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  1. AGH! That sounds so good, lol. I really, really want to re-sign up, grr.
  2. I decided not to resubscribe, too. I think the lack of back-and-forth with their CS was irritating me so much, haha. I'm excited for the ladies who've subbed, though. I'll definitely be still following this thread to see!
  3. Yay thanks for posting, and @@LisaLeah for emailing the pic! I'm so excitedddd.
  4. Wow, how exciting! Can anyone tell me if the item is the one I've posted in the spoiler below? It'll be a while until I get mine, but I hope it's not a duplicate of something I already have! (Though I'm not going to complain if it is, haha.)
  5. Unfortunately, I think this sub (at least, round 2) has made me feel quite ambivalent about LMdB. I do still like quite a number of their products, but I don't feel like their customer service has been as good as it used to be. I don't understand why we need to resend emails (I'm in contact with two different emails) as they're a fairly small brand. I can understand a few days delay, but there's no excusing complete silence. Customers don't like feeling like they're being ignored and unfortunately, that's exactly how the LMdB team has been making me feel as of late. So I guess no year 3 for me, either, but I'm probably going to regret it, ha.
  6. I got the dreaded Cocoa Cabana duplicate I can't even pass this new bottle to mom since she hates the shade, haha. I've emailed customer service and this is the first time they hadn't responded quickly/at all. Hmm.
  7. Here's a video demo by Mikey Castillo, who makes a lot of the kaleidoscopes
  8. I once received an eyeshadow single with no pan inside. Contacted them about it, and they responded immediately and sent a replacement over.
  9. Yup that's their standard declared weight for all the boxes.
  10. Would love one of the Creme Fresh Tints, since I haven't tried those out and they're pretty well known for those. Wouldn't turn down a skin care item, though!
  11. I didn't notice any fragrance in their cosmetics, but the skin care item I've used has a slight lavender-y scent (similar to the Aesop Parsley seed line), as far as I can tell. Nothing strong or unpleasant, though.
  12. I ended up re-subscribing! As for the items and my feelings: August - I got a lip kaleidoscope and I rarely use it, but it's pretty. I use the kabuki brush everyday, love the lipstick and the liner, though they are not my favorites by any stretch. September - I kind of really like them? Haha. I think I am alone in this! My sister tried out Champagne Shimmer today and loves it too. October - LOVE THIS SERUM SO MUCH. I wish I could make myself just buy it, but I have to use up a bunch of skin care stuff. November - The lash curler isn't the main one I use, but if I don't already have a curler, I'd be happy with this. I love the eye pencil, and I've used up the lash serum and it was awesome. December - Love this blush kaleidoscope! January - Love this makeup remover, even if I felt underwhelmed when I received it. February - Actually ended up enjoying the lipstick (Riviera), even though I don't usually wear orange-y colors on me. Meh about the nail polishes. March - Love the concealer, saving the eye masks. April - Love the powder! May - Love the eyeshadows, but don't use them often. I wonder what they'll end up sending this round.
  13. Oh no, I hope your promo item gets sorted out. I find them a bit finnicky with customer service. I placed a donation when they had the Lou Gehrig's awareness thing. They plainly stated that upwards of a $50 donation, they will send a gift from LMdB. I emailed them about it and they said that you had to tick a box or indicate that you were making the donation in their name, which wasn't an option present if I recall correctly, so in the end, I didn't get the gift. I didn't really make a big deal out of it because I was happy to donate to a good cause, but it just really rubbed me the wrong way how it seemed like they were trying to get out of a promise they had made.
  14. IMO, some of their products are worth the retail price (i.e. skin care, eyeshadows), but others like the liquid liner are exorbitantly priced. I'm still thinking if I will re-sub, mainly because I am thinking of minimizing my beauty buys as well.
  15. I just realized we're nearing the end of this round of the sub! Anyone signing up again? I'm torn!

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