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  1. My goals are 1. use up 5 empties, don't think i can quite do 10 2. use masks 2 times 3. do nails once 4. have fun with makeup!
  2. Sorry to hear about your current conditions. My thoughts and prayers are with you @@EggyBread Hoping for the best for you.
  3. I don't remember all my goals for these 10 days, but i will try my best to update 1. work out every other day - done 2. use masks (2 sheet - not done, 2 non sheet - done) 3. play with makeup looks at least 2 times - did 1 time, which is more than i ever do, so that's a win 4. use up empties - done 5. no buy - successful! I also cancelled all subs, did not buy new clothes either, and cleaned up wardrobe. However, I did overspend on restaurant since I am traveling for interview right now. I consider that okay though under the circumstances. I am tempted to go shopping though since I am finally have access to any kind of shopping area now.
  4. I returned a new belt I got from LLBean without receipt in an effort to reduce clutter, but i was surprised that i only got 7.99 in store credit. I don't really know the original price of the thing, but they are selling belts in the price range of 50s. Oh well, one less item in my closet is good. I made a purchase yesterday, it is for an external hard drive for my mac. It is not beauty related, so should be fine right? I am going into a city tomorrow for an interview, so i expect to spend lots of money on food and stuff. Hopefully i can hold off on shopping though.
  5. I love the idea of the capsule wardrobe. I have way too many pieces of clothing. Everybody has inspired me to clean out my wardrobe yesterday, however, I was only able to get rid of four pieces so far. I did fold and hang everything nicely. I need to work on letting go and don't need the mindset that "I will wear this later".
  6. I tried canceling since i am on a no buy, but i think i got an error page and i forgot about it. Then i proceeded to forget about it for two days, i guess it is too late now. lol. I will get a treat then i guess!
  7. I have to make a decision whether to cancel or not. I am on the no-buy, so I should cancel. But I am still kicking myself for not getting the Target collab, so there is that.
  8. I did a major cleaning today since my boyfriend is visiting (so excited!!!) I cleaned my apartment's kitchen, bathroom, and my room. I wish my roommate did more cleaning though, but it is hard to bring that matter up. but it does end up being that whoever can't stand the mess cleans it, which usually ends up being me. I used up a lot of items in the past few days so i am really excited!! Will post in the empties thread once i accumulated more. I did have one slip up, that I will put in the spoiler.
  9. Oh my gosh, i would have loved a Fitbit! I was literally looking at buying it last night. This must be the sadness I have been on missing out a box

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