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    I'm more of a bookish girl, but I've been very into nail polish and beauty products since about halfway through 2013 and decided it was time to stop lurking.
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    Reading, figuring out what I want to do next time I paint my nails, playing with cats
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    College sophomore/student.
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    Lots of nail polish and any products that help acne.
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    Dreamgirls, Pitch Perfect, and 10 Things I Hate About You are just a few of my favorites.
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    Mostly pop with some R&B and country music mixed in.
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    Dracula, Wintergirls,The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, Fault Line, Imaginary Girls, all Courtney Summers books, Reality Bites Back by Jennifer L. Pozner, and about 50 other books.
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    I once sprained my arm in two places when I slipped in a wet hallway. It's one of my most memorable incidents.
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  1. I found our colors and products! I put bit.ly/AprilSneakPeek in as my URL just to see if anything would happen and voila, there they were! I'm a big fan of bright colors and have been thinking about brow products for some time now, so I'm pretty happy with this collection. A Polish Lover Upgrade or Ultimate Upgrade might be in my future.
  2. I've got my eye on that silk top coat and the Reindeer Games set for Black Friday, but I decided to skip after all. I like the swatches for Aurora, Paula, and Nell, but I can't customize. I'll just wait until I get a juicy coupon and buy them then! If this year's Christmas is anything like last year's, there WILL be an opportunity to get them. I've got to admit, them offering the previews for Black Friday is a good way to get Mavens excited if there's something from the holiday collection they've had their eye on. Hook, line, and sinker for me!
  3. I've got Boho Glam. Chatoya Karissa Orbital Eyeshadow - Moonbeam Those were literally the only two colors I was interested in. Wow. I'm not big on the eyeshadow because I've got a 120-color palette I haven't broken in even half the shadows for yet, so there's a good chance I'll skip this month. If the proper polish swatches impress me, I might take my box or wait until another time to get them. Dunno yet. If I do, this would be the first time since I signed up last year that I took my own style profile's box! Seriously, this collection would be 100000x better if their holiday polishes were the collection. I am in looooooove with all the holiday-exclusive colors and can't wait to wear them out somewhere.
  4. I'm feeling a lot more tempted than I should. I have Geo and Antonia from the Diamond Mystery Box they did last year and I love them, but I don't use them very often. BUT these colors are so pretty and $150 is a decent value even if half the box is stuff that has been on sale for a while. I can take anything I already have/don't want and gift it to my friends for Christmas because half of them love the Julep stuff I pass onto them... I think I just talked myself into this mystery box even though the Jewel Heist box failed me. Oops.
  5. Oh my God yessssss. I want the gem collection so badly for the new colors in it, but $98 is way more than what I want to pay considering I own six colors in it already. The DROP30 code brings the price down to about $75, but that's still one hell of a chunk of change to lose. I'm right there with you in hoping it will go on sale soonish or end up in the Secret Store.
  6. The Secret Store just ate all my money and now I know why my credit card disappeared for a couple of hours yesterday: it knew what was coming. I pre-ordered the Sugar Plum duo, the Fa La La Trio, the Stargazer set (THOSE EYELINER COLORSSSS. LIKE EYES ALL AGLOW BUT BIGGER), and the Dancing lipstick trio. Oops? I got to pick up two of the namesake polish of one of my roomies, so yay! I can gift her one and keep the other. The Black Friday sale and official holiday collection reveal are going to wreck everything.
  7. I'm pretty happy with this month! I went Bombshell and added on Sawyer, Kiki, the teal eye glider, and Bonnie. Some of the colors are just plain unappealing to me, but it happens. I've been buying from Julep since May of last year, so being surprised by them after so long is always nice. My wallet is already crying just thinking about the holiday products. When the lipsticks and the glitters from the Maven meet-up photos go on sale, I'll be on them like a lioness on her prey! I shouldn't think about exactly how many of those 12 Days promotions I went for and spent way too much money on last year, but it was so worth it. Let's see if they can be just as enticing with their promotions and products this year.
  8. I was tempted for about five seconds by the nail kit prize, but there's no detail on what goes in that nail kit (though the Plie wand and the creativity kit are obvious parts of it). They just say 100 people will get one and it'll be worth $113 if considering all the products at full price. All the vague description and the disaster of a box I got last time = NO THANKS. Besides, I got my Maven Box yesterday and will be getting a sale order and Secret Store order Thursday. I think I'm good on Julep until it's time to get my next Maven box--and that's if I decide I want it.
  9. I'm not sure what I think of the polish colors based on the collection image, but I like the idea of the sleep mask. I kinda love Julep's lip glosses (Posh, Daring, and Enchanted are my go-to glosses for everything), but the ones in the image look an awful lot like a darker Timeless and Charming. Still a sucker for more lip gloss from them, though. Here's what my account says the Boho Glam box has in it: Marla Briana Julep Lip Gloss - Polished
  10. I got my box just now (the 2 lb one) and I'm super disappointed. Just my luck to get the version I know I didn't want. As far as I can tell, no winning the birthstones for me. I was really hoping for version two. I would I hadn't bought it at all now. Ah well. It happens and I knew it might when I ordered. At least I have the gorgeous clothes I just got from ModDeals' super big sale to make me happy. <3
  11. My box didn't actually ship until Thursday, so I won't get to see my box and its contents until Monday. Not sure which of the variations I'd like most, but I definitely don't want 3. Maybe version 2? Eyeshadow is growing on me, I wouldn't mind an extra bottle of Tatiana, and I've been eyeing the lip gloss for a while.
  12. Agreed! They're all colors I don't have and that's lucky in itself because I've got 100+ Juleps by now, but I expected a little more from it, I suppose. I'll be staring at my inbox all day waiting for the package notification.
  13. You guys are making me super nervous because my shipping info said my box was 2.00 pounds when I checked on UPS proper. I haven't gotten any email since I ordered on Monday and got my tracking info, but for them to round up would make me think it's heavier than 1.3 pounds. Whatever I end up with, I hope I don't end up with the variation I got spoilers for if they're really doing variations. Not Impressed by what I saw. I checked my tracking (I got expedited shipping) and Julep/narvar says it will be delivered tomorrow, but UPS isn't providing any status updates on it. I'm gonna be sitting on pins and needles waiting for a package notification tomorrow!
  14. I've never had issues with any of the birthstones chipping, but I've definitely had problems getting them off. I made the mistake of putting Rosa (February) on my toes and I spent a long, long time fighting to get it all off me! I've only ever had to fight shape top coats and America the Beautiful as hard as I fought Rosa. It's difficult to get them off my fingernails too even with my spongy tub of nail polish remover, but I learned not to put the birthstones on my toes. Aretha is the only exception because she's got more of a top coat formula and the others are standalone polishes.
  15. I fell for it hook, line, and sinker thanks to the code. I'm tired of boxes taking over two weeks to get to me (oh, the misfortunes of living pretty much as far away from Seattle as possible in the continental US), so I got expedited shipping for once! The total wasn't much more than I would have paid for the box thanks to the code. REAAAAAAALLY hoping to be one of those lucky 51 because the opal, topaz, and turquoise polish are bound to be gorgeous and I want them now now now. (In case I'm not a winner and the box sucks, I just got all three of my roommates into Julep polish and one of them is bound to take any stinkers I get.)

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