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  1. Received a shipping notice for a product I've been using for over a week today.. LOL. I'm hoping all the new subs created with the SUMMERSUB promotion aren't similarly messed up, I fell for the promo hehe.
  2. My full sized order shipped late, didn't produce a shipping notice when it did ship, AND they left my mystery pack out.. not a single point of course. Guess I'll just cash out what I have and take a hike for real then!
  3. Ha! Maybe I should too. Going on a week now.
  4. Does anyone else really not appreciate getting the 3rd degree when cancelling a Maven account? ugh and they CONTINUE to try and sell you the service even when you already spent however long on hold just to do so. The girl on the phone also would not remove my credit card information which I thought was sketchy. wtf? So unpleasant. I wonder if they are really trained to have such a negative tone in their voice when people call for cancellations, I am very unimpressed by this strange customer retention strategy.
  5. Same! At 12:10 it worked for me. So sad the website IMMEDIATELY crashed at noon though hahaha, you'd think they expect it by now
  6. got two late pick twos in flat bubble mailers that also appear to have been dropkicked and stepped on (pretty clear shoe print ) the mens after shave balm which i actually would have liked to sample more, but it was half exploded (due to having been stepped on!!) dry deodorant for clothing pores no more (womens pick 2) joan vass l'eau de cristal, which does smell pretty nice. a classic, muted woodsy floral. but get it together Tennessee!
  7. I have ordered so many things that are "oops! out of stock!" even though the website says they are there.. i really wanted that scrub actually
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by MaryJane80 I think I might be the only one who likes the nail polish lol I got the white one. I had no problem applying it all. It wasn't think and goopy, plus it dried really fast. Also, the color looks like the color in the bottle. && I have no problem reviewing the products. I'm actually reviewing the Sumita liner now. Which I hated the liner. It does go on smoothly but it became flaky, and the color went to the crease of my eyelids. I like it too actually! And good thing, since I now have 3 of these mini bottles lol.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by wadedl Actually there are two versions of this box. Box 8 My picture shows the gold color. I wish I would have gotten blue though. I'm getting 3 white ones Wish one of my dupe boxes was this one!
  10. juara candelnut body creme and juicy malibu... NOT deluxe but eh.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Kyuu I can respect that. If you don't like what's in it, it definitely seems expensive which is how I feel about a lot of BB's curated LE boxes. But the Tocca is worth $20 and the MAKE Blush is worth $25 and the candle is $12 -- that's $56 right there. >: And those aren't uncommon prices for those items. Hmm, I'm not sure the rest of it being deluxe samples quite makes up for the price though. I need deals here lol
  12. omg! I didn't get ANY shipping info from Meme but the DHL man just showed up!! Pleasant surprise especially since I just got home, and it needed a signature. If no one else posts LB2 spoilers I will
  13. cynthia rowley (again) and juicy noir. Can't complain too much! However the item I ordered to get the pick two apparently hasn't even shipped yet

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