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  2. I'm sure people are going to flip out no matter what happens on Sunday. :/
  3. I read somewhere that the super-bright colours (there are 3) will be a kit of minis with a top coat as an add-on for ~$15 (or 1500 jules). Apparently that was the word on the street at the NYC Julep popup store the other day.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by inlustro Fussy was the wrong word. What really bothered me was that it felt like the lady on the phone was telling me what she thought I wanted to hear just to get me off the phone (after waiting almost half an hour with that ONE song playing on a loop), even if it wasn't true. And then I would get an email saying the exact opposite of what she told me over the phone. The next day I called and (after waiting another half hour on hold) by chance got the same CS person on the phone. She reassured me that what she told me the previous day was true, and promised that the replacement was on its way already. Then minutes after I hang up, I get another email saying actually no it hasn't shipped and we won't until you give us a picture. Again, I'm left feeling like she just said whatever to get me off the phone, and that the rep was trying to be sneaky with me about it. I don't like getting off the phone with CS feeling like I can't trust them and that they don't trust me. =T But, I'm over it. I was able to get a picture that showed a little of the damage, so I sent that in to them. It really did come dinged, and they should see that. You're right, that level of confusion and general pain-in-the-butt-ness is awful! I'd be pissed too! I think they're getting a lot of calls/emails about this palette, in which case they should have a straight-forward way of dealing with it (i.e. send us a pic or send it back, and issue a replacement *right away*). Not this back & forth, do this/don't do that crap. Like you have time for this! I hope they do send you out a replacement immediately & extra-hoping that the new one isn't weird too!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by meaganola It's under a few coats of polish, so it will withstand a day's wear, including plenty of hand-washing. When I wear glitter polish, I tend to only want to wear it for one day (I change polish frequently, and I change even more frequently when it's glitter), so I don't worry about it lasting through heavier-duty wear like dish-washing, a shower, etc. I think it's better for my hands/nails than soaking them in acetone every day, and it definitely saves a whole lot of time. It might be weird, but it works, just like honey/olive oil/rosemary packs on your hair are super conditioning and clay on your face pulls all of the crap out of your skin, plus it's a whole hell of a lot less toxic than nail polish and remover! You have a point. I change my polish maybe once a week (unless it gets seriously chipped/scary) so the glue thing wouldn't work for me at all! But the idea of glue on my nails is super weird for some reason! Haha.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by foxyroxy-26 I know another trick is to paint your nails with a thin coat of school glue. let it dry and then paint your nails with polish. It usually pops right off in one piece when you are going to take off the polish. Am I the only one who thinks putting GLUE on your nails is weird?? This seems to be a rampant trend among nail groups right now and it just creeps me out. Plus glue is water-soluble so wouldn't it be a problem whenever you wash your hands, do dishes, shower, etc? I dunno. The foil method works perfectly for me, though I might try those wraps from Sephora. I don't think I can put glue on my nails though, just too weird!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by inlustro Hey ladies, I'm normally over in birchboxland but wanted to pop over and see if any of you have had this experience. I got my December box, which included the eyeshadow palette. When I opened it, the first color looked almost like someone took a swipe of it, it could have been a finger or brush, or just a manufacturing error. Anyway, I called their CS and told them what it looked like and asked if they could send a replacement since I didn't want to take any chances. They said sure so sorry about that, we'll send it right away, but could you send us a picture? I said the swipe probably wouldn't show up in a picture and they said yeah I don't think it will either but send it in anyway, it's more of a formality. Then I get an email later in the night with a shipping label, and it says that I need to ship it back, they'll inspect it (which could take up to a week) and then they'll mail out the replacement. (Meaning I could be waiting till Christmas) So I called them this morning to say, you never mentioned a wait period, nevermind it's not that important, but the rep says no they shipped it already and it was just template language in the email about the waiting period, and don't bother mailing in the damaged goods, she promised the replacement was on its way but asked for a picture still. So then I hang up, and not ten minutes later she emails me to say, actually we DO need you to mail in the damaged goods, and we actually haven't shipped the replacement yet, we need to see the photo before we do that. 1st Question: Is this normal for Julep?? I've never had such a hassle like this before with other companies, and I think it's the first time I've called their CS about product issues so I'm not sure what to expect. 2nd Question: I emailed them back and said nevermind about the replacement (since it apparently hasn't been packed up and shipped yet, and I'm having trouble with my camera, and I don't have any padded envelopes to send it back to them and can't be bothered to go out and buy one, and I'm just so frustrated I just don't care anymore). I'm still a little skeeved out in case anyone did swipe it with their fingers. Will it be ok if I wipe off the top layer with a tissue? Should I use rubbing alcohol to disinfect? I don't think it's Julep being fussy. I would assume they have a contract with the palette manufacturer that says they only get a refund for damaged/wonky palettes if they return them or otherwise prove there was a defect/problem. I wouldn't use it. You paid money for an intact/safe/quality product, you shouldn't have to settle for something you wouldn't buy in a store.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by dousedingin Lol! Np. Not just you =o) Yeah it is more "wear" than chipping, but the wear lends itself easily to chips. And my job is not easy on my hands/nails. (I use them like tools, sorry ladies!) Lots of picking at labels and opening boxes/cases. So these matte looks do not last a wink! They're so lovely though.... Actually I take that back. The suede finish julep has does last. I was SO SAD to see that set sold out, because I NEEEEEED Minka in my life. Seriously. Ugh. Minka is back on the Julep site, if you were looking for it. On sale for $7 today only.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Lolo22 In case anyone is interested in an update. Julep is refunding me $24.99 (even though I used the $5 off code), sending me Antonia for free and reactivated my maven account. Hannah is the best rep ever and even emailed me on Saturday to let me know! I'm glad it's been sorted out in your favour!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by JayneDoe There's suppose to be some kind of surprise being offered on Black Friday and for every 1,000 likes they'll take a dollar off I'm afraid to get excited about this, it could prove very disappointing. BF sales are always built up SOOO much but then it's like, "Oh, that's it?". Unless the Secret Store opens Friday and there's some kickin' deals!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Lolo22 Wow Julep really sucks! I called them and they said they have no more mystery glitter polishes left so I am SOL. All they offered me was a voucher for 2 other polishes or a return label to return my box. I said, "I thought I saw you guys just post on FB recently that you had 600 more boxes for sale?" She said, "no you definitely didn't see that, we are all sold out." I told her I wanted to cancel my maven account because this was BS and she just said no problem. I looked up my order history and I have purchased $232 from them since I became a maven in January. I guess they don't care about my money or me as a customer. Wow, that totally sucks. I'm sorry you didn't get the glitter polishes and you had a crappy CS experience. I hope you didn't really cancel your account because of that. I hope your weekend is a good one at least!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Christa W Messy Mansion just came with rectangular stampers. I am interesting in trying one. All of the Messy Mansion plates are expensive but amazing. I haven't had the pleasure of using any yet. Her plates are gorgeous and work really well. I just received 3 last week. They're a bit larger than Konad/BM plates. And super fast shipping! I'm in Canada and it took about a week from Australia. Awesome. I totally plan on buying more. She's on vacation until the 25th though so her Etsy store isn't open. I know she was testing out some really pretty holiday plates so hopefully they'll be up next week.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by cari12 I don't see orange at all when I look at that but it could be my monitor. I have this colour and to me it looks like a creamy brick red (seriously, like red bricks). At first I thought it was super orange too but when I swatched it, it looks more red. Kind of a different shade but not ugly.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by luckyme502 I'm not a fan of the color caddy either. I used to have a "caddy" that looked just like it that I purchased at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. It was a lot less money. For Christmas we are going to IKEA and getting some Alexes and some Helmers and a desk top and we are making my vanity in our guest bed room. We are also buying a couple wall racks for my polish. Since we only have overnight guests sporadically and most of the time it's my little niece, I decided the spare bedroom was the best place for it! I'm very excited about having my own makeup/nail space! That's a great idea! I'm in grad school right now so our extra bedroom is my study/office space with a small corner devoted to my polishes (makeup is in the bedroom!). You should post pics when it's all finished!

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