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  1. Looking for Kiss the Perfume hair treatment! Is there a place I can buy it online?
  2. I'll trade some dr. Jart goodness. What did you want from 7?
  3. Lol I've learned to turn the other cheek. I accepted the fact that I won't be getting all of them. It's just waaay too much!
  4. Really memebox?! Lucky box 3?! Fffuuuu. Oh well. I went ahead & bought 2 lucky box 2's cuz I don't want to feel what I felt when I didn't have it. Also, the hair/body meme hoping that the anti hairloss pack is there. After that, I should be ok for a while or not lol
  5. Looking to trade the whole lucky box 1 for a lucky box 2. Please PM me if you are willing to let it go. Mainly looking for tea tree essence & dr jart eye serum.
  6. Waaaahhh this is what I've been scared of all along.. The fear of missing out T_T lol I wouldn't care as much but this box has 2 of 3 items that I've been trying to trade!
  7. Is anyone interested to trade the whole lucky box 1 for lucky box 2? I missed out on the 2nd one today
  8. Want: Tea tree essence Dr. Jart eye cream Anti hair loss pack Maycoop raw sauce Have: Lots of things even cheese cream PM ME
  9. Sigh. False advertising much? Maybe they wanted to say "every box has unique items from past memeboxes, two items from memebox 5 and one product that wasn't previously on any box"
  10. Potentially: Bounce cheese cream and most of the lucky box contents
  11. All these lucky boxes look the same! Blah! Whatever happened to the variety & "no two boxes are the same"?
  12. Thank you miss Jexie! That's exactly what I'm talking about! I've been going back & forth tea tree essence & maple water! I love them! I can't wait to try this one
  13. Thanks for posting pics of your lucky boxes!! Looks like it isn't a big variation.. Hopefully I'll get to trade my doubles! PS how was that essence in box 4? The one in the white bottle? Lmao I haven't even opened it yet
  14. I just want to know what others have been getting. I've been stalking the lucky box page on the site & so far 3 people have reviewed if, but they didnt include what was in it blah lol I can't wait to get it! Hoping for these items to appear: - dr jart eye serum - tea tree essence - anti hair loss pack Fingers & toes crossed that they appear in BOTH lucky boxes lol if only in my dreaaams

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