, not chapstick) in my empties next month. So use lipstick, put it on throughout the day, and CUT DOWN the massive stash of half used lipsticks I'm hording. Good luck everybody!
  3. Doing this now because I have time and I don't think I'll finish anything before tomorrow. SUCH a good month for me. Need to keep up on the sample using, it's going really well! Viva no buy!!! FULL SIZE Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter in Golden Corn Cakes: Smells like corn bread! Liked it, would buy again if it came back. Lancome Nutrix Royal Body Lotion: Smelled nice! Not as old lady as some Lancome stuff does. Wouldn't pay the $27 the charge for it, but it was nice. Fortune Cookie Soap Hydrate Me in Sparky: LOOVEEEEE the Sparky scent and love hydrate me. L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara: Surprisingly, I liked this. L'Oreal mascaras are not typically my favorite but this was actually ok! Flaked a tiny bit but nothing awful. I may buy it again. B&BW 3-Wick Candle in Marshmallow Fireside: Zero throw on this. Which sucks because it smelled really good. Just not a good candle, think it was a dud, wicks drowning after it was 1/2 done. Boo. Lush Charity Pot: It's lotion that doesn't smell offensive so I keep at it my desk at work. No real thoughts on it. It is what it is. B&BW Triple Moisture Cream in Into the Wild: Liked this scent! Typical B&BW but I enjoyed it. I will always have TMC on hand. Always. Ulta Brand Cotton Balls: They're cotton balls. They're not the P.O.S CVS brand ones. Aveeno Creamy Moisturizing Oil: OMG this was old and I don't know that I've ever been so happy to have an empty as I was with this. It was fine. Wouldn't re-buy (not even sure they still make this, it was legit like.....you don't want to know how old). Fortune Cookie Soap (like the actual fortune cookie soap) in Squirrel: This scent was fine, soaps are super cute, but it was pretty drying. Fortune Cookie Soap Whipped Cream in Sparky: Love WC. Love Sparky. Can't buy it anymore, but fun fact Retro Cremes and Perfumes on Etsy has a "pumpkin pecan waffle" scent that smells identical so yay? Walgreens brand Pink Grapefruit Face Wipes: Used for swatches so whatever. Beauty Bar Baby lip balm in Strawberry Shortcake: Hands down my favorite lip balm. Which actually....these aren't that moisturizing. I've noticed since starting something different that it's working much better. But these feel so GOOD going on, and the smell OMG the smell. I will forever re-buy. Love these so much. Clean and Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser: This was good! My skin responds well to Benzyl Peroxide. Used this only on my chin when it would break out (too drying on the rest of my face) and it calmed stuff down. Using something else now, but I would buy this again. B&BW Foaming Hand Soap in Mandarin Blossom: Smelled good. Slightly drying. Aka the usual B&BW foam soap review. Yet I continue to buy them so it can't be that bad. Big Sexy Hair Sulfate Free Volumizing Conditioner: Liter gone!! It smelled good. That's really all I can say nicely about it. Would not re-buy. DELUXE ​Prada Candy fragrance vial: some days I love this, some days I hated it. Wouldn't buy it. Savor Whipped Soap in Pumpkin Eggnog: Oh pumpkin eggnog. How I love you so. This was seriously maybe my favorite whipped soap of all time. LOVE Savor's formula, this smelled like a stick of Big Red with a little creaminess mixed in. So so so so so freaking good. Will 100% rebuy. Backstreet Makeup Company eyeshadow in Gingah: Project Pan Indie Sample product! Liked this, super neutral light brown, blended well, I love her stuff. Will buy a full size as I don't own a lot of matte indie shades, and this is a good one. Nars Pro Prime Light Optimizing Primer: Eh. Wouldn't but it. It was ok. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask: I liked this!!!! Good overnight moisturizer, I might say I even liked it better than thirsty mud. It was lighter and absorbed a lot better on me so my pillow didn't get nasty. Would consider buying a big one. Dolce and Gabbana The One fragrance vial: Slightly grandma-ish on me but it was ok. Wouldn't buy it. Jimmy Choo Flash fragrance vial: This was a chore to use. I opened this, um, last summer and liked it then. Pulled it back out to finish it off and not a fan. Maybe it went bad or something? Performance Colors Light and Smooth Foundation (x2: Light Cool and Fair Cool): My first foray into indie foundation. This was actually very nice. Slightly more coverage than I want but when I used it, my chin was going nuts and it covered it well. Smells like vanilla. I may buy this. Just wish there was a lighter formula of it. Cool light was the better color match. Shiro Cosmetics Nic Cage Churning Butter One Crisp Thanksgiving Morning Lip Gloss: Holy name, batman. Anyways, this was slightly more brown than I wanted it to be, but smelled and felt really nice! Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint: This was nice! Color was a litttttle bit dark but I could make it work. Good for days when I didn't want to wear a lot of makeup. Don't know that I'd BUY it, but I may pick it up with some BB points. Clean Rain fragrance vial: This was fine, but wrong season for it. Smelled like spring. Like all Clean perfumes, it lasted approximately 8 minutes on me. FOIL/SINGLE USE Becca Ultimate Cover Complexion Creme (x2) in Sand and Cashmere: This was interesting. It's definitely full coverage which I'm not usually into. When you first put it on, it's like HOLY MAKEUP and I was terrified. But this sets BEAUTIFULLY. Made my skin look so nice and calmed down on the cake face. Not sure I'd buy it but if you're looking for something super full coverage, this is a good one. Algenist Genius Anti Age Cream: Eh. Not big on Algenist as a whole. Givenchy Phenom'eyes mascara: Weirdest want thing ever. Not sure if it's always like this or if it was the dumb single use mascara sample. But I LOVED this stuff!!! On the list of ones to buy. When I need mascara. Which will be like 6 years from now. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream: Liked this!!! I have 1.9 million samples of it, but I may end up buying it once I run out. Made me soft, didn't break me out, I am slowly joining the FAB train. Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask: This made me crazy soft. It is also crazy expensive, so no. Tokyo Milk Dark Everything and Nothing Hand Cream: Eh. Not a huge fan of this scent. Malin and Goetz Detox Mask: Strangest mask I've ever used. It's like Alka Seltzer on your face.....then it just disappears. Oh you strange little mask, you. It was kind fun though! Lancome Visionaire One Minute Blur: Like this stuff. A good primer. I'd consider buying it. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser: STINKKKKYYYYYY OMG so stinky. But I love Fresh face products, and would buy others of those. Just not this stinky cleanser. My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Sheet Mask: Liked this! Feel like it made me brighter and softer. I am a fan. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Opal: I think my hopes were too high for this. The way people talk about this I thought it would be like Jesus himself had descended and given my cheeks the heavenly glow like I'd just been made a saint or something. It's....highlighter. I don't think it's significantly better than any other liquid highlighters. I almost like the Nars ones better. Meh. First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser: Liked this too, again on the FAB train. May make a whole routine of it once no-buy ends. HERE'S TO AN EVEN BETTER FEBRUARY!!!!
  4. Day 30 I DID IT!! Ok. Not completely but I spent $3.50 on something that was not allowed. That's so good!! Go me!!!! Good job everybody!!
  5. I have not tried them myself, but I have ordered from them for a gift exchange. I had no issues with my order, everything came wrapped up very cute, and they shipped extremely fast. Hope that helps a little!
  6. I did not get a welcome box when I signed up, just a normal one. And chancing it yet again, so far my boxes have been oddly good so im hoping it keeps up?
  7. Just a small happy customer service story for them (sort of?) I got charged twice for my Feb sub, I sent an email, the first response hit me slightly wrong, basically sent me a screen shot of their system saying I was not in fact charged twice. I sent a screenshot of my credit card statement, they figured out the issue, apologized, and refunded me right away, so I have to give them that! No complaints. Not sure I'll keep the sub much longer just because I don't NEED it, but I'm not unhappy about my interaction with them.
  8. @@EggyBread I hope you are ok!! How scary!! Still hanging in over here; one tiny little purchase (buying a gift and threw something in for myself) but it was $4 so im not beating myself up too badly. So close to a whole month!!! Empties list is long this month too!!! Next month I need to focus on using up lippies though, I have so many and it needs to come down a notch.
  9. I was just looking too and couldn't find it! Anyways, haven't been posting much due to some health issues but no buy in tact! Not gonna lie, struggling right now. I'm bored, I'm not feeling well, the "you deserve new pretties" mindset is creeping in hardcore. But ultimately I know it won't make me feel better and I'm SO CLOSE to making a month that I want to hold on.
  10. This is where I'm at too. Same with Rachel, not becase I don't like it, I just don't NEED it, you know?
  11. Lets see how I did! 5 foils: hmmm nope. One, and finished 2 perfume vials. Eh. Finish Teenage Wasteland: Nope. I actually switched this out for Thirsty Thursday because I was feeling peach. There's still probably 5-6 applications left and I used it every day but one. This is a big sample. I will finish it in the next 10 days. Use MUFE Eyeliner: I used it about 5 times. More than normal and made some progress but eyeliner just looks so harsh sometimes. I'll roll this to the next 10 days and it might be gone by then? De-Baggy indies: DONE! No eating out except for date night: FAIL. Ordered pizza once and went out for chicken once. Breakfast every day: Doing well at this! Skipped today because I'm not feeling well but overall I did well with this. No buing makeup: Did excellent! Bought one replacement item (legit replacement) for $5.74. Keeping strong!
  12. Hmmmmm I have some but all will be revealed later lol. Off the top of my head: Xplosive Cosmetix had the fastest shipping I've seen outside of GDE. Products aren't my FAVORITES but they're good, and fast. A couple of old goats on etsy were also fast. I didn't actually try their stuff as it was a gift, and my free sample was muscle relaxing cream and I haven't been sore. But I imagine them being a cute old couple who makes lotion from their goat farm so I think that's cute. Retro creams and perfumes was fairly fast and their stuff smells good. Pumpkin pecan waffles smells exactly, like dead on, to FCS sparky, which I love so I'll continue to buy from her. Dusk cosmetics was also super fast and cute presentation. Again didn't use it as it was a gift but no ordering issue and the colors looked pretty!
  13. Mine came today too! My aquabomb was fine, but it doesn't roll down if I roll it up but I don't care about that. This feels so nice!! Only weird thing is one of my taffys tasted like perfume. Could have very well been from me though. Yolo'd and ate it anyways. Tasted good after the initial floral alcohol. I'm not dead. Winning.
  14. This!!!! You own the brand. You want to make 2 seperate groups? Make 2 seperate groups. I don't need a post about how someone suggested it, then another post explaining why you don't really want to do it, then a poll on who wants it what way, then a post explaining why you are going to do it or not do it. I appreciate that she wants to make everyone happy. But you can't. You can't please everyone, someone will always disagree. AND THAT'S OK. Make a decision, go with it, own it. Tis the beauty of owning your own business, I'd think.

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