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  1. I got the random 10% code too - maybe it has to do with the fact that I haven't bought a box in ages? Last one purchased was during the Black Friday restock, though I have placed a shop order recently. ETA: I agree that the selection of boxes for the code was less than thrilling.
  2. @@biancardi Thank you; I hope so. It really isn't much, but it would be nice to have.
  3. I have less than $10 in commission, so less than the minimum required to make a withdrawal. Does anyone know if they'll credit me in points or something when the current affiliate program officially expires at the end of the month? Or do I lose out because I didn't meet the minimum? Hope this makes sense; thanks in advance. Oh, and I'm not bothering with Rakuten, ha ha.
  4. They used to do this! They'd release boxes for VIPs in the morning (EST), then release them again for the non-VIPs in the afternoon. It was great! ETA: they did this with new boxes, not restocks.
  5. I have missed literally everything I would have been interested in this week (Soothing Sista, Chocolate Mania, Foot Therapy, and Tea), due to cherishing my sleep. Ah, well. I get to keep my money and keep chipping away at my rather sizable existing stash, so it's for the best. I did Meme-inventory recently, and realized that I am drowning in moisturizer - I have no idea how I'm going to use it all up before it expires. I'm really excited for everyone who managed to grab something special! <3
  6. I briefly considered trying for the Rose Box (the one that keeps getting away), but you know what? I only want two products in it, the toner and the hand cream, and I can get those from Korea Depart for cheap. And I can be reasonably certain they'll be fresh! The sleeping pack and sunscreen look nice, but I have enough backups of those types of items to last me another year or two.
  7. @@biancardi I have not tried it, but have heard so many good things - perhaps I should. I seem to remember people getting samples back in April/May that were dried out, and I think that put me off. But I loooooove my Recipe oil cleanser for makeup days; I ought to give the rest of the line a chance. Thank you!
  8. Hello everybody! Not sure if you all remember me, as I've been away for a month or so. I've been lurking like a creep from time to time, but have had no time to post. Hope everyone is well and that your holidays were happy! I was actually popping in to ask if anyone happens to know the pH for the Eva's Vitamin Cleansing Dessert, please? I'm getting a persistently red, sensitive forehead, and I suspect that this (probably basic as heck) cleanser is the culprit. So far every cleanser Memebox has sent me has been no bueno. I'm with MissJexie in wondering if any of you have recommendations for a lower pH cleanser? Or perhaps someone with a similar skin type to me (dry cheeks, oily nose & chin) can share their favorite cleanser, please? My skin hates allllll the cleansers, apparently. Korean, American, European - it doesn't matter. The struggle is eternal.
  9. Just popping in with a potential silver lining for the latest CPM collab: she did hint at it in her last collab vid (so we were fairly warned, ha ha), and at least this one is not a box? I'm surprisingly tempted with the latest mask box, by the way, but I've gotta step back! I have so many masks now! I like that it's targeted towards winter skin, though - my greasy summer face never seems to be ready for my windchapped, flaky winter face - it's like I forget what happens every year. And I like the prompt shipping date! Alsoooooo a reminder that the Wonderuci Cacao Mask expires in February! Get on it, girls!
  10. According to Fanserviced's unboxing blog post, it doesn't smell or feel like mayo. Yay!
  11. Ouch, yeah, the value on this sucks, and it's really makeup heavy which isn't going to thrill a lot of people (although maybe folks were expecting that considering the theme?). But that Hanskin sample is absolutely coveted, and yay for Witch's Pouch!
  12. My Meme enthusiasm is dying. I filmed Dirty Gal/Hair Salon unboxings on Saturday and still haven't gotten around to editing them yet; usually I'm racing to post them asap but I just... haven't. They were good boxes, so I'm not sure why I'm dragging my feet on this! Maybe I'm just overloaded with product. I have just one more box on the way, a restock, and I'm good with that. I do miss watching the excitement of regular box releases quite a bit. I'm glad to see that the recent shipments are good, though; Oh My Lips exceeded my expectations - it looks like a fun and useful box. Also thought I'd share that the SoyBio Lumpoule saved my skin yesterday! I had a bad reaction to a sheet mask (hives from a Nature Republic Lavender Aqua Gel mask), and then I accidentally undermoisturized my skin in the morning, so I had dry, itchy, irritated skin all day at work and it was awful. The instant I applied the lumpoule when I got home, my skin felt so soothed, moisturized, and normal again! I'm already halfway through one of my two little bottles; what am I going to do when I run out oh noooooo Thanks for reading my brain dump, lol. Gold star for you!
  13. @@Butterflylion I recommend asking in the Korean/Asian Beauty and Skincare thread. The ladies there are very knowledgable and helpful! http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/topic/131289-koreanasian-beauty-and-skincare-talk/
  14. @@MissJexie Thank you! I did notice that the product on the card appears different than the one in the box. It sounds incredibly odd!
  15. At least one repeat, but I am very into this box! I've used the Ryo Anti Hair Loss; I can't speak to its efficacy as an anti hair loss product, but I do enjoy it as a conditioner. I definitely don't mind having a backup. @@MissJexie , you say the waterless shampoo is a hot mess - what exactly were your experiences, please? I'm really intrigued by it and want to know what I'm in for, lol. From the card, I can't tell whether to use it on wet or dry hair (I assume dry).
  16. I'm happy with this box. The donkey oil really threw me for a loop, but I think I may give it a try. Does anyone know which Muddy Girl varieties correspond with which colors, please? I practically cooed when I saw those; I really liked the one I tried from MCW1!
  17. Thanks so much for your impressions, ladies! Some mixed reviews, but generally quite positive... I am stoked!
  18. I don't want to be spoiled, but what do people think of each box, please?? Good, meh, amazing, horrid?? Eeeeee I can't wait
  19. Meeeeee! It's out for delivery, but probably won't arrive until I'm home from work. I'm eager to know whether folks think it's a good box or a bad box, so I too can adjust my expectations accordingly.
  20. Hey guys, Dirty Gal/Hair Salon is officially on the move! If there are no delays, I should get mine tomorrow.
  21. I just don't understand why they don't seem to honor their orders on a first come, first served basis.
  22. @@Theblondeangel Ugh. Incredibly unfair. Lots of WTF things seem to be happening with the WTF box; I think a few other people had theirs cancelled as well. Which makes no sense because it was in the restocks for a few days.
  23. @@Theblondeangel Did she cancel your entire order?

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