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  1. Number 7 & 8 are your full size most likely. It seems everyone so far that has the add on has gotten the Jouer full size gloss in Blush (a soft neutral pink) and the CR liner in Navy.
  2. This method worked for February. In fact you can still look at all the Feb. box combos. So far only March BB1 is "working" but the products section is still blank. https://www.birchbox.com/shop/birchbox-1/february-2015/february-2015-bb1
  3. I'd like one of those little Laura Gellar blushes to show up in my box. Any kind of eye or face primer would be good as I'm near out of both. Please no perfume this month!
  4. I figured out that if you have a gift sub, you can do PYS but you cannot add on Plus items. I hope they change it some day so that we can buy Plus items using our own credit card so that the person who gifted it does not get charged. I left feedback the one time I kind of wanted a necklace that it would be nice. Especially since we can buy using our points in the regular shop anyways. Oh, and I picked the Amika spray and am excited to finally try something from that brand. I can't wait til box cheats for March appear!
  5. Just got my email as well. I'm not an Ace but I did refer a friend who signed up this month. Picked the Amika and hope it's good!
  6. Has anyone used Rent the Runway before? I have a semi-formal party to attend in March and usually I would just buy a dress from a dept. or mall store. But now I'm thinking if I am getting this coupon I may need to try it. I hover around a size 12 & 14 due to my chest size and I see they have a wide range of sizes thankfully. hmmmmm Any tips from people who've use this service would be welcome
  7. The Facebook spoiler showed that some people will be receiving theBalm in BAM! which is a rosy pink. Makes me think you will probably be getting that one. Maybe wear it on top of another bolder color?
  8. You got the box #12 I wanted! Mostly just because of the lipgloss and beauty blender.
  9. Thanks for posting this sleuthing! I am going to check these out since choosing the eye makeup remover was my original game plan and then I changed to RTR at the last minute. No I can see what I may or may not have missed out on.
  10. Excited that my box has a delivery estimate of 2/9-2/10. Last time that was pretty accurate too. Let's hope I'm not jinxing anything. After seeing the color in the birchbox facebook video demo-ing the Balm lipgloss, I am pretty excited. That rosy medium pink color is right in my wheelhouse. (I'm a RTR box girl this month.) To play along with the box choice game: #12 would have been my best box because of the beauty blender, balm lipgloss, beekind shower gel and 6 total items...but it would have never been in the cards since I've already received the perfume. So I can sleep easy tonight that it was never meant to be.
  11. Not sure if this should go here or the enablers thread. I'm obsessed with Tom Ford Velvet Orchid (I know it is a polarizing scent with people LOVING it or despising it) but noticed today that there is now a "New" 1oz $75 size at Sephora online that I had not seen before. Black Orchid has that price point and size too, but don't think that is new. Just an FYI in case there is anyone wanting it for whenever they do any kind of February perfume valentines day perk of any sort. And couldn't stomach the $112 or $159 sizes. Also edited to add pics of the beautiful gift box from online for my new perfume in case people are wondering what the gift boxes can look like. It was from my hubby for early V-day and it's the middle size 1.7oz. Swoon. It's going to live in that box for awhile.
  12. Ok, now I understand why you all love these box cheats. This is too addicting and I do not know why. Makes me want to not get a curated box next month. Unless of course there is a "have to have" sample in it.
  13. There is a promotion right now for gift subs only. Facebook says you cannot choose it for yourself (though they told a few people to private message them.) If you gift a sub. for February your "giftee" will get a special Valentines box. It's a brown birchbox with a candy hearts wrap over it. Has a Cynthia Rowley lipstain and two tea sachets along with 4 samples. Kind of nice for anyone looking to give a V-day gift.
  14. I got a welcome box but I was gifted a sub. It was the "customer favorites" version. Staniac, Lord & Berry glitter eyeliner, beauty protector spray, Catherine maladrino perfume and Not Soap Radio give me lemons body wash. That was in Dec.
  15. I was super bummed to miss out on the Tocca last month, but then I got the Tocca in my box. And it was only my first month (after my welcome box) so the duplicate thing doesn't apply to me. In all honesty I 100% believe they limit how many get chosen via sample choice to create excitement and a feeling of really wanting what they are offering! Urban Decay does the same thing with their initial launches via Sephora, etc. It gives people a reason to try to reach Ace, to stalk and click on their website, and to generate the real feeling of really really wanting something. And maybe if we don't get it, we will buy it off their site. Stuff like that works on me even when I know what is happening.
  16. Is it bad that all last night I told my daughter that mommy was checking work stuff on her phone? She kept asking to play with my phone and I was like "no this is very important stuff!" (I usually have it hidden away at night in my pocket so we both don't look at it.) Sigh...to me navy blue eyeliner is very important stuff!
  17. Got my email and reserved the curated box. Now I have FOMO about other samples. But I'm still happy with my choice!
  18. The dry shampoo was in the Target fall beauty box. I have it in my cabinet right now. It was pretty good, but after about 5 uses I couldn't get it to spray anymore. I thought it was a dud as my bestie's works great still and she uses it a lot more than I do. She'll get this one if I choose this box. (It looks fine in my auburn hair too as I know some people are concerned about dry shampoo colors)
  19. Not an Ace, but I sent two referrals in January. So now I just wait and see if I get an email tonight. Now that I know the Sumita is probably Navy color I HAVE TO HAVE IT! A navy eyeliner is on my list of things I want to get this year. So picking that box would be my version of picking my sample I guess. If the box is sold out I will try for the makeup remover and then hope for the best.
  20. You are right about the softness and fall-out-city. I received my palette last night and heeded your advise, made sure to put these on before my foundation & concealer and really tapped my brush A LOT. But was happy with the results after taking those steps. Kind of annoying, but it was free and the soft colors look nice with my black cat eye I often do. And the case is super cute on my vanity. Note that the middle "confetti" shade: the little speckles kind of dis-appear after first use.
  21. I got a Marcelle 8-1 Serum and Harvey Prince Yogini perfume. Also three Mighty Leaf teas which was nice!
  22. OMG I am so glad I stalked this thread even during my low buy month. This is saving me money, so I am allowing it! I signed up. I will never get to Rouge for free shipping, always a VIB-er.
  23. If the Sumita is a colored eye-liner I may go for the curated box (dig colored eyeliners!) If it is just black or if we do not know what color it will be, I'm going to just roll the dice on a surprise box. Still not sure if they even let gifted subscriptions choose samples. I'll find out next week if I get an email or not!
  24. Question: If I received my subscription as a gift (from my husband...we use the exact same credit card) does that mean I cannot do PLUS items? It says I have to be a subscriber even though I am signed into my account. Anyone have history with this? I'm not going to get any PLUS items this month, but for future months if I see something I really want.

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