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  1. That sounds amazing! Alas, you don't work for Julep: I assumed that "Liza" is the new birthstone polish. It's cut off in some of the pictures, but it says "aquamarine" next to it on the card from the Dallas meet up. (Silly you, expecting consistency from Julep, wrt the whole alternate thing :-) ...) -Eliza, who was pathetically excited to see her almost-name polish, but now wants a Her Real Name polish with green and blood and stone (and, also, maybe some holo. Because, if I'm playing Queen for the Day, there WILL be holo)
  2. If you're interested in the Core Classics, another option (and, better deal, if you have any interest in either of the additional products) is: Order the Clean Slate wipes for $8.00 and Use the Drop30 code for 30% off Add on Clean Slate Pen $5.99 and Mind Your Mani $14.99 For $20.29, an extra 30 cents*, you get all of the items in the box, plus the Oxygen Nail Treatment and three Nail Moisture Masks, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you beat Julep at their own game :-). (I believe all of the products included are of comparable size, but I may be missing where they mention the number of polish pads included or sizes of anything else and of course encourage you to research this yourself/take no responsibility for Julep's shadiness with lack of disclosure of their product info; I'm still bitter about falling for a mini Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum in what I'd thought was a great deal via Nail 911...) *(but minus the earned Jules, which USED to be comparable to $3 toward a future purchase, except ever since the Julep Nation became one of governmental instability and civilian unrest, the exchange rate has been in flux, with no consistency in value, see: one $24.99 add-on available for 2500 Jules, while another $11.99 one will set you back 1700 Jules. Still, in comparing the costs and values of the two packages, I didn't want to discount the potential value that may be added by purchasing the Core Classics box for someone with no interest in the additional two products or other boxes. Additionally, of course, buying the box allows access to the add-ons and negates the need to use "work-arounds" (cheat ;-)) if you want to buy stuff from the Secret Store).
  3. UGGH, I just realized that I never finished posting this yesterday after needing to abandon my mostly written message to go to work, and now, after rewriting it, I think I just closed/lost the window, Grrr. So, the quick and dirty version: I see Kelly already got the main, full-collection picture coveted, but I didn't see anyone with the picture of just the sleep mask: I am really sorry if I missed it! Also, i was amused by their VERY still- in-template-form post. A few grabs in case they take it down and/ or, like, write it:
  4. And, there we have it, my friends, straight from the horse's CEO's mouth: the whole office is dying. Truer words have never. And that explains it better than anything I'd been able to come up with: the entire CS has been staffed by zombies. Got it.
  5. Also, the primer is currently available as an add-on on the website for $6.99, and some of the discount codes will work on it, such as julepperk, for another 30% off. So, for anyone who really wants the primer, you may be better off finding something else to buy in the store (sorry, enabler :-) ) and then getting the primer for $5 (or, maybe better?), and getting another product or polish in its stead in your box that would have cost more.
  6. Some of the $9.99 duos include some of the polishes that are in the 4th of Julep (oh, hee hee, GOOD ONE Julep ... if I pronounced it joo-LEP) Sale, and the 50% code (barbecue) works on them. So, same price, but you get an extra polish with it (i.e., Iona, w/ MIllie; Camille, w/ Ramona, for $5).
  7. But they changed the referral incentive to giving people a straight $15 credit now, rather than Jules, right? So, once the people who have a ton of saved-up Jules use them, no one should be able to accrue them faster than they could spend them, as now we'll only earn Jules for actual box purchases*, and, not only do they, of course, not give as many Jules per box as it costs to trade them in, they sure don't give them as an incentive for adding on. *Or, I guess, for SOME customer service issues, which could result in thousands, but I doubt they care then. But, for the professional bloggers or whatever they are who get all their stuff for free due to click-through referrals, I assume they'll end up with dollar credits, instead, which actually seems way better, which seems rather un-Julep-like, but maybe it means they can then report that as revenue? (I've never understood why there's the incentive of more Jules, hell, more than double the Jules, for purchasing a "bigger" box--that is, the more expensive "Polish Lovers" and whatever the other one is called that includes the beauty products and all the polishes and the kitchen sink--than you get for buying the standard, but then there isn't even a single, solitary little Jule bone thrown toward you for add-ons, even though adding on [products] can add up to the cost , or, now--with half their product line showing up as add-on options**--even well over the cost of, the Whole Enchilada Box). But, I suspect that, with the new "mystery" "incentive" for adding on, too, they are likely phasing out the Jules. Or, at least, using them for the boxes themselves. Because, that whole "you can only use them once every three months is bull: if you (collective "you") can still use your SKIPS to put your pre-paid three months on "hold" and, thus, have the remaining "paid" boxes bump to the next month(s), there's no reason you shouldn't be able to do the same with Jules. (I.e., you pre-pay $60 bucks, billed during, say, the June 20-24 window, which would--if you went straight through--cover the July, August, September boxes (June 20-24, July 20-24, Aug 20-24 windows). But, you decide that you are skipping July 'cause it sucks, so now you still have three boxes pre-paid, so you Aug, Sept, Oct. You buy August's. Now you have enough Jules for a free box and decide to apply them to Sept's box. So, you have the money still for Oct. and Nov's boxes. Buy those, and they'll re-bill during the Nov. 20-24 window. Why is this a problem? In fact, why wouldn't they RATHER sit on your money and let you pay with Jules, while they earn interest on your money? Duh. Oh, I guess 'cause either they are hoping that, with the Jules sitting there, you will decide to add on more crap that you might not if you have to pay with cash or "extra"--something that, they may be finding people are actually LESS likely to do now that they've pre-paid (I know that, since I got that deal for those three months--which is really only two, since the starter box was the first month--I will not do any add-ons, as, even though I paid way less, I know it's already paid for, vs. "eh, what's another few bucks on something I'm paying now anyway) OR they are planning to do away with letting people use Jules for the main box and they're stringing you along . . . (as we all learned in late Dec. they have no problem changing the ToS with no warning!). **And what deals they are! Right now, you can add on Bare Face to your Maven Box for $12.99. Or, you can add it on to a regular Julep purchase (and, with some good back-clicking and removing, just get that) for $9.99, and, heck, surely have at least some coupon code available so either take something off of that or get a free polish with it. Their pricing is more random than airline tickets.
  8. I don't know if everyone received the same code with their maven box (seems like they send different people different ones; I'm assuming some people got the 30% off ones and some the free polish ones?), but, as I haven't seen this mentioned and I finally got my box, along with this code, I figured I'd list it; sorry if everyone already knows this: PERK1020 - $10 off of a $20 purchase. And, although it won't work for the mystery box itself, as with the free polish code, it will work with a $10+ add-on. (Actually, I was just playing around with it, to see, and, it will actually work with a $9.99 add-on--taking off $9.99, but not $10--if, say, you wanted to add on one of the $9.99 duos or the mystery add-on. This cracks me up. They can't get their coding right to prevent people from getting eleventy free maven boxes or a gazillion free golds*, but, heck, they ain't gonna let nobody be stealing no pennies from 'dem mystery box prices!). *The first morning of the "Free Gold" promo, there was some sort of glitch that would have allowed me to order hundreds of free golds--in one order, mind you--infinity free golds, presumably. In what was probably for the best, as far as my conscience was concerned, and certainly their stock and budget, I left my cart with one of each, oh, ok, two of the few I actually really liked, trying to decide if ordering it was really "wrong"/needing to get ready for work, and by the time I got back to it later that day, they'd fixed it.
  9. kElizascope

    Julep Dupes

    Quote: Julep Misti dupe is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 350 Gray by Gray they are virtually identical in the bottle and on the nail. No issues with this Sally Hansen (the sally quality varies a lot too) I've also found Julep Misti to be a dupe for Nails Inc. Green Park (as in I was able to put each on half of my nail and not be able to tell the difference!). This general type of color --dusty/grayed-out greenish-blueish-tealish-grayish -- IS my wheelhouse, and I absolutely fell in love with this shade when I first saw the Nails Inc one (it's actually the only Nails Inc shade I've ever bought at full price --sshh -- although now it is IS down to $5.00 at Sephora (my comfort price point for both brands). I have been sitting on my hands from keeping myself from getting a back-up, since a) I've never finished a bottle of nail polish in my life and now I have not only Julep and NI's but, hey, I can even try out SH's!). I typically prefer the formula of Nails Inc., and Green Park was a dream, but my Misti was also one of my best Juleps yet, gliding on easily, not too thick or thin, no streaks, so I have to wonder if there's something about this particular formulation of color that makes it work well that would lend three different brands that tend to have such a variety in their quality to all produce such winners! (or, is it more likely that all three polishes are actually being produced by the same place and poured into different bottles?! I guess not, as Julep has such a distinctive, not-like-usual-nail-polish smell, but, still. I actually love the smell of Julep polishes. Is that weird?). (And, yes, I know NI is from the UK**). I don't know enough about the science of color/why the different colors have consistent application profiles (i.e, the suckiness of yellow across all brands and universes, etc)," to know if that's enough to really explain it, but it just seems crazy that, for how many dupe comparisons I've seen that never seem to be TRUE dupes, here are either, two and two or three, w/ the same color, and a fantastic one at that!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by DragonChick Yeah, the general message I'm seeing now is that you just prepaid for the May box because not all of them have the wand in them. If I can't switch (It Girl is my default profile) to something that has the wand in it Sunday morning then I'm going to be having words on the phone with CS Monday morning because when I did the crowdfunding thing months ago it was specifically for a wand for May's box not to have paid for May's box months in advance with the chance that I might not even get the wand. I have a feeling that this month isn't going to be a pretty one at all. That's not how I'm reading that (if by, "that," you both mean, "if you don't make any changes, you'll receive your default box," as I had to read the release a few times to figure out what part had you concerned; if there's another section I'm missing, 'er, nevermind :-) : I think they mean that, as with any month, if someone doesn't log in during the window/doesn't change anything about their order, they will receive whatever box to which their profile is set, even if they've prepaid (i.e., "If you prepaid but have an It Girl default and are too lazy/dumb to look at a computer between 4/20 and 4/24, don't go callin' us when you get a pretty little box with three expensive tiny bottles of nail polish on 5/1 and no Plie.") Not, "If you don't grab one quickly enough within the window, the fact that you've prepaid means nothing and you won't be able to change to a box that would receive the Plie." Also, although I'm sure there are countless new ways Julep can continue to screw us over in the future, I don't recall the "soldout" issue ever affecting being able to change boxes themselves, just add-ons (and, then, consequently, sometimes people couldn't/didn't want to change boxes if they HAD scored a now-sold-out add-on because Julep can't manage to hire IT writers to fix the bug in their ordering page that would allow one to, like, keep the sold-out-to-others product and change the not-sold-out-so-it's-not-a-problem-omfg-this-is-so-dumb product). But, in fact, what's always stood out to me as an extra layer of absurb [and, admittedly, I've only been subscribed for a few months now, so perhaps this has happened in the past] is that, even when a polish that is available in one of the boxes sells out as an add-on, one can still always change to the box that includes that polish. That said, if you're concerned, why not change your default profile to any of the others for this month now? Then, if the polish colors that come with that box aren't what you want once the window opens, then if it turns out to be a non-issue to change boxes, no harm, you switch to what you want, but if you were right and it's a huge drama, you at least already have the plie covered and you can deal with polishes after. Then, you can easily switch your profile back to It Girl or Kolor Kraaazzay or whatevs after the window closes. [Also, I could definitely be wrong, as I ultimately decided not to crowdfund prepay based on this (coupled with the fact that there didn't seem to be the high level of interest/demand they seemed to anticipate/attempt to create) and thus haven't really looked at the info in a while, but my understanding of how the whole "some mavens may need to wait for their Plie from their May box if they don't pre-pay" deal would work was that, rather than a "sold-out" scenario, those of us who order/purchase our boxes (or, I guess, add-ons, for the extra-bad-at-math) potentially could get an option more like what happened with the clusterfuck cuticle pusher, or, more accurately, what would have happened if they'd handled that better from the start, i.e., a [hopefully accurate/truthful from the moment of ordering notice/option re:) a later shipping date]. And, yes, I realize I will likely be back on Sunday, eating my words when my well-thought-through decision to wait it out come back to haunt me and I am wrong about everything and can't get it or can only get it if I order the box with the ugliest colors (like that worse-than-Karen-and-more-than$2.99 2.0 upthread crap*) or some other Julep-ordering hell that I have yet to even be capable of imagining. [i *do* want the Plie, very much! Although, Meaganola brings up a great point; I suspect my cat will want it MORE. Sigh. Keeping Josie from stealing all my make-up brushes is hard enough work! Josie gets equally excited about murdering lizards and stealing and attacking make-up brushes. All girl, that one. I think she will LOVE the Plie. I guess the upside is that, even if it sucks as much as that middle-finger-giving Karen press-on nail (WAY TO SELL IT, JULEP!), it won't have to go right in the trash. Reduce, reuse, recycle!]
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by gypsiemagic hmm, is it weird i was hoping they would reach out and say thanks for contributing, we loved your idea, actually we loved it so much we used it A little; only in that you're kind enough to ONLY expect that! I think it's wrong they didn't reach out to say Thanks for contributing. We claimed we paid a top design firm that specializes in ergonomics, and of course we have all of us with business and "connection" specializations on our end, and that we went through eleventy billion redesigns, but for some reason, we forgot to hire anyone with a damn lick of common sense. We are so grateful that someone with no financial stake in this came through and did the final redesign, for FREE, that apparently no one on this whole team for 58 gazillion dollars could figure out: the incompetent solutions design firm should hire you to fill the gap they obviously have, but, short of that, we'd at least like to offer two or thirty plies to "connect" with your girlfriends and name a color after you. I mean, it was a far smaller leap from your drawing to their design change (which--let's be honest--COULD make the difference in their company survival: I'm NOT someone who cared much one way or the other, but I suspect that, had the resulting "maven bleed" been even a fraction of those who claimed they'd leave, coupled with the fallout from what I would think HAD to be a far greater production cost to put goddamn magnets on EVERY bottle of nail polish vs. making it an add-on option at both the maven and retail ends) than it was from the little kid who glued swatch nails to the top of her bottles to making the swatch stickers, and they made her a mini-Julep-celebrity (and, indeed, based on the reaction at this point, the swatch stickers did indeed help add to the loyalty many seemed to feel toward the design, so their showing their appreciation to her inspiration turned out to be both appropriate and probably a good business move). Maybe you could put your hair in pigtails in your profile pic? I don't know how old you are, but you look pretty young anyway; if the had a lick of damn sense--which they've already shown, at least wrt this rollout, that they do not--they'd use the opportunity to show their appreciation TO YOU, w/o it costing them almost anything, as another marketing op: Meet the young maven who helped save our business your cohesive Julep collection and, for the special Maven price of only $11.20, complete with add-on Plie cap, buy a new bottle of the beautiful new polish named in her honor, Gypsie Magic. You know that, since she helped design it, it won't even drip down the bottle and ruin your mani (it's like magic! And ... well ... most $0.99-$9.99 bottles of polish. Ssssh)." But, ya know, I guess if they aren't going to pay you* or give you a job or free shit and a special Gypsie polish for making their product not suck and keeping the Facebook crazies calm, a thank you note would be appropriate to hope for. *By the way, at first, my reaction was that their design change seemed to be what a LOT of people suggested (either as a true "do it this way to improve it" suggestion or an inability to read/comprehend misunderstanding). But, seeing the video now, even if many others said/thought/wanted it like that (myself included, which makes one questions why on earth that wasn't done to begin with if it IS possible: I assumed that, since they WEREN'T, that there must be some design reason it couldn't work that way, as it seemed like such a more obvious move than the absurd, convoluted, and alienating process through which they were going. But, as they now ARE doing it, that's clearly not the case ...), YOU are the one who almost immediately drew up an image and posted it, not only online but on THEIR [through their own evidence, highly used for feedback and response] facebook page. Shoulda patented that thing :-) So, yeah, a "thanks, and May is on us" is the least they can do."
  12. (Hi! This is my first post on MUT, but I've been lurking for months. I've already learned so much from y'all: thanks! it was mostly this thread that led me to subscribe to Julep, last month, my first and only subscription thus far). And, when did I subscribe? ON December 18th. I am really annoyed. I have been REALLY pleased with Julep so far: I had several issues with my first order (missing product, a bottle that literally broke apart in my hand as I opened it, and another that looks like it may do the same any day), and they have really gone above and beyond with rectifying the issues. But, I'm so disappointed with this decision. I completely understand their choice to change the terms. I am not sure that the payoff will outweigh the hit it's going to cause them, but, if they can survive it, I do get it. I could even understand if--with better warning (funny how they can send 49 email msgs to announce anything they want to sell, but, this, they hide in a blog post that I'd have never seen, had it not been posted here, like, 23 minutes before it's to take place?!)--they chose to change it for everyone, or if they made the grand"mother"ed date something logical. But, the completely random date? Yes, obviously I'd be a lot less bothered if it weren't the date that affected me, personally, and at such a "so close" frustration level, but, regardless, it makes no sense to me that they'd choose THAT date. Why wouldn't they, at least, choose a day that was a cutoff for people who were eligible to select their first box? (I.e., if you ordered your starter box on or after Dec. [whatever day it actually is], you then missed the window for the January selection window. (I still think it would have been a better move, customer-service-wise, for them to just suck up the extra month's worth of new subs, who surely were looking forward to their first selection period for February--having, afterall, subscribed under different terms--and just applied this to new subscribers--but at least there would have been some rhyme and reason to what they were doing). I'm actually wondering if that WAS what they were intending, and they just screwed it up by a day or two? Because, I actually hadn't been sure whether I'd get the opportunity to select a January box, having ordered my starter box on the 18th, but, sure 'nough, they had no problem offering me the "opportunity" to spend 19.99 on another box two days later and taking my money; I would guess, though, that, had I signed up on the 19th or, at the latest, 20th, I'd have missed being "invited" for the January selection. Perhaps that was the intention of that cut-off for the grandfathering, and either they erred on the date (or erred in offering me the box?)? Either way, I sure hope they will reconsider this cutoff date for me and others affected: I have already spent an embarrassing amount on them in the past month (!!!), and I have been pleasantly surprised by their CS so far (my original email to them re: problems with my products was sent during the time when they were completely overwhelmed with holiday stuff, and it took them well over a week to get back to me, but, after seeing how nasty people were on Facebook, I decided just to wait it out as I was in no rush for the holidays, and, if I didn't hear back within another week or so, try again. Once I finally got my first response, they not only were very helpful, immediately trying to correct everything with both replacements and refunds, but, when I missed seeing one of their messages--offering me a choice of some free polishes because some of those affected were no longer in stock--and didn't reply, they actually emailed me again to see what colors I wanted so they could send them out! Seriously, I was SO impressed. And, right now, I'm new enough that I'll probably still want my monthly box, but I also likely wouldn't have subscribed without the reassurance that I have the option NOT to, if I don't want it, and I still would like to stick around long enough to try a mystery box, etc., and, simply from a reward-good-practices POV, I'd like to stay just because I'm impressed with how they handled their errors with my package. Otoh, I am NOT impressed with how THIS is being handled (hidden blog post with "oh, btw, we're making a massive change to our subscription policy, which you may pick up on if you read this post carefully, and we're applying it to those who subscribed after a totally random date), which I do NOT want to reward with my continued membership, ya know? I guess I'll see how they respond to my email... and, I'd imagine, many others. I hope they'll change it to only affect new subs, but, at the least, I hope they'll, at least, change the date to one that at least makes a modicum of sense.

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