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  1. Aww what a great Christmas present! Yeah, moving will suck. And well, we don't live on post. They give us extra money if we live off post. Plus base housing sucks. I can't stand duplexes or multiplexes and that's what they have the most of here. Too much like apartments. Thankfully the military pays for a moving company once for each new move.
  2. I've been increasing my walking as well. Since we're military and scheduled to move the day I hit 6 weeks pp I'm stuck waiting til we arrive at our new duty station to get my checkup. Can't do that until we have an address to update Tricare with and we won't rent a place without first walking through it, assessing it, and assessing the neighborhood. So did you have your baby in December or January? My sweet girl was born the 15th of December.
  3. Hello all...last time I posted I was in the process of moving and finding out I was pregnant. Well, I'm about to be in the process of another move but I'll be 5 weeks postpartum Monday. As soon as we've moved to the new state (military LOVES moving us all over) and have had my postpartum checkup and am cleared to resume exercise I'll be working on shedding the last few lbs of baby weight and a few pounds I'd wanted to lose before I got pregnant. I was 140 pre-pregnancy, gained 27 lbs, and I'm stalled out at 147 right now. If I can't get below the 140 I don't really mind. I'd love to tone my abs back up, however. So if anyone has great post baby workouts for toning and shedding pounds feel free to let me know!
  4. Hi all. I was a pretty active member for a little while up til April of last year. We moved states and didn't have an address so I had to cancel all my subs. I got them back but was pregnant and didn't spend a lot of time online. Well, I've been more active again (usually while I'm awake feeding the baby in the middle of the night) and as soon as we move, yet again, to a new state (military) I'll be getting all my subs back. I wish I'd waited to cancel til after January but we were supposed to leave the 10th and it got delayed. I'm kinda kicking myself because I've missed seeing mail in the mailbox for me that isn't bills or junk. Hope all of your boxes are great this month!
  5. Totally just realized today is the 10th and both my boxes have shipped. Main account: Second account: I've been so distracted by the move, being pregnant and trying to deal with morning sickness I haven't even had a chance to try anything from April's boxes. But, I kinda can't wait to get this stuff and give it a try. Since I've been so sick lately I think it'll be a nice treat!
  6. Wow, I can't believe it's already time for May! Because of moving, I haven't even had a chance to enjoy April products because I just got all my subs from my dad's place. But this box actually looks like it could be good. I loved when they did the Byrdie collaboration...hopefully it's going to be just as good.
  7. Well, I've been a busy packing bee lately. I haven't really rested at all until today. All weekend I was just going from the time I got up to dinner and I was beat after so I just went to sleep. We're nice and ahead of schedule, though, which will allow us to go to my in-laws for Easter. Which, will allow us to announce something very special. Turns out, I won't be losing any weight until probably after Christmas because today I learned I'm pregnant! I'll definitely be eating healthier and cutting a LOT of stuff from my diet. So, it's been a busy, busy weekend and day for me. Hope everyone had a great weekend and that you all have a great week!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by indianaredhead I would say try the LoseIt app especially if you are eating foods that have a barcode. You just have to scan the bar code and it logs what you are eating. Have you tried prepping for the week on Sunday? Having your meals prepped and ready to grab and go really makes it easier. I usually keep fruit on hand and BelVita Breakfast Bars on hand and throw them in my purse in the mornings. For Lunch, I usually make a pot of soup on Sunday and portion it and have a bag of lettuce and veggies on hand for a fast salad. At Dinner time, your crockpot can be your new best friend. I usually will do buffalo chicken and use it in wraps and salads. I do have an app I use to track calories. It has a barcode scanner. I don't have even the chance to scan it because I'm basically taking bites while I pack. We're just that busy. It's insane. And normally, I don't worry about prepping. But in the middle of moving, when our pots and pans and dishes are about to get packed, there's not going to be real food in the house for much longer. I normally buy in bulk and get 2 weeks worth of food each pay day but because we are going to have to empty the fridge out soon I didn't this past payday because we didn't need to overbuy and end up wasting a bunch of stuff. Once we are moved and have all of our pots, pans, and I can buy in bulk like normal I can make meals. But since all our of stuff that can be packed in boxes has to be packed by the end of the day next Thursday, there's not a lot I can actually do to cook. I simply hate being so darn busy that I don't have time to make real meals so except for when we go see his parents for Easter we're about to be eating nothing but take out. But I suppose I may as well enjoy the binge on fast food while I can because after we move, it's gonna become a healthy eating kick. Quote: Originally Posted by indianaredhead I know this isn't the healthest recipe but it may be a way for your husband to try the Quiona. It is a Quiona Mac and Cheese recipe. http://monimeals.com/meals/quinoa-mac-n-cheese/ Hmm.... that could be really good! I could try that out in my new kitchen with a stove that's probably older than my dad (and he's 51 so that's pretty old lol). It's one of those old fashioned ranges almost like you'd see in a really old restaurant kitchen. The things last forever but it's been a REALLY long time since I used one so it'll be quite interesting. I always tell my hubby that, if he doesn't like something I cook after he tries it he's allowed to order a pizza. So we'll give this a try and maybe start replacing rice with quinoa. Except maybe in my Jambalaya and Gumbo. It's totally sacrilege to cook my Cajun food without rice! Quote: Originally Posted by elizabethrose I say quinoa "keen-wah" as well, or maybe "keen-oh-wah" but the oh isn't as pronounced.. if that makes sense! Quinoa is really weird to replace rice at first, but then it's delish! As a side dish, it's great if you just make the quinoa however you'd like (the raw way is to soak it overnight in a covered bowl, then rinse it the next day [a netted colander works well for this], and it's ready to serve!) but if you're just cooking it, we then add diced tomatoes, cut up raw spinach, raw cabbage, cilantro, and onion- mix it with a little olive oil and lemon juice and it's DELISH. Add baby bits of salt and pepper if needed! Edit to add: Quinoa is a good way to make that rice starch into a whole protein that provides a TON of nutrients and works for more than just a stomach filler. I was always guessing and saying "Kwee-no-uh" when I said it. It's a weird word lol. Hmm it sounds really good the way you say you like to make it...minus the cabbage. I have never been able to like cabbage. Maybe instead of cabbage some lettuce or extra spinach lol!
  9. A part of the quinoa thing is when we have rice I prepare it in like chicken broth or something as a side dish (fish with rice pilaf type dishes). Idon't know how well it'd work since I have noidea what it really even is haha. It's not so much my hubby is picky as he tries anything new I make. But if I gave him some seemingly unpronouncable food (how DO you pronounce quinoa!? he'd be less likely to eat it. As for eating unhealthy and counting calories...man that's the problem. I don't have time to count the calories. We're so busy the only time I have is the hour I take in the morning when I get up to shower and stuff. All the rest of the day I'm going non stop. And all next week is going to basically be fast food. I dread the next week or so so darn much. I told the hubby when we move and are settled I'm gonna have to work my butt off after the crap we'll be eating.
  10. Man, I really feel awful when I open this darn thread! This thread is shaming me! Hubby and I are eating really lousy while we move and I feel awful about it but we've already packed most of the stuff I could use to exercise because we're trying to sell our house and so anything not 100% necessary to live or too big to move until we have a Uhaul got packed and that included all my fitness stuff. Sure, the moving boxes and all that has been great exercise but the bad eating habits (because it's really hard to shop and get stuff we can get through before we have to discard everything so we can clear the cabinets and fridge which means if we get too much we waste). Maybe you guys could give me some recipes I can try when we finally move that are uber healthy but also very tasty? Preferably ones including meat (basically anything except turkey). Maybe someone can tell me the best way to prepare quinoa to introduce it to someone who has never had it and may not enjoy it because they like to scoff at "healthy" stuff (aka my hubby).
  11. Well, even though I won't get to open my boces and use them for another week or so I looked. And I'll probably keep tormenting myself wishing I had my boxes to play with all the pretty stuff...but since I'm packing pretty much everything in the house right now, I suppose there's no time to enjoy anything. I packed all but a small thing of my makeup and skincare yesterday. Just a few essentials to get me through. Main account: https://www.birchbox.com/shop/birchbox-1/april-2014/april-2014-bb27 Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream Color Club Kind bar Second account: https://www.birchbox.com/shop/birchbox-1/april-2014/april-2014-bb14 Number 4 Reconstructing Masque Harvey Prince Yogini Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo Color Club Kind bar While I am getting two Sumita liners and two Color Club polishes I'm happy with both boxes! I finally get to find out what is so special about the Beauty Protector spray without having to spend my points! And well, I am getting a LOT of liner this month. So far out of the 5 boxes I get I am getting a liner in 3 of them! Hopefully the two Sumita liners will be different colors! Can't wait to try the BP spray!
  12. Hmm weird...my main account box shipped but I don't seem to have a shipping email. I have to log in to check. My box shipped from TN and is in Indiana. It's going to Oklahoma this month to my parents since I had to change my address and didn't have the one I was moving to yet.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by tallison I don't think it's weird at all. If you want to buy stuff on sale, you HAVE to get it ahead of time, and you have to buy what you love even if you might not use it for a month or two down the road. I understand what you mean about sizing and not wanting to say. I am right in the middle of the "healthy" BMI zone for my height, but I feel the most healthy when I am right on the very bottom end of the healthy range. Also, because I am tall (5'10") sizing for me is just a huge issue, and frankly I think the BMI calculations are way way off for taller people, they assume a large frame or something. Even though I look slim, I still need a size 8 or 10 and even at my lowest weight, I need a size 6 or 4....not that that really means anything because a size 6 in one brand is a size 4 or 8 in another brand. Don't even get me started on sleeve/pant/dress length. I absolutely cannot wear anything from target or walmart, its simply made for a smaller boxier woman. Forever 21 is cut too junior. H&M works ok, but the brands that fit a taller frame the best are all really expensive brands (that use actual tall people as the fit models). This is why I forever have to be shopping sales and discount stores, because I really can't get away with walking into a mall store and getting a good fit, I need the more expensive lines for the fit, but of course I cannot even nearly afford full price. I've been doing a lot of shopping at Nordstrom Rack, stuff there is still more than I'd like to spend, but I can get good fitting, well made clothes at a more reasonable price. I like their workout clothes too, but I think I need to start shopping elsewhere for the sports bras because of the sizing issue, I'm just not going to buy any more with the S/M/L sizing. I think the ONLY consistent thing for sizing with me, regardless of my weight, is my dress size. I'm happily a size 8 in my dresses. Except my wedding gown because when I bought THAT I was a 34 D and I'm a 36DD now...It fits everywhere but the BREASTS ARGH! LOL! But yeah, I'm 5'7" so my weight looks fine on me but by BMI, if I was 5 pounds heavier I'd be overweight and I teeter dangerously close to that line. I always hated that I LOOKED so underweight when I was at the bottom of my healthy BMI level but now I really find myself missing that. It's kinda weird. But it's extraordinarily difficult to keep to a diet when you're traveling which I did all last week. It's even harder to keep to it when you're busy packing your home to move. I'm going to have to hit workouts like crazy once we've settled in to our new house because the next couple of weeks are going to be SO bad.
  14. To top it all off, a medium in one brand is a small in another or small is medium or large is really xl etc. They are not consistent with women's sizing the way they are with men's and it sucks. I can't tell my husband to buy me jeans or t-shirts because I have to try them on first. Sometimes I wear a medium shirt. Sometimes it's a large. Once in awhile small. Jeans...some brands it is one size (won't say what cause anytime I do and say I need to lose weight, even if I am five lbs short of being overweight, people tend to give me the ugh I hate you right now look)...other brands it is the next size up but in JUNIORS because women's jeans are only even numbers and there's no such thing as half sizes. I wish women's clothes would just do the sizing the way they do mens:inches. I swear clothing companies WANT women to feel bad about themselves so they constantly buy new clothes or something. Me, it just makes me wish I'd learned to sew and learned to make my own clothes. Heck, they sell denim at hobby lobby. Maybe I need to learn...it'd certainly be cheaper!
  15. I'm a 36DD and I managed to find a sports bra ar Burlington of all places. It is hard to find sports bras. Harder to find a bikini top that keeps the girls in place... but the sports bra I have is great.
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