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    I'm a thirty-something, fashion and makeup obsessed attorney, a mom to my fabulous kiddos, a dog mom to one spoiled pup, and the wife of a recently retired career military fighter pilot now flying in the private sector.
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    I obviously adore fashion - buying it, browsing it, reading about it, the whole enchilada! I'm a vintage lover with a focus on 30s dresses, 40s suits, 50s dresses, and early 60s suits and dresses. I don't do replica vintage and am easily irritated by sellers who try to pass of knock offs as the real article. I also love swimming, weight training, hiking, and yoga. I'm an avid reader, home cook, and most recently started learning to sew.
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    I'm a full time attorney for the federal government, specializing in civil and criminal litigation (federal court only now). I'm also a Jag in the Air Force reserves after serving 8 years on active duty. Six years away from retirement!
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    My bathroom resembles what would happen if a Sephora and an Ulta exploded. If they make it, I buy it. I'm interested in trying an all new skincare regimen, most likely Algenist, Shiseido or Clarins.
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    United States
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    Urban Decay
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    I love cooking but am not a big fan of eating in general.
  1. According to FedEx (the dreaded SmartPost), my tube will arrive next Weds, Jul 1. It's hard to believe they've been mum with spoilers since April. I guess that's one way of making it super easy for the easily tempted beauty box junkies to go spoiler-free, lol, myself obviously included. I laugh mostly because my prior post read like I was somehow being noble going spoiler free.
  2. Just got mine today! If I can manage it, I'm going spoiler free for a change....my tracking shows delivery on Jul 1 so I've got a week to thought it out, lol
  3. I think a lot of those who bought the collab box had developed higher expectations based on both the collaborative partnership involved and due to the fact they expect Liz to have perfect sub box curation experience and intuition, especially in terms of being mindful about shipping issues, engaging in timely/responsive/accurate communication, and most importantly counted on her ability to take into account common sub box feedback, both good and bad, to come up with products that stand out above the offerings sent by other beauty/lifestyle subs. I also think that those who've been MSA regulars for years have come to see her not as a part time, personal blogger but instead as a professional. As a regular etsy shopper I'm a soft touch and more patient than I probably should be at times when dealing with solo artist stores/sellers and the issues that arise in completing a transaction. Over time and as is especially true with sub box addicts, buyers come to view the "little guy" seller who has expanded a great deal as not so much as a "person" in need of patience and pity but start to see them as a business the same as any other they paid $100 months earlier. I think folks expected her to take into account that many subbers were being inundated with sunscreen (with 4 kids we can never have enough living in the desert) and other common beauty products and put the focus instead on brand and product genre discovery as well as not lean as heavily on beauty items in what was partly billed as a lifestyle box. I'm always happy to have a company keep me up to speed on when things will ship if there are delays anticipated. For the most part that happened here but it became a little disjointed in a kicking the can down the road, non-specific way (over promising and under delivering regarding shipping). By shipping in what appear to be waves, there were complaints that bloggers received theirs in the first wave while others hadn't even seen a shipment notice. Then there was the issue of something arriving broken such that another whole wave of boxes were in limbo until replacements arrived at a date TBD. To me it's more professional to say that due to circumstances beyond our control involving vendor shipment delays/damage, shipment has been delayed. We will inform you when we are prepared to ship all boxes and we will provide an update next week. It just doesn't come off as overly professional to talk about having difficulties figuring out how to fit everything into preselected shipping boxes, saying that some items were broken so some of you have to wait even longer....If this was a case of a single artisan with whom I'd placed an order for one unique item I chose and they had a family emergency or a component shipping problem, it wouldn't seem out of place to perhaps go into such detail. But when that information is shared with a large audience, publicly, it tends not to inspire buyer confidence since it can sound akin to "the dog ate my homework, the sun was in my eyes, there was a rock in my shoe...". I did read one comment reminding others that that Liz earlier wrote that she parted ways with Quarterly, in part due to their refusal to accept returns, as she explicitly shared and agreed with subscribers' concerns about the price vs risk. So it seemed a fair comment to me that if Liz's current collaborator is pointing folks to the "all sales are final" fine print- especially to those whose boxes haven't even been assembled let alone shipped- such a policy seems to run counter to Liz's own previously stated position on returns for pricey mystery boxes. I don't really get the unrest about the RV change for the bag since that happens daily when shopping anywhere, other than the aspect that folks might assume MSA+K bought clearance merchandise and then listed them as full value. I doubt that's true but I suppose that might be the source of that particular angst. Overall I think people wanted more unique/fun products both in terms of product category mix (though it seems on point given that the collab was with a beauty sub, to have a fairly even mix, perhaps one less beauty item might have helped in that regard). I loved the first MSA Quarterly box and liked the second though it was decidedly more utilitarian overall, and felt I knew what to expect with this box. To me it's pretty much what I expected, and not in a bad way at all. Everything was perfectly nice for sure, I just knew from experience it likely wouldn't have been my personal taste. I don't know that those who try to dispute the charges however are going to be very successful as they would need to prove they received less than the advertised value/items not as advertised/wrong items/non delivery. Generally speaking, absent some kind of product valuation fraud, "I just don't like what came in my all mystery box" isn't usually sufficient legal (contractual) basis to dispute the charge. Just my take on the situation.
  4. That definitely makes no sense. I mean how do they plan to bill for June without that info, on the same account no less? I love the boxes I've seen but it's those kind of issues that are holding me back from subbing. They kind of seem all over the map in terms of shipping and communication, plus website issues. I'm going to play it by ear and watch all the beautiful items with deep envy in the meantime :-)
  5. I'm liking the looks of this sub though I'm also a little gun shy with all new sub boxes based on bad experiences in the past. But I'm dying to break into the Asian sub boxes and this looks like a perfect fit in terms of products, sizes and price point. For now I'll be a chicken and wait to see the June products then pay an extra to sub. I like the diversity of brands and product categories they show.
  6. To those who've received their boxes this month already, has anyone switched one of the new jelly polishes yet? I'm anxious to see how they look, whether they're sheer or opaque or possibly can be made opaque using multiple coats. I saw their sample nails but I've chosen colors/new formulas for based on them and been disappointed before. For some reason I keep thinking they'll be like the jelly version by OPI everyone got from BB and ipsy a year ago. For me they were totally worthless except as topcoats and even then they were nothing special. Thanks in advance for any swatches/feedback!
  7. I'm itching for a spoiler too. All I've seen so far for June was the email they sent today for a contest entry. I figure they should release one in the next week. Hopefully!
  8. I'm not sure you can get 2 boxes from the same account in the same month. I kind of doubt it. You might get lucky and get the points though. Keep in mind that BB are super strict with points and have mo problem zapping them if they discover they were given in error. Now if they charge you twice, regardless if it's only $1, then they owe you another box plus the points. If they left a loophole or their system permitted double subbing on the same account, the ambiguity/mistake is legally attributed to them and they should follow through with the terms of the deal, whether an error or not. Glossy had to do exactly that on Black Friday with the holiday LE box (advertised as $20 off when it should have said 20% off). They did correct the mistake but honored the discount for everyone who purchased before they caught the mistake. Sounds like BB should do the same thing here but I'm a bit doubtful they will let it slide under these circumstances. Separate subject - At the risk of asking a stupid and redundant question (I did check the pinned FAQ thread first and didn't see the answer there), what is the magical cheat everyone is using? I tried clicking on the link in another post but I suspect you need to enter your own info where it has the ...(ellipses); just not sure what to enter. Is this only available via the app? Or is that something different?
  9. I'm not sure how I feel about 1500 point prizes. It takes just shy of forever to get even 1000. Other than getting referral points (I think 4 people have subbed using my link in 2.5 years). I don't think it's even possible to earn and redeem that many within a single calendar year, is it, without the first points expiring? I recently redeemed for a full size lipstick in a fabulous brick red. My mom's coloring is similar to mine so I went to redeem again using her her points (I maintain/pay for her account since would drive me insane treating me like Microsoft tech support if she had to manage). The lipstick was then only 500 points. That was within a week of when I redeemed for 1000. So I was able to get her the lipstick and the UD liner she loves for the same 1000 I used for just the lipstick. We're both going to hit 500 this month so I'm bummed there really isn't anything available now in my "price" range. Hopefully they add more mid level point prizes soon!
  10. I don't think all of the Summer LE boxes were taped. I got 2 and neither were taped closed. The blush (and bronzer) is fabulous and applies like a dream. Nowhere near as bright/dark as they look. The polish is a cute/unique shade and perfect for summer. The necklaces are cute though they do tend to tangle/hang funny. I don't much care for almost invisible eyeshadow so I'll probably give it to my 14 year old who's still learning makeup application. I got the striped bag version and was very happy about that. The SPF is pretty typical and goes on more white than clear which is pretty standard for sunscreen. I wouldn't wear it under makeup in other words but it works for a pool/beach day. And the sunglasses are the lightest weight pair I've ever tried and don't look cheap like most that are light. I paid 18 for one after using a discount code and points. Worth way more than that so it was a definite win!
  11. Ok, I'm laughing now. Turns out I was looking at my mom's account. I'm getting all the same products minus the sheet masks. Instead I'm getting face wash. Seriously. FACE WASH!nthink I could get away with handing out cleanser samples at my kid's next birthday party?
  12. What exactly does a girl have to do to get the Melted lipstick? I've played adjust my profile bingo and nothing helps. I'm at least getting the lip stain but I really wanted the Too Faced. I swear if I get one more facial cleanser I'm going to go on some kind of clean skin rampage of epic proportions. I only have the one face. I've gotten 8, yes 8, of them since Nov. If you're keeping track that would be one every freaking month. Gah! I swear I'm just not that dirty no matter what ipsy thinks. I've also amassed an impressive pile of Dr Brandt Pores No More, Smashbox primer, and a variety of nearly identical powder bronzers, all from ipsy in the last 6 months. So basically I have a dirty face that I must wash and then cover with a blurring/matifying/pore zapping primer before applying what looks like the color of dirt to my (apparently still dirty) face. Anyone else see the inherent irony here? Maybe I've just been a subscriber too long (over 2 years). Or maybe I'm just blissfully unaware of my filthiness. Anyway...other than the lip stain I'm getting the sheet mask(s), shadow crayon, Key West lotion and (wait for it...) Smashbox primer! It better be a hella impressive lip stain and shadow crayon or it will be a bust for me this month. Please ipsy, take me out of face wash purgatory! I'll wash often, I promise!
  13. So was there never a May box? If so that's disappointing since I was going to try them out in June. I don't have the heart (or patience) to go through a new sub's growing pains, so to speak. I guess what gets to me most isn't the issue with shipping but the lack of proactive communication. Most of us are pretty forgiving (to a point) especially with new subs like this. But when they don't share info uniformly then it makes it a lot harder to be as patient and understanding. Off subject a bit but I did some checking and saw that all of the items I've seen from Apr boxes have been on sale on HauteLook in the last 4-6 months. Since I shop the site daily I finally realized why the items all seemed so familiar and/or related. I honestly don't care where the products originate (provided they aren't junk from alibaba/aliexpress/counterfeit) I just found it interesting. It could be a huge coincidence just as easily but I thought I'd throw it out there. Considering I ordered quite a few of the items sent directly is just more proof that this sub could be for me!
  14. I'm kind of meh about the spoiler. I guess I'm one who has received a ton of Tarte lip products in the last year (it's actually one of my top 3 cosmetic brands). I suppose I was hoping to see something other than a beauty product as a spoiler for FFF since cosmetics are part of every beauty box and this is supposed to be different, more like a lifestyle/fitness/wellness box. Fingers crossed for something different. I've gotten every box for 2 years so here's to hoping for a more targeted item next!
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