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    24 years young. I love curling up with a good book and nice hot tea. I also enjoy writing my own stories from time to time. I'm slightly artistic - with no time to practice!
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    Web Design
    Graphic Design
    Makeup & Beauty (of course!) :P
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    I teach 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade at a local private school. :) I absolutely LOVE my job! Teaching is my passion.
    I also have a little novel on the back burner... maybe someday it will be published :3
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    You really don't want me to list all of them... Haha! So much I want to try, and not enough $$$ :P
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    United States
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    Ford Focus (Lovingly named Little Red) She celebrates her 7th birthday this year. lol.
  • My Favorite Movies
    Disney cartoons!!! <3
    Hayao Miyazaki Animated Films
    The Lord of the Rings
    Harry Potter
    Seven Pounds
  • Favorite Music
    I am very open minded when it comes to music. I listen to a little bit of everything.
    Pop, Alternative, New Age, Rock, Metal... I love it all!
  • Favorite Books
    Their Eyes Were Watching God
    Icarus Girl
    Icy Sparks
    Wuthering Heights
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Currently, Urban Decay. But that's the only high-end makeup brand I have officially tried. :3
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    I am 4'11" :P
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  1. Loving all these blogs! Beauty bloggers unite! Woot woot! I am now on Bloglovin' thanks to you guys!
  2. Thanks, guys! I have some hyper pigmentation from acne blemishes. I have such a difficult time finding shades of foundation that aren't too yellow or orange toned on my skin. That's what has made me look into them.
  3. Okay all you lovely lads and ladies out there! I recently purchased and have been testing out the Maybelline BB cream. I am fairly satisfied with it but looking into other options. My recent foundation purchase was a bust. The lightest shade at the Clinique counter did not fit my skin tone. So, I have decided a more sheer coverage BB or CC cream might be what I need. Does anyone have a BB or CC cream they would recommend? I am currently looking at Urban Decay's Naked Beauty Balm or it Cosmetics CC cream. What has been your experience with BB and CC creams? Are they worth the investment? I've read lots of mixed reviews on BB products. Thanks, guys!
  4. I am the kind of person who likes to plan for things. I am also just starting a collection of high end brands. So, needless to say I have a lot of items that interest me! Naked 3 and Hourglass products to name a few! What's on your wish list?
  5. Here's my blog! http://birthtoashes.wordpress.com Check it out! I would love to get to know you guys!
  6. I'm 4'11" but I tell everyone I'm 5' !!!! Shh... don't tell!
  7. Follow me! @ birthtoashes This is both my personal and blog Instagram. I will be following some of you guys on this post soon!
  8. My username is eskuri Follow me if you would like! will definitely be following some of you soon!
  9. [@]honeybee7[/@] Thanks, gorgeous! Not sure about rockin' it, but I'm very tempted to give it a try!
  10. I have been DYING to cut my hair to a shorter length lately! I'm not sure if it's the spring fever kicking in hardcore from this massive snow storm that swept through my area - but something has to change with my hair very soon. The last time I had my hair cut, I thought long and hard about jumping into a pixie cut. I decided against it for two main reasons. 1) I have never had my hair that short. 2) I am afraid my face shape isn't suited for a pixie. I have a fairly round, square shaped face due to a little extra weight. I have a petite build (wish I could say a petite nose! haha!) But I absolutely love the look of a pixie cut! After all this time, I still find myself being driven to get that pixie! I would love to hear some opinions! Would you ever consider a pixie cut? Have you ever had one? What has your experience been? Thanks!
  11. So, given that information, I suppose chemical exfoliants are more "hygenic" for those of us who are prone to breakouts since acne is a bacteria. We don't want it to spread around. Hmm. Suddenly, everything is falling into place. No wonder my breakouts never improved with the use of medicated scrubs! Am I correct when I assume LHA is a chemical exfoliant? I had recently used a sample of an exfoliant cleanser with LHA in it. Also, an update on my skin issue! I have been washing my skin 3x the past few days as suggested and... Just. Wow. Is all I can say. My skin's tone and texture have greatly been improved. Also, the few bumps I had (purple, under the skin) are no longer sore and are healing up without coming to the surface! Yay! I can't thank you enough for starting this thread. It is like my HG for skin-mergencies!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Tiffany27la Hi, and welcome @BirthToAshes I'm so glad you've found my advice helpful, and thank you for your well wishes! So many different factors can contribute to "breaking out".. (STRESS, genetics, diet, environment, etc..) and there are so many different kinds, or types of "break outs" that it would be nearly impossible for me to give you an accurate diagnosis of what your experiencing without physically examining your skin in person, BUT... just from hearing the description that you gave of being able to "scratch" the bumps off the surface of your skin, (and assuming that they are white in color versus red), I would be willing to bet that what your experiencing is called Millia..(or Millium in plural form.) Millia are tiny white dots, or "bumbs" made up of excess keratin (which is the main component of our skin), that typically occur when skin cells haven't, for whatever reason, been exfoliated properly and become "trapped", or adhere to the outer layers of the skin. They appear just below the surface of the outer most layer, and unlike acne, they are NOT bacteria..but can be just as bothersome. The good news is that their a much easier issue to resolve. Typically, you just need to up your exfoliating regimen because your body's natural sloughing process isn't quite enough on it's own.. that should do the trick! Hope this helps! Thank you so much, @Tiffany27la! I may need to look into a better exfoliating product, then. I used the St. Ives Apricot Scrub since it was what I had around (I often find it's too rough), and noticed an improvement in the rough patches. Thanks so much, doll! I wish you lived closer I would most certainly pay you a visit!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by saku Benefit Cosmetics B.Right Radiant Skincare 6 Pc Intro Kit Remove 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 $24.00 $24.00 Special Free Gift with Purchase ! Variety FREE Skincare Beauty Bag with any $50 Skincare purchase on ULTA.com Remove $50.00 1 For FREE $0.00 Benefit Cosmetics B. Right Moisture Prep Toning Lotion Remove 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 $30.00 $30.00 Special Free Gift with Purchase ! Benefit Cosmetics FREE travel size Porefessional Face Primer w/any $25 Benefit purchase Remove $10.00 1 For FREE $0.00 BEEN SITTING ON THIS CART since that skincare GWP came out. have yet to pull the trigger. i just wish they have better GWP for benefit. on a side note, i've been lovin benefit lately. i just acquired almost all of their products over the course of 2 months o_o i have a problem. I had never tried a Benefit product before the last GWP cheetah bag. I am SO happy with the Porefessional sample and the B.Right It's Potent Eye Cream. I would love to purchase these sometime in the near future. They were great! Wonder if they would qualify for the $50? Quote: Originally Posted by beach16sm That's awesome that you were able to catch the last gwp sample bag.... it was so amazing! I want that skin care gwp so bad that I can't stop looking at it but I'm having a difficult time making up my mind what to order to get it (sadly, my indecision about things have caused me to miss out on many great freebies).... I realized how totally addicted that I am yesterday when I was trying to convince my best friend that it was okay to purchase costly eyeshadow when you can get a free gift with it. She honestly thought that I had lost my mind, lol....It's funny how easy it is to convince ourselves that we made very wise purchases because we can get a free sample bag with it. I do the same thing with coupons, buy something that I've never tried and didn't really need but hey, I can save a whole buck on it.... my poor husband, what I put him through! I am so glad I did. I had never purchased anything from Ulta previously. It was a great introduction. I am very indecisive as well. I lurked on Ulta for days last time. I ended up picking up the Ocho Loco 2 from Urban Decay and Anastasia's eyebrow kit to get the freebies. I know I went a little overboard, but my brows needed some serious attention and Ocho Loco 2 is a limited edition I think. I have been looking into purchasing a higher end brand of skin care, but can't decide Perricone and Murad are so expensive! O.O And I'm not sure about Philosophy face products. I need a good eye cream, so I may get the Benefit one. I would also like a good moisturizer.
  14. OMG! I know exactly how you guys feel! I now have a new addiction! That cheetah print GWP of $40 bag was to die for! I also love the C.Booth Honey Almond Body Butter. It leaves my skin feeling so soft. It has also improved my dry "winter hands". I definitely intend to purchase a full size product of it sometime soon And what about the Prada Candy sample?! Oh my goodness! I must have this perfume!!!! The one direction was meh... but I could bathe myself in that Prada Candy XD New gifts with purchase alerts!!! http://www.ulta.com/ulta/a/Gifts-Gifts-with-Purchase/_/N-26wy?categoryId=cat930003&ciSelector=leaf I really need to try some new skin care products... and that GWP of $50 is screaming my name! It looks like it would be even more packed than the silver cheetah bag!

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