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  1. Go natural. There are fewer toxins when you are working with organic products. If you still do not see changes, then, you can always ask for treatments like injecting melanin to get it back in time. Avoid the blow drier and ironing curl, too.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by BlackMagicRose I did really well in January until the very end of the month. I didn't really buy any non-giftcard makeup items aside from my Ipsy and Blush box, which I planned to keep. At the end of the month, however, I bought the half price Pop Sugar box, 3 Birchbox subs (so many points), and 2 Memeboxes. For February, I cancelled Ipsy and will most likely cancel all 3 Birchboxes (or at least 2) and Pop Sugar after this month. I am still going to keep Blush until I can convince myself I don't need it, and I will probably allow myself to buy another Memebox if I like the 2 I already bought. My main goal for February is to start selling my excess makeup and continue organizing/purging items I have in my house. I was able to donate 5 bags of clothes after working on organizing my closet in January. Some of the clothes were my Mom's clothes. She passed away in 2011, and it's been really hard to give up her things, but I honestly wasn't ever going to wear a lot of it, and I have plenty of her possessions that are actually meaningful. I also will continue to try to use up makeup/skincare items I have. I actually used up a lot of stuff in January. I want to cut my use of make-up, too, because it is already eating up a lot of my budget. I want to work with better make-up deals so I am collecting coupons. On the one side, I want to work with non-toxic materials so I try hard to read and find reviews of the products before I use them. I think I will find more tips in this forum. This is such a great place.
  3. I have been working with Berry Merry for some time now and it is really working great for me. It is the perfect color that I need for all occasions. My skin works perfectly well with it, too. I have not had any irritations since I started using it.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Salon st.pete According to me Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup is best and it's coast is some thing $59 and it includes : Mineral Powder 1.5g Mineral Powder 1.5g Concealer 1.5g Foundation Brush Concealer Brush Base Perfector Moisturizer - SPF 15 30 ml Mascara Brown/Black 4ml Conditioning Cleanser - 60ml Double Pot with Concealer 1.5g Kabuki Brush Tips and Tricks DVD Contour Brush Thanks for this one. I have been canvassing for some time now. I am planning to change my kit slowly because I cannot afford to buy a new one right away. This will really help me fill in the gaps in my box. Are you using all these?
  5. Mineral make-ups are highly-advertised today. They have been working wonders for a lot of people because they are easy to use and they really blend in perfectly. On the one hand, I am just really curious whether these materials are toxic free.
  6. Thanks for that suggestion, SugarVixen. I will go with the Sonia Kahshuk blending sponge now. I have been working with my sponge for a long time now. at first, I was so happy with it but I think it is wearing off so fast.
  7. This post is too timely! I am looking for a brush set that will give me a really soft experience when I am putting on my make-up. On the other hand, I am not ready to spend a lot for it. I am putting on my make-up everyday so I have to work with a tough, soft, and a really cheap one.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Sarah Afshar Agreed. I know when I worked for Lauder, I preferred my Coastal Scents eyeliner brush over their's. I have high end brushes that I love, but since discovering Coastal Scents I think they have a lot of amazing brushes deliver great benefits. Are they cheap, too? Brushes are important for make-ups but it is hard to invest on really expensive ones if you are going to use them every single day. I am thinking of buying a little cheaper brush but with a lot of benefits, too.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by pseudorocknroll I AM SO MAD! I don't think they sell the ones in the picture! I think the sell all normal lashes, but use that for advertising. That's crap. I like the ones in the picture so much. I am going to write the company! That is really a good idea. I think I will be doing my own research about it, too. The colors on the sides give your lashes a different kind of twist. You will just have to work with the eye make-up that will work well with it. Are you going for the barely there look?
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Allison Ryan Exactly! And for your skin type. I'm kind of olive-y so not super light. Some of the lasers can damage darker skin because they target pigment (I've been researching lol!). Looking at the before and after pictures the afters look amazing! How is your research now? LOL. I have seen a lot of testaments, too, about this operation yet I am still afraid to give it a try. You have got to work with the best doctors yet to make sure that it does not ruin your body.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Allison Ryan Right now I'm using the Estee Lauder remover and not having any problems. I only have it because my mom got it as part of a free gift when she spent a lot of money on skincare items! I would say that of the 3, the Bourjois is the easiest to remove and the Smudge Pot the most difficult, but I would say they all come off fairly easily That is fantastic! Removing make-ups really take off so much of my time. I do not see the point of having smudge make-up all over my face before I sleep so I will follow all your leads. Hopefully, I will get them for free like you did with the products from your mother. Hah.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Sarah Afshar I am very similar. I wear a lot of belts. The key is accessoring with belts. Also, avoid full or pleated skirts, as well as, anything "maxi". Straight jackets always look great, as do straight pants. Anything streamlined looks great. Pencil skirts always look flattering on women with curves. As for jackets, you want a well cut piece, not anything boxy or cropped. Avoid anything with a big shoulder. This one is great. You have very efficient tips on how to make the person wearing the clothes look 5-10 lbs lighter. Going with jackets is a bit tricky especially during the winter. You will always look puffier because of the thickness of the clothes. I want to know how you deal with that.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Allison Ryan New question, kinda. Does anyone have a lipstick brand recommendation? Something that will stay on and look good in pics? Thank you! That will always depend on the event, and the dress you are wearing. It can also depend on your skin color. This year is the time for “barely there†make-ups. I suggest you go with any brand as long as it is comfortable and it does not irritate you. NYX products are pretty good choices.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by v0ltagekid Neutrogena makeup remover wipes, I get them in bulk at BJs. They are amazing, even for waterproof makeup, and they don't irritate my skin. It's the light blue packet. It's amazing! Wow! This seems like you are getting what you are paying for. How much is one packet, by the way? I would love to canvass as much as I can before I purchase. The products that I use have been with me for a long time because I do not change a lot.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by CandyLipstick I used to love their Round Lipglosses, but they discontinued them! Their Round Lipsticks, Black Label lipsticks, Mega Shine lipglosses, Powder Blushes, Cream Rouge blushes, Jumbo Lip Pencils, Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils, Slim Lip-liner pencils, Stick blushes, Matte Bronzer, and Hot Singles Shadows are all freakin' FABULOUS!! I really love NYX, it was one of the first brands I ever fell in love with. I have had very few disappointments! What products disappointed you? I have been in love with NYX products, too. However, I do not use the same brand for the other make-up in my kit. I have others for my eye shadows and my lips. If you could give me some ideas on what products to avoid, then, that will be great.

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