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  1. Thank you for your reply. I usually get my hair trimmed every 4-8 weeks to try and tame the dead ends. Thing is, my hair seems like instead of growing it continues to split - so essentially my hair continues to get shorter with every trim. Up until recently I washed my hair every single day and now I wash it every other day. I am a cigarette smoker so my hair gets nasty and also my job entails working with glitter so I get itchy glitter in my hair a lot and have to wash it out. I usually deep condition my hair 1-2 times a week, leaving it on for about 4-5 hours each time with Matrix Conditioning Balm but I will definitely have to look into the above suggestions! Thanks!!
  2. We don't have any of those stores here but we do have a grocery store. I'm willing to bet if I asked around I might find something. I need all the help I can get, lol! Thanks!
  3. I've never heard of Jojoba Oil? Is that only sold at Beauty Supply stores?
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by lioness90 I have astigmatism and "alternating lazy eyes" (I don't know the correct medical term). Basically one of my eyes is usually looking out into the distance. I hate the way contacts feel and they are a pain to remove because my pupils don't stay still when I'm removing contacts. I was born with a lazy left eye (pointed inward). I wish I could get Lasik so I wouldn't have to wear glasses anymore.
  5. May I ask why you can't wear them? I can't wear them because of dry eye and astigmatism. Even contact lenses specifically made for astigmatism don't work. My eyes turn bloodshot red almost immediately after putting them in and it feels like someone is pointing a blow dryer at my eyes on a high setting! I can't wear them more than 20 minutes. It sucks!
  6. I have had my monroe (twice), labret (three times), snakebites (four times), nose (once), tongue (once, and only briefly) and my ears. The only remaining piercing I have are my ears and to this day I still miss all of my piercings...
  7. 5'8. Wouldn't mind being a bit taller!!
  8. Unfortunately I have to wear glasses ALL the time. I usually take them off for pictures, though. I cannot wear contact lenses which is a bummer for me because I look so much better without glasses!
  9. Hello everybody! I'm in desperate need of hair advice and would greatly appreciate any support I could receive on here! This post will be long but please bare with me! I want to give as many details as possible to get the best help..I will also use pictures. For as long as I can remember I have been dyeing my hair. I am naturally dark headed and my hair is barely a few shades above actually being black. I dyed it jet black when I was young and once that color grew out I began trying other things. I was not allowed to cut my hair when I was younger until I was 17 and I hated that fact, so naturally I rebelled and cut it the first chance I could! By 18 and 19 I was expermenting with different cuts and colors but eventually grew tired of it and wanted to grow it back out again to be longer than before! This is my hair when I just turned 16. I had already begun dyeing it by then: My hair required minimal care. I usually just brushed it and occasionally blow dryed it depending on circumstances. And my hair at 17, first time cutting: To spare everybody an epic tale with bunches of pictures. I experimented with a bunch of dyeing/cuts, etc. But as I said I grew tired of short hair. I wanted to grow my long hair back out. My hair grew out to my bra strap again but I decided I wanted to go blonde a while back, all while in the process of trying to continue growing my hair (I want it to my butt). I fell in love with the way my hair looked when I had it done blonde (professionally) and I kept it blonde for a long time. I got root touch-ups every 3-4 weeks but left the rest of it alone because I was satisfied with how the rest of it looked. I also kept it trimmed. But it also added a lot of damage in that one time of bleaching it and dyeing it and keeping the root touch ups. Despite loving my hair blonde it was getting expensive and I could see the damage it was adding to my hair. I couldn't grow my hair out like that if it was so damaged..so I decided to start a clean slate and dye it brown. The blonde kept coming back through so I had to keep dyeing it brown 3-4 times before the blonde finally stopped soaking back through my hair. Here was my hair in June: Not entirely too bad, right? A bit of blonde still coming through. Weell, looks can be deceiving. The ONLY way that I can get my hair to look decent is by styling it. I absolutely cannot just brush my hair out and let it air dry. Why? Because this is what my hair naturally looks like now: It's nothing but frizz, split ends, breakage, kinks and waves. I have used professional repair shampoos, conditioning balms, serums, oils, you name it....this is what my hair looks like naturally air dried. And I know I am not supposed to but my natural reaction to tame this nastiness is to blow dry it and straighten it. Blow drying it (with and without anti-frizz serum and a heat tamer AND a diffuser) only tames the majority of the waves. It leaves a couple of waves and all of the frizz and breakage on the ends showing. No matter what technique. So I also have to straighten it to look decent. And even then it still looks like crap! This never occured before I had my hair bleached. I know it's all my fault but I never expected this outcome. I have been striving to get my hair to grow but all it does, regardless of trimmings, is break off and split. So I'd like some advice: A.) Is there any way that I can get my hair to NOT look like the picture above without having to cut it all off? I know I'm just adding extra damage to it by using heat styling products but I refuse to go out in public looking like I was just caught in a tornado. B.) How do I get to to grow and stop splitting and breaking off, even though I trim the dead ends off? Sorry for the length of this post.. I really need help. I'm at my wits end! My hair seems like it continues to get shorter and shorter..I'll never get it to my butt!
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