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  1. i have been interested in makeup and nails for many years (decades) really but always did it in private as i was scared what judgements people might give about me. in august i started wearing nail polish in public and work, i progressed through the colours from sheer to bold (with nail art) i have a post in nail talk with link to album if you are interested in seeing the pictures, back to makeup. since i was old enough to be left alone in the house alone i have been trying the odd pieces of makeup mainly lipsticks not the long lasting kind, earlier this year i moved out (now in 30's) and in august started wearing nail polish and recently last couple of weeks started wearing makeup, even in public a couple of times however not around friends, family or for work, but have gone for my nail appointment wearing it. i got weird looks from some women but i continued with what i was doing at the time. last weekend a friend of mine took me shopping for makeup and then afterwards she did my makeup for me and we had a long chat about things and makeup and it was lovely being able to talk to someone about it. this weekend i tried the makeup myself using the same products. so my question is what do you think about men wearing makeup? also what do you thing of my first 2 attempts at full face of makeup? https://imgur.com/a/Wv4UM
  2. TG31

    Nail polish on men

    sorry i didn't response quicker but i have worn several different nail designs in public and work since. here is the album of all the designs i have worn. https://imgur.com/a/lV2UW
  3. TG31

    Nail polish on men

    i didn't wear nail polish to work i chickened out.
  4. I have been interested in nail polish and nails in general for years and today i finally found the courage to go out in public wearing nail polish granted it is very natural looking but abit shiny as i used a top coat. i went to the local high and street and got a prescription filled and the counter staff at pharmacy said i had lovely nails and explained hers keeps breaking getting tablets out of the blister packaging. also went to a big shopping centre which was really busy as normal on sundays. i was thinking of wearing it to work tomorrow but i don't know. link below to todays nails. http://i.imgur.com/DrpWLZI.jpg what do you people think?
  5. since i am on roaccutane that is very drying, i am looking for a skin care routine to do, that is quick and easy. i am thinking of getting the elemis time for men range. like to the deep cleanser and moisturiser. just want to know if elemis is any good
  6. this really should have been my introduction really. i have been fascinated with makeup for years now, the way it can change how you look, enhance your current beauty or used for special effects etc. i tend to notice peoples makeup and nails before anything else and also watch qvc beauty shows, youtube videos etc. the weird thing is i am a guy and i don't know why i am fascinated with it. i don't wear makeup but have considered wearing abit to cover acne and scaring but don't think my family, friends or colleagues would understand if they noticed.
  7. i have acne and currently on roaccutane which is making my skin really dry. i have tried nivea for men moisturiser but it seemed to break me out with more spots mainly on my cheeks. i am trying to get rid of them not make it worse. so does anyone know what moisturiser i should be using. any other tips will be greatly appreciated
  8. i would suggest that you find something that you enjoy doing and do it, you could do anything from pilates, swimming, dancing, running, cycling etc. with regard to the break outs on the back since you are showering straight away i think it is nothing to worry about and i would expect it to clear back up once your body gets use to the new exercise routine.
  9. cheers cookie, yes i have had acne for the past ten years which has also caused redness and scarring but i only recently been put on roaccutane, 3 months now. i have also been diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis (pancolitis), pernicious anaemia and tubulo interstitial nephritis. i am currently on 7 diff. meds. domperidone prednisolone roaccutane mercaptopurine azithromycin Gaviscon advanced adcal d3 i came here to find a solution to the redness and scarring problem for a guy.
  10. hello i am new here and thought i would introduce myself. i currently have several medical problems and on multiple medications including roaccutane and prednisolone.

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