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  1. The colour for bombshell this month is exactly the same as October's Margarita...I don't want to pay for a fully customizable box geez louise why can't they at least change the colours for each profile
  2. I received my December box and black Friday order on Monday! Julep's Canadian shipping has really improved. The silk finish topcoat is amazing, definitely worth every penny. I got the bombshell box with paula and soleil which are gorgeous. Paula's packed with gold shimmer and is a really flattering medium blue. I'm probably alone on this, but I am not at all a fan of the orbital shadow I received. Maybe I picked the wrong colour? I have moonbeam and it is a super glittery silvery lilac. Super glittery. And lots of fallout but too be fair I applied it with a dry brush.
  3. I thought about skipping but I had enough jules for a free box and I'm super excited for the silk top coat as an add-on! That being said, I've yet to have a month since June where nothing gets screwed up so I won't exactly hold my breath haha. Still haven't gotten the mascara for my October box because apparently they ran out and had to ship it separately.
  4. Great haul! And off-topic: I love your blog!
  5. lint

    Julep August 2014

    Wow, lots of problems with this month. I was super excited to get my box today (I received the July box on the 29th), I opened it up ....Aaaand none of it was what I ordered. I ordered the Bombshell box with purple eyeliner, added on Tammi and instead received eyeshadow, black eyeliner and Tammi. The eyeshadow is really nice and buttery smooth, in case anyone is wondering, but it's definitely not nail polish. Hope I can get a discount code or something because I really like the August polish and Queen Anne.
  6. I received my box yesterday and- I haven't read the whole thread so I may be pointing out the obvious- the polishes don't look very much like the pictures on the site. I know we all know Julep photoshops (often quite poorly) so this probably isn't news to anyone but me haha. Mariska, the orange, turned out to be a matte polish. Caitlin is not totally matte but definitely leans that way rather than a normal shiny finish. And I'm holding my finished manicured next to the screen right now and it's not even close to the same colour. Maybe my computer's colour is off? Caitlin looks like a warm medium pink with gold shimmer on the site, but on me it's a very vivid, almost highlighter pink. Not a complaint exactly but definitely not what I was expecting.
  7. I received my box today and I'm happier than I thought I'd be. Most of the colours are a bit bleh but Shannon is beautiful, Tatiana is a fun colour and Kennedy looks like a very classy nude. Only problem is that Shannon kind of exploded in the box so half of the polish was dried around the cap and down the sides instead of being in the bottle. I called customer service and they're sending me a new one Definitely not worth $80 or whatever it was advertised seeing as most of the polishes are old and clearly not popular colours (seriously, a crackle polish?!) but it was worth the $25 at least.
  8. Oka so apparently when I said I'd been waiting for the bareface cleansing oil for ages I meant about a month? hahaha sorry everyone! I don't remember why I didn't just pick it up in the February box, I guess I thought the Modern Beauty was a better deal that month.
  9. I'd be down for a foot scrub or foot cream too. Not so much for the fake tanner though, it might be pretty hit or miss with all of julep's subscribers. I've been crossing my fingers for ages that the bare face cleansing oil would appear in a box but no such luck. I might just bite the bullet and buy it next month haha
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by jennm149 Sorry to hear about your pants, but your post made me LOL! Julep's polish consistency certainly runs the gamut from thick to thin. And then there are the special ones that manage to be gloppy and runny simultaneously. hahaha I got most of the polish off my pants so no worries
  11. I received my box today and I'm not very happy with the consistency of the polish. Both Lilou and Monaco are incredibly runny. I immediately opened Lilou and put it on one nail- the polish was so drippy that a big glob fell off the top part of the brush and onto my pants. I have two coats of Lilou on my nails now (one coat only on my pants) and it needs 3 or 4, I think. The colours are gorgeous but the formula really sucks.
  12. I got my box today, even though it was estimated to arrive sometime next week! I went for Modern beauty. The eyeliner and brush seem great so far, I haven't used them on my eyes yet but I drew a thin line on my hand. It is jet black, makes a smooth crisp line and when I rub, it doesn't smudge or move. The brush is nice too, with dense bristles and a bit of weight to it. The liner seemed a bit dry, but now I'm waiting for both the eyeliner and the eye sheen to warm up a bit because they came in from the Canadian winter cold. Love is beautiful, the pictures on Julep's site really don't do it justice. I also added Cameron on and so happy I did- my first ever sand polish and I can't stop staring at it. I put it over the pink polish I already had on immediately after opening the box haha.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Flowerfish I'm the opposite to both of you, about 95% of my polishes are creams. They're mostly all I wear. I also love the boring neutral colors. If Julep did a neutral collection I would probably do the full upgrade, and of course hardly anyone else at all would take a box that month I think a neutral collection could be very cool if done right. They could use different finishes and twists to keep it interesting...Kind of like how UD does with the Naked palettes. Bring out a dusty rose creme, white with holo, satin finish peach, pearly grey, matte taupe, cocoa brown and gold full coverage glitter, satin finish black, etc. And then name it "Not your grandma's neutrals" or something funny. I go through phases and right now I'm into neutrals in a big way, but I love little twists.
  14. Yeah, I agree. They say they're relying on feedback though, so maybe if a large number of Mavens complained about the change they may consider changing back? That could also explain why they weren't exactly shouting from the rooftops about it- kind of embarassing to announce a huge policy change and then a month later switch back. But that could be extremely wishful thinking on my part
  15. I emailed Julep to complain about the policy change as a new maven and they very bizarrely (in my opinion) responded saying that the no skip policy is based on feedback from Mavens, they are testing it out right now and if I ever need to skip a box I should simply email customer service and they will try to make it happen. So maybe this new, no skip policy isn't set in stone?

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