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  1. This is what usually happens for me, but I will get a shipping notice the following day or something after I've already gotten the box. I was very surprised to already have shipping and an expected delivery of tomorrow! Maybe yours will magically appear this week as well
  2. I can't believe my box is on its way already woohoo!! Delivery on Monday. Only 3.2 lbs so don't think I got the cookies haha oh well
  3. I know this is the April thread, but I just finally got my March box! Whew that took forever which is so unusual for me, but I think I understand what the hold up might've been now. I originally ordered a pair of the Birchbox Plus earbuds but then changed my mind and emailed them to cancel it. The rep repsonded that the order was cancelled and I would not be billed for the earbuds, and I wasn't. But guess what? My box arrived yesterday afternoon and packaged up with it was the earbuds! I feel terrible eeeek. They have sent me random extras before by mistake and whenever I email I'm just told to keep them, so I'm sure they'll do the same this time, but I'm going to email just in case.
  4. I still have no progress on my box shipping. It's still supposedly just sitting somewhere in Mt Juliet since the 12th. Should I email? Idk if they can really do anything once it's out of their hands. *sigh*
  5. Nice! I can't wait to try It's a 10. What is the polish in your box? I loooove polish.
  6. Same here! Mine hasn't updated since the 12th. I also placed a shop order on the 12th and have yet to receive any sort of shipping notice for that yet. This is unusual for me, Birchbox usually ships my items quickly and I should have everything by now I think. I'm going to email tomorrow if nothing arrives.
  7. I'm really "meh" about this month's box and for some reason I feel guilty about it! I'm trying to love the items, b/c I love Popsugar and they have really impressed me the past few months. I've been getting Popsugar for over a year now, with the exception of May and June last year when I took a break (and regretted it!) I love scented items and I think the reed diffusers are okay, but pretty much the only place it would work in my home is in my bathroom and sadly I don't have a place for it there, either. I will use the pineapple bag inside my beach bag to hold my keys, phone, chapstick, etc. so I'm actually looking forward to that item. The wet brush would be awesome if it were a normal sized brush. I carry a smallish purse so I won't be able to fit that brush in there Maybe I can keep it in my car, though. I personally just don't really see the value in the box this month. Ah well, you win some you lose some. April better knock my socks off, though
  8. This happens to me every month as well! At least, it has since the website change.
  9. I'm not worried as much as just anxious to see what I'm getting I don't have tracking yet, which is unusual for me, and I still can't do the cheat.. but I went through the boxes up to like 34 when it stopped working for me and narrowed it down to one (assuming I get my chosen sample). I just hate the suspense lol
  10. I'm just seeing the maroon background also, and still showing February's shipping info. I picked a sample for the first time in months and I chose "It's A 10". Anyone else choose this and have some progress? I initially selected an item from Birchbox Plus but changed my mind and emailed to have them cancel it. I got an email on Sunday confirming that they had removed the earbuds from my box and I wouldn't be charged for them. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with my hold up? I'm usually showing *something* in my account by now. I'm anxious this month!
  11. I feel the same, I have luckily not noticed anything weird with mine and I love it. Been using it every day since I got it and it works so well for me! My skin is naturally pretty dry but especially during these cold winter months. (P.S. we are about to get another foot of snow here in KY and I am losing it. I need something Spring in my life ASAP so let's go Popsugar! )
  12. It's definitely up to each of us to do our research. I don't know anything about the harmful effects of parabens, but I will look into it! That said, I think you could definitely swap it still and say "contains parabens" or whatever that would trigger the other person to maybe look into it if they aren't sure what that means. I wouldn't trash it, personally. But to each their own ETA: I think it's really thoughtful that you and fancyfarmer care enough to not want to pass along something that you believe is harmful!
  13. "TRAVELING" has me the most intrigued. I love love Citrus-y and fresh flavors, scents, etc. too and renewal sounds nice! I'm so excited for spring and this sounds like a perfect spring box to me so far!!
  14. Got my box on Monday and was SO HAPPY to see that I got the variations I was hoping for. Silver necklace, pink polish. The only problem was both my polish and my bubble bath were not sealed tightly and leaked out The polish was a mess but it was contained inside the bubble wrap it came in so that was good, although the fumes permeated the blush really bad and made it stink like nail polish. The bubble bath was also contained, so again, not the hugest problem, but I did email them about it and they said they'd send me a replacement for all three products right away! I got the reply within a half hour of sending my email too I was shocked. I have personally been really impressed with Popsugar lately.
  15. I kind of agree! Seems unfair to put a big ticket item in only a handful of boxes.. But I gave up hope of trying to get one in my box and finally just bought one on their site last week! I used points so it was free BUT STILL haha
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