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  1. Hey Ladies! I have absolutely no idea where I should post this (sigh) so I am doing it here! I was just wondering if any of the products have ever broken you out? I have not really had any issues with any of the products (so far) BUT like a dummy I tried a bunch of different things at once..Yes, I know better, but I couldn't help myself . I ended up breaking out really bad in my mouth/chin area. One of the things incorporated (and there were some not Memebox related) into my ritual was the Wonder Serum from the Oriental Box. I SO don't want this to be the culprit so I am just wondering if anyone else had issue with this serum? Thank you in advance!!
  2. I would love some kind of an acne "healing" box. Something that would address acne scar healing, some "dry up the blemish pronto" kind of treatments, acne clearing masks, acne prone skin friendly moisturizers and sunscreens, etc...
  3. I ordered the Quote: Originally Posted by gypsiemagic Does it look like two V's to anybody else? VVoah, vvoah instead of Woah, woah? It is showing up as two V's for me also so if your computer is screwed up mine must be too! lol
  4. I am in FL and just got an estimated delivery date of 4/8 (Tue.). The weight on mine is still a whopping 1.7 lbs.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Loves2BPretty Mine is SLOWLY inching its way towards me with the speed of a snail. I hope yours arrives soon! I know how frustrating it is
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Lorna ljblog mine arrived at my house in the uk yesterday so hang in there .loads still not arrived if you read social media. Thank you-I ended up writing Customer Service. Hopefully I will hear something. I was on the verge of ordering several more boxes, but to be honest, I am not going to unless this is resolved. I don't want to stress about more of them!lol
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Patantao Me neither, but it has arrived my country. Quote: Originally Posted by Patantao Me neither, but it has arrived my country. Quote: Originally Posted by Luxx How long has it been since it was shipped?? When I look back through I got an email (March 1st) that said it would ship out on March the 14th and they would send a shipping confirmation two days afterwards. Because I ordered so many, up to this point, I did not realize I never received anything from them (shipping/tracking number)..ugghhhh...Fantastic..Looks like it is customer service time .
  8. Is there anyone else that has NOT received their Superbox two yet? I still haven't received mine
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by lindseylouwho I got the same things that Deareux posted above with the coin purse, the Angel mini, and the Angel hair perfume and perfume samples. You must have posted right before I did!lol I started out loving Angel (so I am glad to hear it is Angel "tight") but I swear the Alien and Womanity has grown on me. I hope each subsequent box allows us to explore those scents a little more!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Amanda xo Mine only show up when I head to checkout to redeem them on a box. Quote: Originally Posted by Amanda xo Mine only show up when I head to checkout to redeem them on a box. I will check it out tomorrow and see if I get lucky and they show up then ;-)
  11. I got the email from Meme re: the addition of two points to our accounts to celebrate the new launch but I notice that mine have not shown up yet. Has anyone else's shown up? TY
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