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  1. DHL text anybody? I got one today I think it is for Superbox 5 and Lucky Box #3...and it also says gift lotion? Is that for costume purposes? I'm a bit confused...it also says it is 3.1 pounds. Supposed to be here tomorrow
  2. Just butting in and curious, where does it say they won't be shipping until October? Or which ones? I see April and May and June shipment days but not October
  3. I agree ladies I actually tried it today cause (don't judge me lol ) I didn't want to shower and it was a mistake, I ended up showering cause I couldn't stand the smell...I will definitely cry with you both if I get another one on the lucky boxes lol
  4. I pers I personally skipped #2 because two of the products in there I already don't use..I'm debating to get #4 too...a spoiler would definitely help!
  5. Memebox needs a "night time" care box I know! I got the body and hair one, but like you mentioned if they did one with the foot masks and hair masks etc I would totally buy them! Even two of the same haha jk or at least to get introduced to the nighttime products they offer...oh that nature box is eyeing me...darn
  6. Memebox needs a "night time" care box or something like that...for body too...*ahem* memebox...fr both dry and oily skin
  7. Thanks so much!! I hope the ladies that haven't received their boxes/ are having issues get resolved quickly.... I would be super frustrated too!!
  8. When are the next boxes shipping? I lost track...even with the shipping dates some are shipped later or earlier...I'm confused
  9. I'm excited for it too! I heard about their hair perfumes wanna try those
  10. I just got my tracking on my email from box 8, and the other two boxes when I already received them last week..poor memebox their email communication system is snail mail...I was all excited thinking I had another box on the way lol
  11. I'm actually very happy with my boxes, as you ladies are probably more pros about skin care and make up brands...I am not lol I don't spend much money on things for myself and anything I get for my personal care in the boxes I am thrilled about, specially if it's Korean Then until my mother came and saw my étude house box and told me " what a poorly filled box, are you missing items?" lol I'm having a baby in three weeks so I'm holding on to using some items...since the hormones will be "getting back to normal" and my skin will be a mess trying to be normal again haha
  12. No problem at all! I am not Sure what I'll do with so much product now lol and that Psy mask was hilarious!
  13. I couldn't figure out how to use the "spoilers" feature I'm sorry!!
  14. I just got my boxes ladies...I'll post up pics in abut I hope not to spoil for anyone
  15. Where can you see what boxes?? I got A text from DHL as well but can't see for what
  16. I I was one of the few tag wanted the oil control one...and I am happy they put it up!! lol someone is really stalking this forum lol
  17. Wtfreak memebox!!! I just bough lucky box 3, Mask edition, and the banila co and they just released #12???!!!!! Someone stop meeeeeeeee pleassseeeee lol
  18. My superbox#1 and my lucky box just arrive today, they were stuck in the incheon airport FOREVER yesterday I happen to check and everything updated like that....I was happy they did but heck they seemed to take forever calculating the dates it is exactly 22 days today
  19. Memebox NEEDS to sell an oily and troubled skin Superbox!!!!
  20. I'm so sorry ladies I was in a rush when I saw my boxes but someone beat me to post the spoilers...and I'm glad they did lol
  21. I got box boxes! I'm very happy with both! Superbox #2 and memebox #7
  22. I I got a text too, but my address doesn't show up...though it seems to be in the right route? So this is for Superbox 7, and Superbox 2? I'm so confused lo
  23. I got it all wrong I thought it was free express shipping lol
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