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  1. I didn't intend for it to sound like a dig at you, you sound like you're trying to be helpful and follow the rules as you understand them. Before the mod team resigned this weekend due to poor treatment by the site's owners, Director and Reija, mods would respond politely in-thread, directing people to the appropriate forum, and remove the swap-related info from people's posts. This is a mistake that users make frequently (swaps and sales where they don't belong), so we know how it's dealt with. Reija's response makes it look like she's attempting to do the mods' job but doesn't know how to use their tools. Without a staff, the site is quickly getting sloppy and unmoderated. Also, users do NOT have the ability to delete their own posts. They can edit their own posts for about 24 hours after it's been posted. The edit button is right next to the quote buttons on each post.
  2. I'm glad to hear this from you, I've been hearing the same sort of holy reviews and I keep almost buying it (even though I never use the totally decent highlighters I already own).
  3. Hooray, it's done! I made several purchases... I THINK they're all within my rules. Explaining under the spoiler: $94 is way, way higher than I'd like it to be, but: It's the least I've spent in one month since I started participating on MUT. If you could the $109 that I returned, I spent nothing! No true impulse purchases, not even birthday ones!
  4. Yes, I've had one referral since they switched the website over and it never showed up. I should probably email them about it...
  5. You guys all inspired me to use the food processor attachment for my stand mixer for the first time today. I concur: AMAZING.
  6. Have any of you tried any Rouge Bunny Rouge products? Edit: I just saw we covered this when they were on Hautelook a few months ago. The answer seemed to be no. It's their 10th anniversary this year, and they're gradually switching to new packaging. Hopefully this means there will be another Hautelook sale, or maybe some specials from RBR directly.
  7. I didn't watch it, but my fave dresses: Execution is sloppy as sheeet, but I like the idea: I pulled all these from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/11/golden-globes-red-carpet_n_6418488.html
  8. @@SaraP hahaha OH NO, NOT PIZZA! HELP! WHAT DO WE DO?!?!?!
  9. Please don't use "pussy" as a negative. In order for the insult to be effective, people have to accept the idea that women are inferior. There are better insults. I'm partial to turdperson.
  10. News from the secret store: Beth is available for sale by itself now, the 2nd Feb birthstone is black onyx, Winnie, Amira, Kendall, and Gretchen are not holiday exclusives: Winnie is for sale by itself and in a duo, Amira is by itself and in a set, Kendall is in a duo, and mini Gretchen is in a set of four. A mini Rae is in a different set of four. Also most (all?) of the polishes from the Feb collection are in the secret store, for $6.99. Including Ada and Hartleigh. And the metamorphic top coats.
  11. Omg that's ridiculous. Expulsion? Really? Over a pizza prank? Obviously I don't know the whole story, but come on this is a child's education.
  12. I did not get a welcome box. I signed up for a whole year at once, using that Gilt deal last summer.

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