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    Im in my early thirties and just now learning about make up. I have a two year old that destroyed my body, face, skin and mind... I LOVE her and wouldnt change it for the world. I just started getting Birchbox and Ipsy so thats exciting.
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    Make-up and reading
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    Child Care Center Director
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    mom mobile crossover type thing.
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    My curly hair is a perm
  1. I wanted to gush more but I had to upload the photos here at work and my boss has been staring me down and looking over my shoulder so I had to keep it short by the time I got the pics up. im not even sure if I got them all up. so sorry!
  2. my goodies! sorry it so late getting posted! I loved everything and she even included things for my daughter she loves the ny mug the most!
  3. . My hot water heater went out but I promise I'll have my reveal up tomorrow
  4. Free I can't get the photos to attach
  5. @ I'm just got my package. I was do suprised to find it in the mail! Reveals coming soon!!! I really needed this pick me up. It's been a tough month and it made me feel so happy to think someone cared enough to do this.. Thank you so o much.
  6. lacylei

    Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    Up swing
  7. @@Jac13 im so glad you liked everything. I packed everything up a while ago and kept promising myself I would write a note but.... it just never happened. I was feeling good just getting it into the mail. its been one of those types of months. Im sorry that I didn't get to the letter or card. I wanted to tell you why I picked a few things. The space ice cream is bc im from Houston. The book for your youngest daughter is good and YA but its a little racy for YA imo its a series and a pretty good one. the ear buds I figured if shes like my daughter they get lost and broken ect pretty fast and a spare pair is always good. I struggled with your oldest because I didn't know if she was away at school. I was nerd but I listened to books on tape sometimes on the long drive home to visit family. the tea kit is from meme box and I made the roller ball myself I like the scent too and did not have any sample size so I made one for my purse and one for you. Im so glad you liked everything I was sooo nervous because this was my first time doing a gift exchange. im sorry to my person that I haven't posted much or given many hints im sure I have made her life harder but.. I am very easy to please!! Enjoy all your [email protected]@Jac13
  8. lacylei

    What could my makeup-less face use?

    I LOVE you hair what do you use? how do you fix it? I have curly hair and I can be such a PITA. I think you look amazing just the you are. I would keep it simple and light like most people suggested.
  9. lacylei

    Weight loss/toning group anyone?

    I did weight watchers about this time last year and went from 200 to 165 I was over the moon. I have gained it all back and im beating myself up. I know what I did wrong and I know why I gained it back. I worked so hard and im so disappointed with myself for throwing all my hard work away. I started weight watchers again on Monday and other then a big l hiccup on wed I have done well. Tonight im sitting on my couch thinking in my head what all I could just gobble up right now and how I could just give up for today and go grocery shopping tomorrow and start at it again. I have about convinced myself since im out of most fresh produce it would be easier just to eat whatever until I go shopping. Writing this horrible thought pattern out is helping me. I know that makes no sense and will not make me feel better. food doesn't fix feelings.... keep repeating... food doesn't fix feelings. im not even hungry quick someone HELP DISTRACT ME!!!!
  10. lacylei

    Summerswap 2014 Discussion

    I sent my package out and now im dying hoping she likes it. I packed it up way ahead of time and procrastinated on writing up a not about the things in it. Then the shipping window started and my daughter got sick and life got crazy.. so I grabbed it and put it in the mail!! I was all proud of myself just for getting it out... now I feel terrible that I didn't include any type of card or even my name.. sigh.. buddy I promise ill pm you about each thing after you post your reveals. I would do it before but le sigh I forgot what all I put in there. praying she like it...
  11. lacylei

    Like it, love it, hate it, never saw it- movies

    Love it. Serendipity
  12. lacylei

    Concealers :(

    I use the nyx in the pot too. I really like it. I use the stay don't stray then the nyx then my powder foundation.
  13. lacylei

    Like it, love it, hate it, never saw it- movies

    Never saw it. 8 mile
  14. lacylei

    The Or Game

    White Ocean or Lake
  15. lacylei

    Have you ever been to? - GAME

    Yes. A Rodeo?
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