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  1. You may get inspired by the various Selena Gomez fashion style looks, that might turn many eyes on you once you wear them with perfection. Selena Gomez Does 90’s Chic Perfectly In Hollywood. Look at the style statement of Selena Gomez and customize them as per your needs. Harem Pants And a Crop Top A white crop top and solid coloured harem pants and as seen on Selena Gomez gives us an idea on what we can wear for the summer months, doesn’t it? Black Pants And a Plunging Top A divaish style of Selena Gomez! You can also get this look by picking up a pair of deep plunging top and black dress pants? Knotted Tops And Black Skinnies A knotted top gray, black skinnies for the legs and sneakers can be an apt street style statement and perfect for any month of the year to wear, don’t you think? Bell Bottoms For The Feet And A Stole You can get retro touch by wearing a singlet or a strappy number in the top and bell bottoms of the legs. Boots And An Oversized Cardigan To look chic at college, you could wear gray or black leggings with sneakers or converse. Plus, a simple flowing tee in batik prints on top. Tips: She would probably follow this rule ‘less is more,’ when it comes to accessories. When she goes on a red carpet and she always takes a little bag or designer clutch, she says, I usually have my phone, the lip glosses that I wore and some candy. She shared that when I’m picking out a dress for an event, I don not spend too much time on it. I know I have a wonderful lady that I work with who kind of knows the style I like.
  2. Every wedding is different and everyone wants to look their best. But there are a few things that should never be worn to any wedding, no matter how informal, formal or uniquely themed it may be. What works for a church wedding might not be appropriate for a back yard wedding or vice versa. Here are some wedding tips on how to be the perfect wedding guest. 1. Solid White Dresses It is not your wedding, so why are you dressing like a bride? It is not like that you can not wear any white dress, white prints and white accents are fine just stay away from anything overtly bridal, especially white lace. 2. Denim Jeans come in a variety of styles and for some more casual weddings a pair of nicely fitted jeans in a clean wash without any holes or distressing can be fine, especially if you really dress up the rest of your look. Making denim work for a wedding is tough. If you are on the internet looking for tips on what not to wear to a wedding, formal denim styling may be a bit beyond your skill set at this point. Best just to forget about it all together. 3. Head-to- Toe Black You are going to a wedding so need to lighten up! It is not like that you cannot wear black, but there are so many other choices to choose from. If you still insist on wearing black, at least you should make an effort to liven it up with some less somber accessories or with a 4. Sexy Shorts Low-cut, tight and short all at the same time is just not suitable for a wedding. You need to say far from it. Sexy elements are fine at a wedding but limit yourself to one at a time. The bride may not be able to pick you out in every picture by the neon color of your dress. This is not the time for hot pink, electric blue or lime green.
  3. Everyone wants to stand out amongst the crowd and want to make a fashion statement. We all want to be trendsetters, the early adopters, Here I bring you some tips and tricks that will help you make a fashion statement in the most effortless way! Fit/Cut: A fit-and-flare style dress is as charming because it is complimentary. The key to making a statement is carrying pieces that mitigate your figure and highlight your assets. The fit-and-flare dress works for each size and shape and, trust me! Color: In a sea of little black dresses, wear the little white dress. An easy color swap from black to white can have all eyes on you. I kept mine look simple and sober with marble studs and nude accessories like designer crystal clutches. Trendy take on the classics: I always notice that taking inspiration from the past could be a great way to make a statement with your wardrobe. See an example the matching short set that was made popular in the 1950s. Most of the people would never think to wear these days, but the style has made a huge comeback. The exchange short set could be a great piece which will have people thinking, that’s super cute and different! Confidence: Whether or not you rock a flowing dress, denim on denim or understated chic from head to toe, the last key to is to be confident in your look to make a fashion statement. Wear what you prefer and push boundaries by owning your personal style!
  4. First of all congratulations. I just loved the colors of the gloss. They are looking classy and sober. But sorry for saying that, I did not like the makeup bag design that much.
  5. The wedding day is the most precious day of every woman’s life and they definitely want to look their best. The right bridal accessories should show off your beautiful dress and make you feel fantastic, all day long. Therefore, veils are really a great idea.
  6. It depends upon the individual choice. I find my clothing, shoes and accessories from SSS, Alysse Sterling, asos. Recently I have ordered this from Alysse Sterling.
  7. If there is one woman that is aware of her frame, it is Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian seemingly borrows from her mum's wardrobe, too. The wardrobe of Kim Kardashian may be a constant roller coaster of fashion. What do you think of her latest looks? A BLACK BLAZER HIGH-WAISTED PANTS A WIDE BELT LEGGINGS SUPER-HIGH HEELS JUMPSUITS
  8. Summer is here and I love to carry summer accessories specially the crystal clutch purses for summer evening parties.
  9. Art of Accessorizing will make or break your look. The basic difference between a good outfit and a mediocre or, worse, a terrible one is based on the accessories you choose to finish your looks. If you have attempted to accessorize, but cannot make out what you have been doing wrong, here are a couple of ways to know when you have chosen the wrong accessories. You Feel Fussy The simplest way to know you have got accessorized wrong is that if you are feeling uncomfortable or fussy in what you’re wearing. Maybe your bracelets are getting in the way, your earrings are creating it hard to talk on the phone or that jewelry keeps getting caught on things when you bend down. Your Necklace Looks “Off” Have you ever placed a necklace on and found it just sat there, doing nothing? Something about the length looks off, but you are not as sure. Of course, if a necklace is not the right length you can always lengthen it or shorten it yourself. Your Earrings Look Out of Place Bold earrings will be fun. But when they are too bold and too big there is a chance that they can work against you versus enhancing your features and who you are. People Can Hear You Coming a Mile Away Right now an enormous trend is to stack multiple bracelets on one arm. Girls are mixing metals, bracelet designs, and even adding watches to their stacks. One thing you have to be careful of when wearing these bracelet stacking trends is that the noise. Everything Matches or Feels Over-the-Top Looking matchy-match after you accessorize is the worse thing ever. So as to avoid this, stay away from earring and necklace sets, wearing necklace and daring earrings and at the same time.
  10. Winters are numbing and it makes you feel lazy, but it should not be a reason for your plane hairstyle. This winter hair trends for girls are exciting, innovative and stunning, and even take less time. No matter its freezing outside you deserve fresh, chic look or celebrity look without doing much. Perfect hairstyles with right winter makeup not only make you look confident, but it also enhances your look. So, let's start and share your hairstyle ideas for this winter.
  11. Hello Friends, Happy Holidays! So where you are spending your winter holidays. If you can’t avoid the weather condition, and want to go out of station then what should you pack? All those layers and sweaters, coats and accessories like scarves and evening clutch purses take up a lot of space. Here are the two basic principles of packing: 1. Pack clothes that can be used for layering. Heavy sweaters and sweatshirts eat up a plenty of space in your bags. Additionally, layering clothes that are thinner and insulating ensure that you do not look bigger than you actually are. The individual layers take up less space in your bag and provide additional wear choices. 2. When choosing clothes, wear wool. Wool is natural and versatile. A wool layer facilitates regulation of your body heat. If the temperature heats up, you still will be able to wear a skinny wool shirt, it’ll keep you cool. But if you had packed an important sweater, it might remain sitting uselessly in your bag.
  12. Hello Friends, My best friend is going to marry in the last week of January. I just want to know some tips to accessorize wedding dress in the winter. Because in winter it is too hard to look as much pretty as in summers
  13. Wow! I just loved your color combinations
  14. You should go for black beaded clutch purse with this pretty dress.

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