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  1. So I called customer service and they can't re-run billing manually anymore. OKAY. So I have to wait for it to re-run tomorrow. sigh.
  2. And I didn't even get an email to alert me of the so-called billing failure (the julep site said billing failed). Julep, get your shit together.
  3. Apparently they did try to bill, but the billing failed...? This is really weird. I had MORE than enough in my bank account and I've checked my banking info, and lo and behold, NO FUCKING AUTHS FROM JULEP. Looks like I'll be calling their happy asses tomorrow.
  4. Usually I get billed on the 27th. The only months I haven't are for the May box --when I got my box a week late--and now this time, for the June box. This makes me really nervous and I hope this doesn't mean my box will be late again.
  5. Nice trick, thanks for sharing! And the plie wand was so, so helpful for doing my toes, holy balls. Unfortunately, my Laree, as gorgeous as it is, is thick and goopy as dicks. I ended up removing it/my mani maybe two or three hours after I did it because even with a quick dry top coat it still hadn't ~set and was just bleh. I'm hoping it was just because I wasn't applying it thinly enough...but the polish is seriously so. freaking. thick. Sigh.
  6. Got my box. I have to say, I am in love with the colors, even if upon closer inspection, they do seem to be near-dupes of colors I already have and love. Don't care, still love them. I'll probably mess around with the wand later. Had some trouble with the brushes while I was wiping them down with nail polish remover--the actual brush part pulled away from the "over cap" part. Luckily, I have a hot glue gun, but it was still mildly annoying.
  7. This happened to me with my March box, only I called CS right away, they forced the billing through, and I was told it would be shipped the same day. I didn't get my box until--no shit--something ridiculous, like maybe a week before the April window opened. I was pissed.
  8. Question about billing. They start billing on the 27th, which for this month, is a Sunday. Do they still bill on the 27th if it's a Sunday, or would they bill on the next day, on a Monday? (I ask because I wouldn't have money coming in until after the weekend.)
  9. Goddammit. At first I had boho glam with the creativity kit, Laree, and an extra 2 pack of the precision kit. Right as I went to switch my box to Bombshell (add ons the same except Paulette instead of Laree), the creativity kit went ~out of stock~ so I couldn't switch to bombshell. Looks like I'm calling customer service tomorrow...
  10. Give me all of the mermaid themed polishes. ALL of them. I need them. Right meow.
  11. My Flora is thin as all hell. I went to paint my (super short) nails with it and I had to use so many coats that by the time the polish was opaque, I had used (no exaggeration) probably around an eighth of the bottle.
  12. So, I got my shipment confirmation email this morning. And I got my box about ten minutes ago. O_O Not complaining, but...wat. (It's like they knew I'm still pissed from last month! Also, om nom the candy!) Of the four polishes I got, I think Flora is my favorite, with Kayla being my second favorite.
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