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    Help with colors?

    I can't get any of those where I live sadly . The only brands we get are Maybelline, Revlon, Rimmel, L'Oreal I think? I've seen some Sally Hansen, and they sell OPI in one place but it costs too much because of importation costs and such. (Really too much. I doubt they are selling more than one of those a month, which also makes me wonder the state of those nail polishes). Any of those (the ones purchasable, at least) are anywhere near more or less good? I have a top coat polish, but it's not the rapid dry kind. I have one of Revlon's "Extra Life" top coats, which is among the best you can get here. But it's not very good, it takes off a bit of the color polish (unless it's Revlon. I tried once with a Revlon color and it worked fine. It's just awful for the rest... but I don't like Revlon colors, they are just very limited and very dull, at least the ones we can get here). I study something related to computer programming, so I just do my nails while I'm programming. It's harder to mess up your polish if the only thing you're doing is typing (although, I manage to screw up my nails a surprisingly big amount of times considering that...)
  2. Pfff

    Help with colors?

    I saw some of those tips but I had some problems with them. For example my veins are bluish or greenish depending on how you look at them. And my skin looks yellowish compared to other people (I am like completely yellow compared to my best friend), but I still can see a clear pinkish undertone on my hands. I tried comparing gold and silver, but I really couldn't stray from the fact that reddish blond and gold look like I'm overdoing the "gold" thing (I usually wear silver things, but maybe just because I like silver). And the only colors that I could define that I liked on me are blue or cyan (which I was told that it wasn't very defining) and I dislike how beige colored stuff looks on me. I tried picking some differently colored items and putting them next to my face to see how it looked but I really couldn't notice if they suited me or not. That's actually a very good advice. I borrowed some greenish polish (Revlon, but I can't remember the color... it was one of those scented ones) from my cousin and it really didn't do me any favors . Experimenting is fun, but maybe I'll do it with cheaper polishes haha. In my country Rimmel is expensive! I was actually thinking of raiding the Colorama polishes to try on some colors since they are very cheap and it has a lot of colors. So I won't feel bad if I only use it once or twice haha. I agree, I wouldn't really match my nails with my every day wardrobe... I picked a bright pink and a dark blue so I can match it to basically most stuff I own (which is mostly black, white, and cyan). There are only a few articles of clothing I can't match to one or the other (like a chocolate brown t-shirt I own. I don't think I like it with any of those colors, but I might save it for a day in which I don't have any nail polish). I don't have time to do my nails every day... particularly with this polish that takes ages to dry haha.
  3. Good but takes ages to dry
  4. Pfff

    Help with colors?

    I'm just really bad at matching colors and I need some help! I've recently began painting my nails in other colors than clear, and I want to buy some colored polishes . I've looked up online which colors would best suit me, but I can't decide how to classify my skin. Also I have very small nail beds. This is what my skin/hair looks like (the photo was taken in the shade): Any color suggestions? What colors should I avoid?
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