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  1. Google play has the Blake Sheldon album Bringing Back the Sunshine for free right now. I think that is his newest one.
  2. So it looks like my first Sephora flash order (free 2-day shipping) will be here in 3 business days (this is shipping, it took an additional day to process)... I'm still just happy I am not paying shipping.
  3. Oh man....this flash shipping is probably not going to end well for me... lol I of course took advantage of it and ordered my first Bite lipstick. The single versions of the Mix and Mingle set are still available. I ended up with a dual ended lipstick in Palomino/Violet. I'm already looking around for more stuff to order...
  4. I love real techniques brushes, and think that they are really good quality for the price. All of the brushes I own from them or have felt from them have been really soft as well. Out of those, I own the stippling brush and recommend that one if you have a lot of really pigmented blush or use cream products. It works really nicely to create a diffused look. Also, you can use the $3.50 off $10 coupon at Ulta that they have on these since they don't count as prestige items!
  5. I haven't personally bought it, but I liked the review from Baily B from Making up the Midwest on youtube. I think the jist of her review was that it was ok but nothing too special.
  6. [mini rant time in response to part of the Costco lady's review] It sounds like YMMV. The lip break out issue she mentioned may be due to the beeswax/shea butter. The eos lip balms have both of those in them and they made my lips break out something fierce...
  7. Google says that he is a celebrity make up artist. Costco has a very easy return process, so if you did get them and they didn't work well, it should be no hassle to return them!
  8. Is it normal for Popsugar's sold out boxes to still be able to add them to your cart and basically get through an entire checkout process? I hadn't seen this thread until today, and the fit bit especially caught my attention. I tried adding it to my cart, and it let me (even though it says sold out) and then decided to see how far I could go lol.
  9. So the my goal of wearing a different lip product everyday may be more difficult than I thought.... I hardly ever wear lip color, so wearing something 3 days in a row is way different for me. I may have to augment my goal to wearing a lip product 8 of 10 days, just so my poor lips have a rest (it is so cold and dry here that my lips are getting flaky and gross ) I'll keep going until I though! Day 12 lip: Loreal Glossy Balm in Ginger candy. Much better suited for the spring/summer. Day 13 lip: Maybelline Color Whisper in Mocha Muse. Pretty balmy (aka makes my lips feel better). I just wish it didnt have little pieces of glitter in it!
  10. I didn't even realize this was a thread! I game frequently... Some of my favorites are the Zelda games (esp for the N64), Pokemon, and Skyrim....God I love Skyrim! Recently played through Shadow of Mordor (which if you haven't played it yet feels like a mash up of Batman, Assassin's creed, and a touch of Skyrim). Currently playing through GTA V. I'm roughly half way done with the offline game. I figured I would start with that since this is my first GTA game and didn't want to jump straight into playing online.
  11. I received the Essential Elements rosemary/mint lotion (which I did not pick....I didn't choose a sample this month hoping to avoid a lotion sample and ended up getting the one I wanted least). It is so weird smelling! Like it is overpoweringly rosemary smelling out of the container, but when you blend it in, it smells like Vick's vapor rub. The lotion itself absorbs well and feels nice, it is just a shame that my hands smell like sinus clearing poultry seasoning afterwards....
  12. My 11-20 day goals: Use a different lip product everyday, similar to what I did for my perfume samples. I have so many lip products, but never wear them. Again, I'll make a list of the ones I toss and mark a reason why I pitched it (wrong color? crap formula?). Today's choice was the Fresh Sugar lip balm in Petal. Unsubscribe from sale emails on both of my email accounts, for two reasons. One is to not be tempted to buy items from places that I don't actually shop at. Two is to cut down on the emails in general. I have like 7500 email in one account because I can't keep up with deleting them! Finish up my It's a Ten leave in. If I can get through the rest of it in 10 days, a goal for the next 10 days will be to use up some of my other leave in products before cracking into my new It's a ten bottle. Paint my nails at least once.
  13. Day 9 perfume sample: Prada Candy. I liked it! Day 10 perfume sample: Replica Beachwalk. It was good....more suited for spring/summer though. This weekend I went through my closet and turned all my hangers around, and put a straight pin in the collars of some folded shirts that I like, but don't know if I actually wear that often. I managed to get rid of a few things as well (including some belts). I hit all my goals! I did end up making a purchase, but it was not an impulse buy (which I am ok with). I canceled my Birchbox and cashed out my points for an item that I have wanted from there for a long time, but never seemed to be in stock. Good job everyone for making through the first 10 days!

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