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  1. Thank you. Putting my parents or his parents in a home is definitely not an option. I don't mind having them move in when they're older, and needs help. But his parents are young and working so that's the thing. His mom has already stated that she wants her daughter in law to move in. I've reconsidering the relationship sine this is just one of the many complicated issues.
  2. My boyfriend and I have been together for a little bit over two years. We're at the point where we are talking about marriage and future. So he's a big momma's boy and insists that I live with his parents after we get married (we're not getting married at least another few years). I don't want this at all. His excuse is that he is the only child and his parents may need help. I don't want him to abandon them of course but they aren't that old yet...and he needs to start his own family. I can already see so many problems with this. No privacy, independence, constant interference. The list goes on. I know that I won't be happy. His mother seems very controlling of him as well. When I come over for dinner and say something to him, she looks over immediately. It could be as simple as, "Have you studied for your test tomorrow?" We're Asian and they are traditional and very old-fashioned. Anyway, we can live close by but I don't want to live under the same roof as them. I'm eventually buying my own house later on and don't plan on moving in with them or have them move in with us after marriage. I also asked him, what if my job requires me to relocate? What then? And he responds with, "then you find another job". This doesn't sound very supportive to me. Why can't he understand from my point of view. What do you think? Am I being selfish to want to start a family my own way...?
  3. Concealer. I just don't see the need for it. My foundation works fine at covering my skin. Also the whole highlighting your face with all the heavy concealer three shades lighter than your skin looks ridiculous to me. It's probably just me, but I think that's too much. Also I don't want my face to look like two colors since I never find matching concealer shades anyway. Powders. I never powder my face after foundation because I think that's too much product already. Makes me looking so caky and heavy. I tried translucent powder once to set my makeup but still look oily later on in the day! So I thought...let's just forget it. Highlighter. Again, just not needed. Blush is enough and blushes with a little sheen is even better and can work as a highlight.
  4. January: nada February: I loved everything in my Feb bag!! But especially the city color blush and eyetini. March: bareminerals lipstick April: i guess the dr. brandt
  5. I actually liked the Jcat lip pencil! Haha I thought it was a great color of me! The reason why I didn't like the Pixi bronzer was because it doesn't show up that well on my skin. I couldn't use it as a bronzer so it's just sitting there. Maybe I will take it out again and give it another shot.
  6. What do you think is the worst product that Ipsy has ever sent you? For me it was in December 2013 bag, the Be A Bombshell One Stick. I gave it a chance by swatching it and wearing it on my cheeks. However, the color I got was terrible. It was like rubbing clear, pink glitter on me. Too glittery and sticky. I never wore it and tossed it a month later. It was just awful and smelly. Some honorable mentions are the Pixi bronzer and proactiv mark fading pads from past January. *shudder*
  7. My MUFE HD foundation. It was my fourth bottle and I just don't like it anymore. It's reaching one year and running out as well. Will not be repurchasing.
  8. Eyebrows and foundation. I do my foundation first and I spend a lot of time on it to make sure it's blended and have good coverage. Then I do my brows and fill it in with brow wax and make sure it's perfect. After that it's the rest of my makeup and it's I don't care too much about that lol. Most of the time I just sweep one color all over my lids and that's it.
  9. Hehe I want to add more after seeing more brands that I am not interested in. Essence - I keep hearing about this brand but there isn't anything from the brand stands out to me. Pur Minerals - Nothing spectacular, looks boring and quality always seems sort of...cheap-ish? To me that is. Almay - I'm pretty sure they have healthy makeup but I wouldn't go out my way to buy. Plus the packaging is boring, heh. Becca, Lllamasqua, Kat Von D....
  10. Eyeshadow and lip colors. I love eyeshadow but I won't be able to finish any of the shades I own. I also love buying lipsticks but only use them the first couple of days lol
  11. Hi ladies. I've seen many primers that claim to provide a smooth canvas, control oil, or minimize pores. But I'm looking for a good primer that will primarily make my makeup last long and all day. Haven't found one that does that yet! I have tried the Maybelline Baby Skin, Lancome base, bare minerals primetime, Smashbox, and Make Up For Ever. Out of the following the MUFE is the best. Any other drugstore or mid-range product recommendations? Thank you!!!!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Maelynn I contacted both Ipsy and POP about my gross smelling gloss. They both sent me replacements pretty quickly. I got a POP beauty lip crayon thing in coral crush from Ipsy. I got a full sized plumping gloss from POP. It seems that I got lucky and received better customer service than others. Yah you're lucky! I got nothing from Pop and the most ugliest sheer/glitter lipstick from ipsy. Oh well.
  13. I sent my boyfriend my Ulta wish list and this was on there. I really like the colors and have been reading several positive reviews on it.
  14. Oh yeah and like everyone else, Mary Kay and Avon. MK is actually pretty expensive and those brands just aren't that easily accessible.
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