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  1. I don't think I'll be doing any sort of mini-rewards, unless I do something at the end of every 10 days that involves me taking out a lipstick, perfume, etc. that I save for 'special' occasions and using it then (I actually kind of like that idea now, I may do it). To be honest, I haven't found myself really wanting any beauty products lately - I think I'm all makeup and lotioned out, since I have so much stuff already. Once the 100 days are over, I'm probably going to treat myself to a really, really long massage.
  2. Okay! So I've made some progress and decisions over the past few days. I still haven't purchased those holiday items that I was lusting after. Some of them actually sold out and I'm totally okay with that, which goes to show that maybe I really didn't want or need them that badly after all. Who knows, I may not get anything at all. I realized today that I really need to organize my collection somehow - we're low on space and my husband has promised me one of the Alex desks from IKEA once we're in a larger place, so right now all of my stuff is just tossed into various boxes and bags, no rhyme or reason to it at all. I'm not going to buy any organizational pieces for this task, since I don't want to spend money, but I'm going to put what I do have lying around to good use. The goal is to be able to sort things out so I know what products I have. I've also decided on the project pan challenge I'll be doing - Finish it in 5. I have so much half-finished stuff lying around and it takes up so much space. It's mainly hair and body stuff that I used 2/3 of and then shoved back into the cabinet when I bought something shiny and new. Nope, don't need to have those hanging around anymore. Time to finish those up and get them out of here. I'll be back tomorrow with a list of everything that falls into that category. The goal is to get through all of these items by the end of May.
  3. I'm here for this! Not gonna lie, this past month has been an absolute blur for me - it was ridiculously busy and I honestly don't remember much that happened, but a plus side to all of the craziness was that I didn't buy one single beauty-related thing during December, which is awesome! Okay, but here are the goals I have for these first 10 days: Make any last purchases I was planning on making - there are a few items I've been eyeing over the past few months and they're all special items out for the holidays, but I'm not going to get them all. I'm giving myself a price limit on what I can spend and I think $50 is reasonable. I'm giving myself these 10 days to decide what I want and get them, after that, they're off limits for the other 90 days. Decide what kinds of mini project pan challenges I want to do during this time and pick out items for them.
  4. I'm so glad this helped everyone get on track for the New Year and get some unneeded and unwanted junk out of their homes.
  5. Everyone is doing so well! I've been busy for the past few weeks, which is why I haven't been around much lately. However, I have been getting rid of little bits and pieces that I've encountered as I've been rooting around or cleaning and I know I still have some clothes I could stand to get rid of. I've gotten rid of a bunch of kitchen gadgets that we didn't use, decorative knick-knacks were gifts from people and weren't really my style, and some really old notes from college (why I thought I would need to have all of my notes on the Potato Famine when I'm almost 30, we'll never know).
  6. I just realized that I forgot to post my empties for November! It's been a busy month so it just totally slipped my mind. Kind of an underwhelming month for empties, but hey, sometimes that's the way it goes. Full: Biotrue Contact Solution LUSH Softy Bath Bomb Cherry Culture Raspberry Lip Balm Deluxe: Rituals Zensation Foaming Shower Gel Whish Shave Cream Alterna Caviar Shampoo Alterna Caviar Conditioner Foils/Packets: LA Fresh Nail Polish Remover Wipe (x2)
  7. We'll see if I can stick to it, but I'm going to shoot to have the majority of these remaining items be makeup or beauty products. Anyway, my 3 items for today all come from the makeup bag inside of my purse: Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment: Just a deluxe sample. I went to put some on and a huge glob broke off and fell down my shirt. Gross. I never really liked these much, anyway - they were always too soft and I always wound up with too much on. Trash. Soap & Glory Hand Food: This smelled a little funky, a little off. I think it might have gone bad. Trash. EOS Lip Balm: This is the lemon one and man, I had forgotten how gross it was. Never liked these. I think I missed this one during my initial sweep. Trash.
  8. In order to catch up, I did another round for the day and grabbed a few items that I know need to go: Pajama shirt - old, ratty, and absolutely disgusting. The gigantic hole in the armpit does provide some nice ventilation, though. Trash. Pajama bottoms - several holes have sprung up over the past few months and keep getting bigger and bigger every time I wash and wear them. Trash. Ear stretching supplies. I used to have stretched ears and my lobes are all shrunk down now. I don't plan on doing that again, either. Trash. Makeup bag from Ipsy. Not really my style, but someone else might like it. Donate.
  9. My husband and I went on a huge decluttering spree over the weekend - we hauled away four car loads of stuff to sell and donate and there's still some more to go. Our closet is actually usable, we got rid of the boxes that we were tripping over and the ones hiding behind the couch, and our apartment already is just looking and feeling much better. Together, we got ride of hundreds of items - most of them mine (10 garbage bags of clothing, all belonging to me, wow). With that said, I'm still going to be doing this! I've already noticed a few little stragglers hanging around that need to be donated or tossed. I also didn't even touch my makeup (the nail polish collection is done and has been cut in half), so I need to do that - and I've got a feeling that will be much harder. I need to just play catch up. Here are today's items that I'll be saying goodbye to: Tresemme Shampoo - This was one of the huge, jumbo sized bottles that had a pump and everything. We made it about 2/3 through, but water has slowly been leaking into it and now it's a nasty, watered-down mess. Trash. Tresemme Conditioner - the same thing happened with this. It wasn't nearly as bad or to the same degree, but still kinda gross. Trash. Betsey Johnson watch - I don't really wear Betsey Johnson stuff anymore, I guess I've aged out of it. It's in good condition and all it needs is a new battery. Sell. CHI straightener - I've had this since middle school. It had a good run. I don't straighten/use heated tools on my hair anymore, so there's no need for it to hang around. Febreeze candle - Found this in the bottom of a drawer. It was half used and it had kind of begun to separate. Gross! Trash. According to the document I have that keeps track of this, that brings me up to 18 items!
  10. Still going strong! I think Black Friday will be the true test for me, though. I managed to get a sneak peek and see what they are, thanks to someone who shared the pictures Sephora posted on their snapchat. I just need to remind myself of what's happened to every other Sephora Black Friday deal I've purchased. Less than a week left in the month and I want to finish strong!
  11. Today I took 3 pairs of shoes out of my hoard to be donated - two of the pairs never fit very well and the other just isn't my style anymore.
  12. I'll join in! I'd like to use my Urban Decay Naked (the original one) a lot more. I do really like it, a lot actually, but my husband bought it for me shortly after it came out and it's been kinda hanging around occasionally getting used, ever since. Since there are 12 shades, I'll choose one to focus on each month of the year - I'll still use other shades, but for that month, I think the chosen shade will be the one that the look revolves around. I don't think I can totally finish it, but I would like to at least hit pan on every single shade.
  13. I have my 3 items for today! All were shirts. One I just never wore, one I wore to death and it was kind of gross and ratty (I think I saw a hole, which wouldn't be surprising, given that it was a super thin tissue-like fabric), and the last was actually kind of nice, but it's print was pretty gaudy and tacky.
  14. Well, I'm pretty grouchy at the moment. I don't know if any of you are into video games, but the latest Dragon Age game came out today and my ancient laptop can barely run it at the lowest resolution. It looks bad, it plays bad, but really, I don't have anyone to blame but myself. I've known that it would take a much nicer, more up to date computer to be able to play it how I wanted to. It just hit me that if I hadn't spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on makeup that I rarely wear/don't like all that much, I would have been able to easily afford a new computer. But on the bright side, at least that realization had pretty much squashed any desire to buy any makeup or beauty stuff for the foreseeable future, so I guess that's good?
  15. Definitely! Even though she does still buy stuff and decorate her makeup room, it seems like she's a lot more dedicated to the idea of project panning and decluttering because it can be unhealthy to have that much stuff - I know I watched some YouTube beauty gurus that decluttered, but then just went out and hauled a ton of stuff. But yes! I love her videos she did on makeup from other countries - to me, that's a lot more interesting than the same products we see over and over again. I don't really watch haul anymore, either. They just end up making me want stuff! And yes, Amber F. was a fantastic suggestion! I've been watching tons of her videos.
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