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    Beading, painting, reading, travel...Doctor Who...writing...my son...animal rescue...current events...humanism...and MAKEUP & PERFUM :)
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    S.A.H.M./Keeper of the House
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    Anything Tocca
    I'm dying for anything cute TonyMoly
    Beauty Blender
    All the charcoal beauty products
    Suki foaming face wash...it smells sooo good to me
    A foundation that fits my budget and my pasty pale skin :)
  • Car I Drive
    My two feet get me everywhere I need to go...well most of the time :)
  • My Favorite Movies
    Casablanca, Battle Royale, Boondock Saints, Nana
  • Favorite Music
    I love anything that speaks to my soul...Creedance, Queen, Gogol Bordello, George Jones, Willie & Waylon, Blondie, The Doors, Bomba Estereo, Manu Chao....
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    I am a book hoarder :/
  1. Julep May 2016

    I forgot to skip and ended up with the orange lip oil...was ready to give it away bc I'm so pale and was like fffffffffffff orange...but it is amazing...love
  2. Birchbox May 2016 Spoilers

    The gloss is extremely unflattering on me...
  3. Ipsy May 2016 *Spoiler*

    Tell your mom to use Sake...it's still alcohol, but she can drink it too
  4. Birchbox May 2016 Spoilers

    I cancelled and re-subbed later and still kept aces...but sometimes BB is wonky
  5. Birchbox April 2016 Spoilers

    That is exactly what I did. Pics and all. Was the most unique 'sample' I've ever received....
  6. Birchbox April 2016 Spoilers

    So, I got the Acure Pore Minimizing Scrub...except it's an empty, unsealed tub...there was never a product in this tube period.
  7. Mystery Box Contents

    Ha...I spent points and got an exact dupe of my November box....all good though
  8. Birchbox February 2016 **Spoilers**

    Wasn't that one of the perks of being an ace...first dibs? I mean...free shipping yay...but is birchbox about to go all ipsy on us...
  9. January 2016 Birchbox **Spoilers**

    The lip tint kept fading from my top lip making it look like my bottom was bleeding or something
  10. January 2016 Birchbox **Spoilers**

    I loved the K beauty box
  11. Birchbox February 2016 **Spoilers**

    So are aces not longer getting first dibs on sample choice? Bc both my accts say 1/30 vs. 1/26 if I refer a friend...
  12. Glossybox Survey for glossydots

    Did not catch that! Thanks Reija!
  13. Glossybox Survey for glossydots

    There is a short survey for 200 Glossydots available right now if you sign in to your account...thanks to someone on Reddit I found out!
  14. January 2016 Birchbox **Spoilers**

    The Tony Moly is awful....love the color, love the scent, but hate the fact my top lip fades (after a mere half hour) and the bottom does not...mid shift last night I had people asking if my bottom lip was bleeding :/

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