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  1. http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/page/articles.html/post/support/terms-of-service
  2. I'm not sure I can explain it as well as my doctor. Seborrheic dermatitis is a reaction to yeast, and if you keep it moist all the time and don't let it dry it will breed more/react more to yeast. For instance you can get seborrhea on your scalp which I do have, and my doctor asked me not to use conditioner. I used to apply moisturizer all day every day because I thought the flaky skin meant my face was dry, but that wasn't the reason behind it. If your skin is bothering you and you can't find something that works I recommend seeing a doctor. I suffered for so long and was so self-conscious about my skin but as soon as I saw a dermatologist I sought instant results and I've been a lot happier!
  3. I do have seborrheic dermatitis on my face and I have the same issues. One thing to remember is that seborrhea is NOT dry skin. It looks like dry skin but how my dermatologist explained it is it's not dry skin. It's your skin reacting to yeast and by reacting it flakes. So be careful not to OVER moisturize-don't treat your skin like it's super dry because that won't really help. If you eat a lot of yeast products, you will notice flare ups on your face. Another poster mentioned using CeraVe for moisturizer, I use that as well as that brand's facial cleanser because my doctor recommended it and it helped a TON. Also your doctor can prescribe topical steroid cream for your skin for flare ups and that will calm it down pretty quickly. I find that a mix of using the right cleanser and moisturizer (and if I ever stray from the CeraVe I get flare ups, so I don't mess w/ that skincare regime) and using the topical prescription cream on bad days, I can wear foundation pretty regularly! Some foundations just will always give you problems though-there are so many I can't wear. I've had good luck with Lush's "Jackie Oates" foundation as well as Bare Minerals powder foundation when I don't have flare ups.
  4. also, the fine print of the email specifically states it's birchbox canada. but I do think they got their mailing lists wrong...I certainly didn't express interest in birchbox canada!
  5. mine is up further in the thread but I used ikea spice racks too and spray painted them gray! they really are great racks!
  6. I had such a fun time doing a secret Santa for the first time. Thank you to everyone who was so kind to me during my surgeries! Fun fact: The roof of my mouth is still numb from sinus surgeries apparently for most people it goes away but it's been two months and mine is still numb so my doctor says it's permanent! Something about the nerves all being connected and that's why happened. Weird! Anyway my first experience doing the secret Santa here was so fun I'm so glad I got to be a part of it!
  7. I have heard this but I didn't see any field that I could type in anywhere...where is it located to ask?
  8. I ordered two of the honeymooner massage bars, a tiny prince charming body wash and the kiss lip balm and they sent a small sample of fairy ring and A FULL SIZE AFRICAN PARADISE. What's awesome is I had originally mistakenly purchased two of the shimmy bars and immediately after I placed the order I realized my mistake and I called them and asked if I could actually get the honeymooner which is what I meant to click and they swapped them out in my order and didn't make me pay the difference which was so kind!
  9. Oh also there are lots of nail strips/adhesives and Ive found they vary greatly. Revlon and essie didn't stay on for me. I've heard incoco is great. I personally use jamberry-they're a little different from normal ones in that they have to be heated up to use and I find they last longer because of that. But each person has a different experience with each brand so I say get what you can when they're cheap and try them out.
  10. I'll write more when I get a chance but first: get a quick dry top coat! I use sally Hansen insta-dri in the red bottle but there are lots of kinds out there so get what you want. I swear I would never paint my nails if it wasn't for that stuff. Also I use that elf concealer brush to do my manicure clean up. It's super teeny tiny so I can dip that in acetone and clean up any nail polish that got on my skin. Those are two things I swear by and I paint my nails a lot!
  11. Thanks for the tips and I bought three solid perfumes from Queen bee based on this thread!!
  12. My app showed the brow pencil but I received the eyeliner but mine was a goldish bronzey color not olive
  13. I got my box today even before boxes loaded on the 10th! That's crazy for me, mine is usually late. The Rosemary lotion smells too strong and minty for me unfortunately.
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