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    Viera, FL
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    Favorite colors (for clothes, decor, etc): turquoise, green, yellow, orange, peach, teal, coral, bronze, gold, warm rich browns

    Fashion: I'm a t-shirts, jeans/shorts, and sandals gal. I don't do much real accessorizing, though I'm still in search of the perfect turquoise/white striped tote style canvas everyday bag. I do love 'fashion' jewelry, and I wear both silver and gold (and rose gold, and sometimes copper), so I love those types of items. I like boho-casual items like bangles and cord/leather bracelets, especially with little dangly bits!

    Scents: Foody, tropical, fresh scents of most sorts, sometimes ozoney. Notes I like include amber, vanilla, dragonsblood, almond, orange, neroli, coconut, melon, coffee, bourbon, cinnamon, nutmeg, cherry (sparingly), lemon, tea, cotton, caramel. Cool-fresh tropical or spicy-warm-sweet is my usual go-to. If it smells like an umbrella drink, a fruit platter, clean clothes, fresh air, or a dessert, I'll probably like it. No heavy musks, vetiver, or florals. Roses, especially.

    Dislikes: I loathe floral scents as a rule because they give me a sharp pounding headache. Some scents are exceptions to that, but they're rare. I also dislike black eyeliner (doesn't look very good on me), gloppy mascara, nude-pale lippies, bright red lippies, and any blush that isn't a color that appears on human cheeks in nature somewhere. Most cool colors look awful on me except as an accent (usually on my eyes somewhere).


  • About Me
    Eclectic and bookish introvert. Crazy cat lady in the making. Prone to pouncing on shiny things like a raccoon. Natural ginger. Triple-Aquarian Monkey lunatic.
  • My Interests
    role-playing games, reading, writing, all things geeky and quirky, home décor, makeup, beading/jewelrymaking, mythology/folklore, psychology... and, of course, shopping
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    Colors of the day: Coastal Scents New Penny, Dark Golden Olive, Bright Copper, Chamois Nude
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    Mazda 3
  • My Favorite Movies
    Favorites include Citizen Kane, Casablanca, Dr. Strangelove, Dark Knight trilogy, LOTR... funny how I can never think of them when I fill these things out.

    TV I watch: Game of Thrones, Homeland, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Dexter, Law & Order SVU, True Blood, Breaking Bad, White Collar, Vampire Diaries/the Originals
  • Favorite Music
    My tastes are pretty broad and range from classic rock, to torch singers, to rap and 80s-90s dance music, to 70s-80s pop, to heavy metal and punk, goth, jazz and blues…
  • Favorite Books
    Too many to list. Favorite current authors include Andrew Vachss, Lois McMaster Bujold, Jonathan Kellerman, Gillian Flynn, C.S. Friedman, Janet Evanovich, Greg Rucka, Jacqueline Carey
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    MAC, BPAL, Paula's Choice, Too Faced, Tarte, NYX, Alterna, It Cosmetics, Urban Decay (eyeshadows!), Stila, Pacifica (bath and body products, and scents), Smashbox (primers especially)
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    Coolest recent purchase: Coastal Scents Fall Festival Palette. Utter sexy for $12.95 (!), <3 it. http://www.coastalscents.com/makeup/eyes/eye-palettes/pl-hp-002.html
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  1. Meh. About 3/6 for me. Coffee cups are always welcome, the towel can be used for my wavy hai that frizzes in humidity, and the FAB is something I've wanted to try. However, since I live in Florida, the beanie's going to sit in my gifting drawer for someone up north, the tattoos are just not my thing, and the snacks are more my husband's thing. Lackluster box for me, but since I really liked December and November, I can't complain too much. Now let's just see if I actually get it (PS has consistently sent me two boxes instead of one for a few months when I tried to unsub and resub with a Rue La La coupon, and every time I cancel, the request seems to go into the void).
  2. I just got Shadow of Mordor myself for Xmas (along with a system upgrade with an awesome new sound system and video card!), but I won't let myself touch it until I've gotten my blog up and running at last, so I'm eagerly awaiting it. DA:I has come highly recommended by a friend who got it for Xmas, so that's probably on my future list. I also picked up a couple of the Shadowrun games cheap from Steam, so those are lingering too. Does anyone play any of the FTP MMOs? I do a little DDO but it's more of a 'kill time while I make phone calls' thing.
  3. It's all about the gear and the gold now. You can buy winning gear from running dungeons and playing the AH. I miss the days when I made most of my good pre-raid gear...
  4. Meh, birthday gift sucks, but it's basically 'something I'll never use' versus 'something I'll never use' for last year's, so. *shrug* Sephora's b'day gift this year is awesome.
  5. I have an unhealthy obsession with my blending brush, so I feel that one.
  6. I don't know how the megapalettes compare, but the singles, and the Fall Festival Palette, made me quite happy. Some of the colors I've sampled from Revealed and Revealed 2 seemed pretty unpigmented, but the others were generally quite nicely pigmented.
  7. Pet peeve: PopSugar's lack of communication. I still don't know if I'm getting zero boxes, one, two, or three this month. They haven't answered. I am so annoyed. I really hope it's one, because that was what I intended. Two, I could live with, because I could gift some of the second box out. So many pretty shinies in this box. I really want to wear the scarf on Xmas eve. I have to admit, though, the idea of a cupcake mix worth fifteen bucks makes me go -- for $15, those cupcakes damn well better fetch me a cup of coffee to go with them.
  8. I'm definitely in the 'no frackin' way' category for: 1) Anything which claims it's a 'universal' shade. Utter horseflop. No such animal. 2) The whole ombre lip thing. To me, it always looks like you applied lipstick right before eating a glazed donut. Not attractive. 3) Cat-eye liner: I know, I know, it's heretical, but honestly, I find it both too much of a pain in the butt to do right, and unattractive on me. 4) Self-tanner: As a reasonably fair-skinned gal with freckles, I can only imagine how fake this would look on me. Not only that, but it seems like a major pain in the ass. I embrace my 'sometimes a little darker than vanilla pudding' complexion. 5) Permanent makeup tattoos: No. Just no. For one thing, I don't want a needle anywhere near my damn eyes. For another, the risk of infection is pretty insane. And just imagine if you got a liner tattoo and then that style became passe. Now what? 6) Studs and other gem style items on nails: This just looks to me like an eye injury looking for an excuse to happen.
  9. I'm getting this same box. I don't really use these sprays, so mine'll go into the donation box for the holidays, probably. The serum isn't going to do much for me -- I already have a regimen I'm happy with. The rest, though... it's all good. Since I'm usually the person getting the 6- and 7-item boxes, I can't complain.
  10. @whee. I swear, I've received a half-dozen of these in the past year from various sources.
  11. It looks like it's only for the November box, though -- and while I liked the November box, I somehow wound up with two already. I don't need a third. OTOH, that box wound up being a great source for holiday gifts -- both of the purses, cookbooks, and hand creams are already earmarked for Xmas gifts, along with one set of the wine markers. The stationery is too cute and I'm keeping that along with one set of the markers. The gift tags are always useful, especially at this time of year. One thing I love about PopSugar is that even if an item doesn't thrill me, it's usually of high enough quality and interesting enough to make a good birthday or holiday gift for family or friends. My MIL loved the little wallet purse.
  12. I haven't tried the Anastasia shadows. I will say that if you're willing to spend some cash, Urban Decay shadows are amazing. I love my MAC shadows (I have.. uh... tons). MUG gets great reviews, and I have some coming for Christmas, so I'm really looking forward to trying them out. I will note that Coastal Scents' shadows can be very spotty in quality. Some of them are not very pigmented, and some are like WHOA. They're one of the budget options, which is why I mention them.
  13. Welcome! One thing I can recommend is buying one of the good books done by noted makeup artists to give you an idea of where to start. Bobbi Brown has a good one (The Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual) and it deals with all ages, all skin colors, all ethnicities, and so forth. You can usually find a used copy on Amazon for $10-15. You could start with simple things, and work into the more complex ones, to make it less intimidating. A very basic no-makeup 'I woke up like this' look involves a BB or CC cream, a tiny bit of concealer if needed, brow grooming, a touch of mascara, and tinted lip balm a half-shade darker than your natural lip color. You can also add a neutral matte eyeshadow close to your skin color for evenness if you like. The biggest beauty asset is good skin and good grooming. A good moisturizer is essential. I always put a layer under my other makeup, with a few minutes taken between those two steps to let it sink in. A lighter formula is better for under cosmetics, and a good one doesn't have to be hugely expensive. Brands like Paula's Choice offer really good products at reasonable prices. Once you start moving toward color cosmetics, you'll want to invest in basics first: A nude-colors eyeshadow palette, one blush that works well with your skin tone, two different lip products for day and night (one of which should be a shade darker than your lips for a good go-to color, and one that is a little darker or more interesting for adventurous days or nights out), and, if you want to use it, an eyeliner pencil or pen. My own recommendations will be dependent on your budget. See below: BB/CC: This is very much a personal preference, I will note. Neutrogena's tinted moisturizers (a lighter version of BB/CC) are decent for the price (around $9, I think). I like the Stila Stay All Day BB, but the colors offered didn't work for me at all. My go-to face product right now is the Bare Minerals powder foundation, but some people have problems with it settling into pores and fine lines. I don't, but I also use a primer. Concealer: This entirely depends on how much coverage you need. I have hereditary dark circles under my eyes, so I use a heavy one, IT Cosmetics' Bye Bye Undereye. It's waterproof and very thick, so you will wind up needing to practice working with it to make it go well. Lighter choices abound, though for dark circles that aren't as bad as mine, Bare Minerals' Well Rested concealer is a decent choice. MAC has several options, and the ones I've tried have all been quite good. Mascara: This is very much a personal choice. Everyone has different opinions on what a good mascara is, and how it works for them. I will say that the best way to try them out is to join a subscription box service like BirchBox -- you'll wind up with lots of samples to try out. I would avoid waterproof mascaras at first, because they can be difficult to remove until you're more practiced with doing so. I will, however, recommend an e.l.f. product that's a clear mascara on one side and a brow gel on the other -- the clear mascara can be used as a top coat over a colored mascara to keep it from bleeding. Brow grooming: This just means plucking or waxing into a natural shape, and then combing the brows into position and using something to hold 'em in place if needed. Anastasia Beverly Hills makes two products that are great for people new to makeup: a set of brow stencils that you can use to shape your brows neatly when you pluck, and a brow gel to hold the hairs in place. If you have a store with a Benefit Brow Bar nearby, the price of getting them to do yours once so you can get a photo to use for guidance might be worth it, if it's in the budget. Tinted lip balms are available in a wide variety of colors and formulas. For a budget option, NYX makes a product called Butter Balm which comes in a whole lot of shades, and retails for around $3. The brand is one of my favorites, and their prices are quite reasonable. Not all of their products are amazing, but there are enough good ones to make them worth trying. My absolute favorite tinted balm is from Clinique -- the tinted balm Chubby Sticks. Blushes: NYX makes some very nice ones for a decent price. The Mosaic blushes are really nice, and there's a blush they have called Pinched that seems to be a pretty universal shade. If you're fair-skinned, you'll want to apply with a light hand. Moving into the more advanced part: A set of good brushes is crucial. There's a post somewhere around here with a list of the ones you need to start. If you want to buy a basic set for a reasonable price, the brand Real Techniques makes some very good ones. Amazingly, the budget brand e.l.f. makes some good-to-very-good ones for $3 each. They have two lines of products, and the ones you'd want are the Studio line. I actually use some of their brushes over my much-more-expensive alternatives. Also, primers. A primer for makeup is just like a primer for paint in your house: It prepares the skin for makeup and gives it staying power. An eye primer is, to me, the one that's indispensable. Face primers, lash primers, and the like are all useful, but all of these steps can be really intimidating for someone new to makeup. NYX also makes a series of eyeshadows called Nude Matte Eyeshadows that are fairly sheer and very forgiving for new users. I own about six of the colors, several of which are great go-to colors for days when I want the basics. They can be a little chalky, but they're a good starting point. There are so many good brands of eyeshadows that it's hard for me to know where to begin, but the Urban Decay Naked Basics palettes are a good starter as well. Lip products come in a variety of shades, formulas, and the like. I can't even begin to summarize here. The most important thing is to try things out at home before going out in public, and feeling at ease with application. I still stink at using eyeliner, 30+ years after I started wearing makeup. Sometimes it won't be perfect, and that's okay. Learning to correct mistakes is as important as knowing how to apply it in the first place.

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