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  1. I love this low buy I have been doing as it means far more to me than just not buying things I don't need. It is about using my stash, getting organized, and using what I have instead of buying something new. Thank you for starting it, I love the idea
  2. Here are my day 31-40 goals: Use 3 masks Pick out a book to start reading for February Finish at least 1 product in the shower Throw away at least 5 items Use up at least 2 other items (not a mask or something in the shower)
  3. Here's my progress on my goals: Use at least 3 face masks DONE Finish at least 1 sample in the shower DONE Throw away at least 5 times DONE Something about 3 or 4 empties or something? DONE And probably something about organizing my skincare, which got done, but I still haven't added expiration dates to my spreadsheet. NOT DONE And here's my progress so far: 19 Empties 2 purchases not allowed per my rules (not sweating this though, just getting back into focusing on only making allowed purchases, or none at all) 1/3 video games purchased 2 books read 18 items thrown away 54 new products tried from stash
  4. I love the grater blade on a food processor! Cheese works well, basically anything that you would normally grate will work. It's so fast too, the only downside for me is washing it because my food processor is huge. Like a big 13 cup one.
  5. Uh yes. An external hard drive is definitely necessary and you'll be happy you have your computer backed up if heaven forbid something goes wrong.
  6. I'm making good progress on my stash! I finished 4 products today alone, and my total is up to 18 for the month. I think I'll be adding a goal for myself in the next set of days to finish a sample/product at least every 3 days. It doesn't take long when you focus on one product, and use it everyday. Especially when you focus on samples and foils!
  7. I think my goals were: Use at least 3 face masks: 2 down! Finish at least 1 sample in the shower: Still not done, those pesky things are taking forever! Throw away at least 5 times: DONE! 14 things, in the trash Something about 3 or 4 empties or something?: 3 empties so far! And probably something about organizing my skincare, which got done, but I still haven't added expiration dates to my spreadsheet.
  8. Aww dangit, I remembered to write down my goals for the last 10 days, but didn't write these down. I think I remember them though. I'm on track. Mostly. I've bought a few things that weren't allowed, but I'm putting much more emphasis on using my stash, so I feel good about getting through what I've already got.
  9. Sigh. I am getting the whole set. It's way more than I wanted to spend, so I'm going to sell off whatever I don't like. I am glad the full set is available for a certain amount of time, and is not limited by a certain number of them. Good for people in different time zones.
  10. One trick is to use very little primer. Make sure it's completely even. I haven't tried many mattes over different primers, but using a minimal amount could help.
  11. Foil Me is already a best of 2015 product for me. I use it almost every time I do my makeup now, it makes it much less messy, easier to clean my brushes (I just run them under water and pat dry after every use), and makes my shadows look amaze. It is like the product you need if you're still trying to get the hang of loose shadows. And even if you're a pro, using it means no fall out! Ever! I can do my face makeup before my eyes, and I have no messy problems.
  12. Cake: Sixteen92 Red Velvet Hot Chocolate Haus of Gloi and Solstice Scents have some cake scents for spring Fruit: ​Black Violet Celebration, Lilikoi, Red Lotus, Candy Rocket (coming soon) Haus of Gloi Imp, Komodo (Summer collection) Beguiled (Summer), Sanctum (Summer), Zazz (Summer), Litchi Milk Tea Ten Three Labs Artificial Angels, Where the Glory in the Crowning Darling Clandestine Small Saga, Pyrotechnik, Morderteile Kelah

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