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  1. I am curious to hear what some of the rest of you think. I am taking a supplement to try and slow down my hair loss, or reverse it, hopefully. One of the key ingredients in the supplement is saw palmetto. There are a lot of other things in it, but I am most curious about this one. I know saw palmetto is often used in Europe, and some in the USA, for helping with prostate issues, but I had never heard about it helping hair growth. I have found a few mentions of it as an area being studied, like the brief mention on this NYU Medical Center page, http://www.med.nyu.edu/content?ChunkIID=21865, but am not having much luck finding much else. I read on several sites that saw palmetto works by restoring natural balance, which might contribute to hair growth. I bought the supplement I am taking on Amazon, http://www.amazon.com/Vibrance-Vitamins-Vegetarian-Capsules-Formula/dp/B00G6U4ZI6/, and if you take a look, you can see it has a bunch of other vitamins and herbal items, which all are supposed to contribute to hair regrowth and strengthening. I guess my big question is this. Have any of you used saw palmetto for hair growth, or other purposes, and seen good results? Or, does it require having the other vitamins and herbs to work properly? I thought about trying Rogaine or Propecia, but prefer staying natural when possible. I did find it interesting that Propecia is a prostate treatment and has the side effect of regrowing hair, which sound remarkably like the claims for saw palmetto, too.
  2. I do love the new color, it really seems to bring out your eyes and even your cheekbones a lot more. I guess most of the times it is a much better idea to trust you gut feeling and go with that. If you are going to go even darker later, you’d better post a picture
  3. It may be a bit on the pricey side, but Mënaji Skincare for Men '911' works extremely well. You put it in the fridge for a while and the cooling along with the active ingredients will help reduce some of the puffiness. I know it is supposed to be for ‘sleep deprived’ eyes but I have a sneaking suspicion this will at least reduce those lines!
  4. I know they are quite the investment but I have loved my BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium so far. It does the job better than anything I have ever used before and works extremely fast. Even on some of the rougher days with a lot of frizz I just run it through once and it takes. You may want to look into it!
  5. Because I already have extremely dry skin I have to make sure that instead of moisturizing once a day, I do at (least) twice daily. Without it the cold air just seems to suck all the moisture out of my face and I end up with these red marks around the side of my face (side of the nose, around the eyebrows) and it even becomes painful!
  6. I was recently browsing the internet because I have noticed my hair has begun to thin out. I find more and more in the drain of the shower everyday, and my brush needs cleaned more often than ever before. I wanted to know if there is anything I can do about this in order to help improve the strength of my hair. So I headed over to Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hair#Curly_hair and began to read all about hair from the online encyclopedia. I was intrigued with the fact that hair was once considered to be a sign of social status. I believe that even today hair has an impact on not only our own self image, but also the perception that others have of us. I also noticed that my husband's hair was beginning to thin. I found a supplement on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Vibrance-Vitamins-Vegetarian-Capsules-Formula/dp/B00G6U4ZI6/ by the name of Vibrance Pure Healthy Hair Formula. I ordered a bottle because it seems to have all of the necessary vitamins and minerals which my research shows is necessary for improving the overall health of our hair. I have also made some changes to our diet. I found that zinc and iron are necessary vitamins and minerals for improve hair health. So I have increased our weekly menu to include more red meat and beans. I also found that omega-3 acids were essential so we have included a different type of fish to at least 2 more meals a week. I was wondering what some of you have done in order to improve your hair quality and strength? I really want to grow not only a thicker set of hair, but also an improved shine and strength, as well. Let's make this a thread that allows us to share methods and techniques we have all used to improve the health of our hair. What have you done that you feel has really worked well. Have any of you made any changes in your diet? What recipes do you have that you use to help with your hair health?
  7. This is the first time I have ever heard of this type of method. I am very curious about the results that you have received with it. It does seem a bit out there to consider being able to do this and grow your hair, but what do I know. I am always open, however, to anything that can help improve the length, look, feel, strength, and appearance of my hair. Has anyone actually done this and managed to get results from the technique? I have already tried a hundred other techniques and methods so I am open to something like this, as well. What do I have to lose right!
  8. I have always had naturally curly hair. I have never used dies or anything like that because I was afraid it would just ruin my hair. I have had enough issues with it being naturally curly and frizzy already, I didn't want to risk losing my hair, as well. I began taking a daily supplement which has really helped improve the quality of my hair. I really have to be careful in what I eat or my hair will pay the price and I have found that making sure I get enough vitamins and minerals that I really need can be very challenging at times. I do know that my hair and skin pay the price when my body is out of sync.
  9. I have seen this product in the place that I go to get my hair done. I have thought about purchasing it a few times and noticed the story in Sample Society. I still haven't bitten the bullet and decided to use it. The article was fantastic and my hair dressers sales pitch are all very tempting, but I have blown tons of money on closets full of hair product that didn't do anything for my hair. I am looking for products to help improve the quality of my hair. I started taking a supplement which has really helped with the stength and length of my hair. Anything else that can help improve the look and feel of my hair is something I am open to.
  10. I have done a ton of research when it comes to hair. I have suffered from anything you could possibly imagine related to my hair. It has been dry and greasy, and sometimes all at once! I have had problems with it breaking and not growing properly, as well. I learned that problems with my hair not properly growing is usually due to a lack of certain vitamins and minerals in my body. I started taking a supplement which has really helped to ensure that I am getting the right minerals and vitamins for the health of my hair. Take the time to really look at your diet and make sure you are getting enough vitamin E and C as well as zinc and iron.
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