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    I may or may not have a continuously growing seven page list...

    But more specifically I LOVE any kind of lippie, bronzer, and lotion/butter/scrub. That being said, my collection is still small so I want EVERYTHING :D

    And right now, my current obsession is blush!

    My top item I'm saving for right now: Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Soft and Sexy Eye Shadow Collection
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  1. Well I caved and just got both the Yogurt and the Cafe boxes lol. I'm so bad. But on another account I got two Missha Creamy Green Tea Latte Cleansing Foams for free because of points/coupons/free shipping on USA exclusives... so at least I feel good about that lol.
  2. Ugh I'm having such a hard time deciding between Yogurt and Cafe... I know I'll probably end up getting both somehow but right now it seems like such a ginormous decision lol. Also, I reallyyy want Moisture Surge (even though my skin is and oil slick... I just love creams and stuff like that), but I've had such luck with the food related boxes that I think I should stick to one of them.
  3. I'm a little behind all of you with crazy fast express shipping, but finally got my Cooling Care box today!! Love it Sounds like everyone who was talking about it earlier got the bright orange tint, so I must've gotten the other option because mine is pink and omg does it smell delicious! Like fruity candy lol. I was actually surprised that the tube is a decent size for a lip product. Haha its so sad that now that I have this box I immediately feel the need to buy another one so I have something to look forward to. Oops!
  4. Well I guess I was just lucky when my Cacao box got here in a week. Today is one week from when the Cooling Care box shipped, and mine is kinda stuck in NY. Just strange that it happens to some boxes while others get here so fast lol. I gotta say I do like how Memebox is now offering the new boxes for $3 less for a little while right away instead of only doing that like to the ones that have shipped or something lol. That Pinkaholic box sounds right up my alley, but after reading the description I have no idea what to expect and am probably gonna hold off.
  5. I'm so glad you said this because I've been thinking the same thing too. Its really frustrating me because I keep reading the little blurb (and sometimes almost clicking on them) before realizing its just a dumb ad, even though I know they're there. Idk, I guess I just agree with you and @ that they are deceptive. Big thumbs down!
  6. Uhm I don't know how to say this in a nice way... but its a good thing I got the Mini #1 for free (it just came in the mail today because I ordered some random restock). I would have been very disappointed even if it was only $15... the products were just much too small for my taste. How is it right that for only $8 more you can get possibly 6 full sized products (Cacao box for example, since thats the other one I've received)??? The minis seem like a rip-off when you think of it like that
  7. I was so happy about my Cacao box that arrived today (OMG that Milk Talk body wash smells divine!) that I caved and bought the Cooling Care box. I keep worrying that it will go out of stock, so I just chalked it up as a going-off-to-college present and a reward for working hard at my first job this summer. Now I'm even more excited about it!
  8. I want another Milk box... soooo kicking myself for not getting the first one! But the second one would have to be just as wonderful as the first...
  9. I got the same random 15 points on one of my accounts, yay!! Haha its interesting because I just left them a good review on Facebook asking for them to give us some more points! They really do have spies Now I have to decide on a box too... I'm so torn between Cooling Care, Tropical Fruits, and Scrub....
  10. Haha just an update- my Mini #1 from some random restock is about 1 day behind my Cacao box, so I just checked the tracking and it looks like it went to Bethpage, NY after leaving the main customs place in NY. Haha its weird how they're just all going different places. My Cacao box finally said that it left Springfield like 4:00 this morning, so hopefully its coming down this way? Maybe its just too hot in the South for Memeboxes!! Oh well, at least now I'm not as worried because other peoples boxes are taking the same route and the boxes are continuing to move along. On the other hand, I keep tormenting myself with wanting that new scrub box
  11. Uhmm, my Cacao box just went from NY to Springfield, MA... I live in North Carolina. WRONG WAY LITTLE PACKAGE, WRONG WAY. It also says its in transit to the destination... hopefully it turns its little butt around because I have been impatiently waiting for this box (and now having seen spoilers, I want it in my hands even sooner). I read earlier on some thread (can't remember which now) that this has happened to other ladies lately but that they eventually got their mail with no problems, but now I'm just a little worried. Must not repeatedly reload tracking....
  12. I just got my Cacao box shipping info too! I'm so excited about this box!
  13. I'm so excited!!! I purchased the Lorac Pro Palette 2 today! I've been debating over buying it online for a few weeks (and the free shipping the other day almost did me in) but I didn't want to have to wait for it to arrive, so I just made my butt go to the store after work today. Ugh, I'm so happy with it. My need for that navy color has finally been satisfied. As a little side note, I was really surprised that the Ulta I went into wasn't doing anything to promote the palette. I thought it was going to be more of a big deal, but I almost had to ask if they even had it because they hide the Lorac products at the back of the higher end section. It was just weird to me that they wouldn't want a new product like that to be easily seen so people would pick it up and maybe impulse buy it.
  14. So whats irritating me today is not very significant, but instead of going off on people in another thread for no reason I decided to just tell you lovely people. I really hate how often people still insist that those of us with blue eyes can't wear blue eyeshadow. Why the heck not??? People try to say that it makes it so your eyes don't pop as much. Do they want my eyes to pop out of my head, for goodness sake? I get the whole eyes popping thing, I really do, but stop stating that I can't use blue eyeshadow. I understand the color wheel thing, but let me do what I want without feeling bad about it (Thats really why I'm ranting- they way some people talk makes other people feel bad because they like something different. This could really be applied to many things in life).

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