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  1. I'm in this one too! This is going to be my third box (Jolly, Mary Kay), yay!
  2. For some non-beauty options, my favorites are: Rocksbox - a jewelry "rental" service, where you keep your box for as long as you want and send it back for a new box. (3 pieces at a time, $19/month for $200+ value in each box) Naturebox - Snacks, GMO free ingredients, healthy options. Love their granola, plantain chips, cocoa almonds, sesame sticks. $19.99/box (5 snacks) Golden Tote - a tote of clothes! Pick 2 items from their collection each month and receive 4-5 surprise items for $149, or pick one from their collection plus 2-3 surprise items for $49. if you get things you don't like, you can swap with their community on Facebook.
  3. i think i may skip this month, i'm not interested in the product (i have Seche Vite and Stickey base en route from Ulta) and if the colors are more cremes or basics like red then its just not worth it. i think i may be falling off the julep wagon...
  4. I wrote a blog post about my Mary Kay voxbox, showing a before/after shot of an everyday look. obviously if you're applying make up you kind of have to take pictures of yourself, but other options could be doing a makeup look on paper, taking product shots and posting those to twitter/instagram/facebook, or maybe a friend would pose for photos? I also always participate in their Twitter parties. If you're not active on Twitter, its a great way to meet some new faces too! hope that helps!
  5. I'd love to see some textures or glitters. If not, I will probably skip. I have plentttyyy of Julep polishes tbh.
  6. um this is awesome, I just got Kyla + the Something Blue gift for $2.99 + tax.
  7. I went with Boho Glam this month and added the Creativity set. I (surprisingly) don't have dupes for a lot of the colors this month, and am crossing my fingers the formula of the colors I picked are good ones!
  8. Same as @Saffyra; though one time i did have it show up on Thursday (delivery day was Wednesday) and some ingredients were damaged. I emailed them to give them a heads up and they offered me 4 free plates for the trouble. Their CS is great and they're also very responsive on Twitter.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by CuriouslyAmanda I figured out that the only wear to wear this will be braless. It's way too loose, airy, and low in the back for even a strapless bra. And I'm not exactly small on top so now I have to investigate some other support method. (Any recommendations? Those stick on things?) totally agree, which is why i'm trading mine on the group. if i was going to keep it i would probably either layer it with a lacy bralette or all lace camisole over a bra, or i would wear something over it like a sweater or blazer.
  10. It's probably like Klout in that its not necessarily based only on followers but overall activity. I am a pretty heavy Twitter user and it added about 500 points to my score. It also says that privacy settings may affect you, so if any of the accounts are private, they probably can't "crawl" them accurately. I went from 617 to 1214 after relinking my Twitter and Instagram accounts (those are the two I'm most active on).
  11. I got the same survey (Mary Kay and Cars) though I chose "other" because I have a Volvo and it still asked for my address details as usual, so I assume that means I'll probably be getting it? *fingers crossed*
  12. My tote is arriving on Thursday, and I opted for the $49 tote with the Macroflower dress and asked for no Woo top... so curious to see what I get! I'm not crazy about all of the surprise items but I do love the high/low crop top from the video, the bohemian tunic top i've seen in a few reviews, and the white tank with the cut out back detail. Fingers crossed everyone likes what they get!
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