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    I'm almost an empty nester. That thought both terrifies and excites me.
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    Travel, Vintage/Repurposed Markets, Indie Jewlery Designers, street fairs, art festivals and live blues.
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    I am a Litigation Analyst, I work mostly in products liability defense.
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    80's alternative and punk...Violent Femmes, Stained Rug Theory, Rainmakers
    Old country rock..Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline
    Blues...I like a lot of the local bands, love watching blues live
    Strong female vocalists...Neko Case, Norah Jones, Lykke Li, Ingrid MIchaelson
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    I will read just about anything! I like British chick lit and have recently started to enjoy exploring the mystery genre.
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    Kat Von D

    Acure for skincare
  1. Someone had gifted me with the Aqua Radiance CC cream that was in a past Memebox. It is the only CC cream I have ever used, but I really like it. I am having troubles finding it anywhere. Does anyone know who sells it? Or do you have a suggestion for an even better CC cream? I have fairly pale skin (usually the second to lightest foundation in a neutral), but I have a lot of redness. The CC cream seems to help tone down my redness. I am also prone to dryness. I don't wear the CC cream alone, I wear it under foundation. Bonus points if you can suggest a really good CC cream that TesterKorea carries, since I need to order more of the Miguhara BP as well. Thanks!
  2. Did you get a Hug of Death? If not, I will have one for you.
  3. How is current TAT with DG? I kind of stopped ordering because it took so long for my stuff to arrive, by the time I got it I couldn't really remember what I had ordered.
  4. I miss having one larger active thread. It feels like we have lost the sense of community with so many other threads. I don't even bother to read most of them regularly and I rarely post now.
  5. I bought the LE sub box. Once. Only once. Never again. It contained two full size glosses, one of which was exclusive to the sub. Two sample sizes from the regular line and two eye shadows from the regular line. If I remember right it was very close to the price of just buying things outright. And for only one exclusive item, I just didn't think it was worth it. Especially since if you were a regular customer you would run the risk of getting things you already owned.
  6. Exactly this. And add in the price point. If I am choosing subs that are primarily eye shadow, I get a better bang for my buck from I+TA or NM.
  7. I was traveling yesterday. My plane had just landed when they went live and I lost most of what I really wanted trying to traverse the land of mobile ordering. I had no idea they continues to restock during the afternoon. I would have kept checking back. As it was I only ordered a couple of sample vials. I had intended to order about $65 worth of stuff, got out with $9. And I don't even feel bad about what I missed out on. Maybe I am kind of over HoG.
  8. Can I join the marathon? Been thinking I need to rewatch this! We can have a make-up party too once the collection comes out (my attempt to keep this on topic...lol)
  9. If your city has a Ronald McDonald house that is another place where mom's appreciate donations. I personally spent 71/2 months at one while my daughter had her bone marrow transplant. And there were mom's and grandma's that were there much longer than I was!
  10. If you were sad to miss the Jan OTM and liked the colors, you might want to put a post up in the Indie B/S/T thread. Someone just may have accidentally picked up an extra. Just sayin'...
  11. I forgot too as well. I was kind of on the fence about keeping it. But the more I think about it the blush was the only item in the Jan box that I will use more than a handful of times. And at this price point, I can just order a full size blush and a couple of samples every month and get things I will use. I started trying to organize my Indies this much and I just have too much stuff. The higher priced/larger content subs just don't make a lot of sense for me at this point.
  12. Yeah, I so rarely buy full sizes, but this set I will not even think twice about. As soona s it goes live it will be in my cart! Can't picka a fave. Maybe Boyish Agility, or Sure. FIne. Whatever. or Cancer Man or Bad Blood or Mr. X or...oh heck, they will ALL be mine!
  13. An Indie co​many that I know others are award of, but that I have never heard anyone else ordering form that had a HG item for me is Chinovi. Chinovi supplied a blush to a GDE OTM last year and I think I have gotten samples of their shadows through subs, not sure if it was just GDE or elsewhere. I love their eyebrow powders. I had been using Anastasia dip brow, but my hair has a red tint to it and the auburn never rely got my brows to look natural with my hair. At first I used the Chinovi powder on top of the dip brow. But lately I have been using a clear eyebrow gel that applies with a mascara type wand. And then I put the powder on top of it for the color adjustment. For the first time ever, I am happy with my brows color wise. I think I saw something on the Chinovi Faecbook page about a health condition that had kept her from doing much with her company. I most recently order in November (around Black Friday or Cyber Monday I think). TAT was a couple of weeks I think. I ordered some really pretty shadows, but I haven't played with them yet.

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