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  1. @@EggyBread I'm thinking good thoughts for you. I had something similar a few years ago, so big hugs for you. My workout plan for the week has been derailed due to a lingering illness. I have gone walking with the dog each morning, so that's something at least. I'm hoping to feel well enough tomorrow to at least do a short evening walk. I did buy a restock of an item that I was missing to complete a set of something. However, I did cancel Birchbox (after getting a box for close to three years), so I'll consider that a wash. Starting this weekend I need to kick up my organization and get back into a good routine in general. I've been slacking pretty bad due to being sick which has resulted in me being in a funk lately.
  2. Hey, if the old thread disappeared, did my slip up disappear as well, lol? My plan of withholding items pending working out worked - one workout done! I've been fighting some strong urges but still holding on. I did purchase some replacement tems, which is allowed. I think with the Valentine's Day releases passing there will be less temptation for me. Or so I hope! I went through my budget today, and I am on track with staying within my budget! Now, I just need to find the motivation to move onto organization projects.
  3. I've been seriously tempted this segment but have been able to resist. There will always be more eyeshadow to buy. I have bought some additional gifts for an exchange (all allowed) and I think I'm done with gift shopping so we'll see what happens from there. I realized that I will soon run out of body scrub, so I did make a purchase to get a new scrub. I did not want to wait until I was completely out because it might take awhile to get to me. So I don't feel bad about that. I have been doing a good job going through my lip products and tossing things I don't like or don't want to use. It was hard at first but once I got started, I was on a roll! My empties bag is half full of items I've tossed so I will have a good amount to post in the empties and trash threads this month.
  4. Mine should be here tomorrow - something to look forward to during the day!
  5. This segment has been a little rocky. Definitely tempted by some sales and new releases. I did make some pre-approved purchases for an exchange which helped the urge to shop somewhat. I need to refocus on my goals.
  6. Ha - this was on purpose! As soon as I saw you add Aphrodite on your wishlist I knew that Talisman would be perfect for you! I love Aromaleigh as well, so I'm happy to have sucked you in, haha.
  7. I really love reading everyone's goals. I've been motivated to organize, cook at home, and generally take care of myself
  8. I'm hoping for a good 10 days! Here are my mini-goals for this segment: 1. Exercise! I've been slacking and I really need to get into a routine. I popped in a workout DVD this morning and I'm exhausted, but I've started out the week right! I'm hoping to replace the shopping high with an exercise high! 2. De-baggie my indie samples. My jars came in last week, so it's time to get things into the jars and organized. 3. Go through my lippie stash. I have so much and don't really use that many, but I can't seem to get rid of anything. But I want to get into indie lipsticks after the no-buy, so I need to start making room. I think I'll organize by type and color and see if there are some dupes that I can get rid of to start. 4. Browse the internet/Pinterest for some tasty and easy healthy recipes. I modified a Skinny Taste recipe to make a chicken piccadillo that was really easy and yummy using only stuff I had on hand. As part of the no-buy I'm trying to spend less money on going out to eat and using up what's in the pantry. Because I successfully made it through my 1-10 day no buy, I'll pull out one of my Christmas gift sets as a reward!
  9. The first 10 days were very successful for me! No purchases and temptations are getting easier to overcome. Plus, I've been saving money in other areas as well, and that feels very good! I'm also considering all of my ten day goals complete, so I'll have to come up with something for Level 2
  10. I'm glad these are permanent because the no buy has gotten in the way of my eyeshadow hoarding temporarily! And I can live out my dream of swimming in a vat of Vanilla Unicorn at last!
  11. I made some progress on my organizing. I slapped on a face mask and ventured into the spare room where I have been keeping things out of sight out of mine during the holidays. If you want a picture, it's a dead ringer for the Room of Requirement from Harry Potter. I cleared out a bunch of stuff and put things into related piles. I can walk through there now without tripping over stuff. My plan is to spend some more time in there tomorrow, I'll bust out one of my Christmas gift sets on Sunday as my 10 day reward!
  12. No shopping yet! I think I have one last 2014 order and then my Birchbox and then it will be awhile before anything new in the mail. That will be the big test for me. I've been feeling blah all week and have not been doing much besides going to work and coming home and laying down, so I'm hoping for a more productive weekend. In other no buy news, no take out or grocery shopping for me yet! I'm trying to get creative with meals in order to decrease the pantry stash which is starting to get out of control. I think I'll try to do some recipe searching this weekend as well.

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