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  1. found this link, it's does give Fall buying option but 2 boxes are listed, hmmmm... http://boxofstyle.thezoereport.com/product-tag/fall-2016/
  2. just saw on FB that PS posted this: the box is indeed going on sale today, stay tuned for an email when it is on sale!
  3. head's up! PS just send out an email re: PSMH Summer LE Box, it will be on sale tomorrow, MAY 17th for subbies and said to look on Facebook for more info, i did and there was nothing about the summer box yet! xx
  4. try + send a different message, like start a brand new message as i read on FB that this may help - worth a shot if you want NOV as you never know! they seem sometimes to have boxes just appear! look at the stocking stuffers that were all from past boxes! i don't blame you, i would be so annoyed! they just don't seem to care about customer service much in general, i don't get it!
  5. so bizarre that they posted on FB that they can't see any account info! like how can they send boxes if they can't see account info? who knows!! is the bracelet really that mr. T-esque? ok, look at this.... http://jenny-bird.com/index.php/jewelry/necklaces/riri-collar-tri-tone.html i have this style necklace but it's all silver (bought on mega sale years ago) and love it! the quality is amazing and when i saw the bracelet i so thought of this! perhaps i am mrs. T, oh my!
  6. did you email them + ask by chance? I have never email'ed them before today! oh yes that cake, YUM!!
  7. totally! good point, I do love the jewelry box! I can only think of Mr. T now with that bracelet, but then that makes me laugh + happy! I have a feeling customer service people are probably at their wit's end as it can not be an easy job this time of year! School gets out this week so no way will I get in time for a teachers gift which would have been perfect!
  8. YEAH, about time PSMH! I wonder why they waited to torment us?!? HA! too bad i ordered one Dec Box yesterday as i do not need doubles! It is so confusing as on my account page it says my new gift of a 6 month sub would start on Jan 2016 and I emailed then right away with a screen shot hoping that they would honor the January start date for me and PSMH responded straight away saying NO way, jose!
  9. this may be a first that the LE for HIM box sold out before the LE for HER! PSMH sent out an email yesterday saying they had 100 boxes left too... I totally want to try that bacon rub!
  10. thank you kindly for the scoop! I always like to hear from y'all once you have the box in hand! I do think it can make a difference esp on jewelry items! I think the jewelry box from the Dec box (in blue of course b/c Lisa loves blue, hehe) may have been better placed in the LE box perhaps?!? the perfume sample is way strange, I just don't get that one and find it bizarre and very un-popsugar like! I suppose it could have been an ok little extra in the Dec box but even then...I've never picked a fragrance from a sample, I usually save parfume for in store shopping as I think it's fun to try in person but that's just me! I thought Santa put all of the December PS boxes together! Curators do this?!? no way, so crushed!!
  11. I haven't bought yet so PM me, I'm off to go read MSA as I just did a fly by! xx guess my complaining before worked for something! I should have checked MSA first, regardless we got them!
  12. you saw LE for HER spoilers right?!? just wanted to make sure as they are up! no Today box yet right?

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