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  1. A few and larger sample sized than I would have expected. I broke it down on my blog for anyone interested
  2. Babor is a half ounce and a couple full sized items - full breakdown on my blog! If my calculations are right the value is around $155! I'm second guessing myself lol
  3. Spoilers are up for the May 2016 BeautyFIX! Here's the photo, breakdown in my blog but I am not sure of sizes. Usually I have a good guess but this time the photo might be a little misleading! The eye cream packaging is different than the one listed on Dermstore, and the one product from Dr. Babor appears to be full sized. With a value over $100 a jar, I seriously doubt it is! Let the guessing begin!
  4. i usually feel the same way but this one is tinted for dark hair so I may actually be able to use it....the rest make me look like I have more gray than I do!
  5. Spoilers are up! I have the items listed in my blog, but sizes are still unknown for sure. Looks like a full sized Juice Beauty Moisturizer!
  6. Hi guys! I haven't been on in forever except to stalk spoilers and could not find one for this month's BeautyFIX. My box came today so I thought I'd share for those interested! Hope the picture worked! This is the link to my blog post and the sizes and values are posted there too! http://ourlittleeverything.com/march-2016-beautyfix/
  7. I am still waiting on my box, but after hearing all the negative feedback I am a little concerned. I am not sure the scarf is my style, I'll have to see how it looks on but I tend to prefer either neutral or light colors. I haven't even felt I could pull off the blue brokedown scarf we got in the Spring to wear it out yet. I also hate when "high-end" stuff is made in China. You know it cost pennies to make over there. I've actually been looking into what companies make their products in North America and am actively trying to be more aware of where my clothes, and especially cosmetics are made. I have a small head, so I am not sure if I can get the hat to work more slouchy because of that or if I am not going to be able to keep it on my head...I really like it so I am hoping to get it to work. Perfume...I'm ok with a sweet perfume, especially for work where I am in close contact with patients, but not ok with a public bathroom scented perfume. The opinions on this one are varying like crazy! Gummies...just went low-carb, low-sugar but I am sure my 6 year old will love them. I also agree this should have been a fall-oriented treat. Lipstick...I'll have to see it, but I think I'm good with this. Face Wash....I am on face wash overload but I haven't even heard of this brand so I am looking forward to trying it, especially if it really does brighten! These LE boxes are always a gamble. I actually enjoyed both the Resort and Summer for the most part, but this one may be more of a miss. It depends on how I feel about the hat and scarf once I see it on. I already know that if I can afford it, I'll be sucked into the winter/holiday one.
  8. I like this box. A full size eye cream is a ok with me. I'm 35 and will try anything to keep my face wrinkle free for as long as I can! I actually started using eye creams in high school because my mother also said it's never too early. The Tarte towels I'll keep but I haven't gotten up the nerve to try self-tanning yet. I would like to avoid sun damage, but I'm afraid of looking like a oompa loompa. I love Lorac's eye primer so I am hoping this face primer works just as well, especially the mattifying part. Alterna is hit or miss with me, but this product looks interesting and I am happy to try it. Givenchy perfume...I am definitely in the minority here, but I love perfume samples. I prefer mini bottles, but I won't go out and buy full sized perfume because I just can't bring myself to spend that much money and I tend to get bored with it before its gone. IMO this box is still offering a variety of products in different categories. I looked back and there have only been two skincare items (I'm not sure what category the tanning towels fit into) in the past 3 months and one I've seen great feedback for the KS oil and this other one is full sized. Also, one is a face oil, the other an eye cream. That's a huge difference from getting 5 face creams in one box like before. I'll be sticking around for next month because to me it seems like they are switching things up and most items I've received I've kept vs swapping/giving them away.
  9. Mine also has not updated...I'm on the east coast and just assume it's making the ridiculous rounds.
  10. Ive gotten nothing I am thinking about going into skip mode for a bit after I get this box (grandfathered in) and trying more Zoya. It seems to last much longer and the chipping is much less noticable.
  11. I think I'm going to cancel after this one for while. I can't use dry shampoo in my dark hair...I still haven't tried last month's hair styler item...I have more gloss than I know what to do with...nothing has ever faded my darker spots...and I have a box full of bronzer I have been too scared to try. I think this is a great box if you haven't been subbing long, but I am just overloaded now.
  12. I'm actually looking forward to my September choices. I don't have a gray yet and dark reds are a favorite. Looking at the October sneak peek, if that's accurate, it's an easy skip....thank goodness...my bank account needs a sub box break!
  13. Well now I HAD to buy a box...I just hope I like the rest of it considering the value of this is so high
  14. Laurenv78

    Julep August 2014

    Ditto. I emailed this morning. Just got the email from Jane park too.
  15. The SkinMedica is the 0.25oz size. The Neuma, BB Matte, Nail Polish and Pixi are all full sized.

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