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  1. @@lush4blush, since you've just joined and clearly don't know the rules around here yet, you're not allowed to promote your blog in posts. You can link it in your signature, but most of this website (aside from the Beauty Bloggers section) is otherwise a no-pimping zone. You might want to check out the terms of service regarding where and what you can post about your blog. Thanks!
  2. Welcome! I think you will find this helpful: http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/topic/131763-birchbox-faqs-read-here-before-asking/
  3. Gosh, it feels weird posting a regular question after everything that's gone down, but I don't know where else to go yet... I need to work on getting clued in to the new destination(s)! Back on topic: this is the first time I've been dying to have yet-to-be-released indies... a couple of the KBShimmer polishes coming out on the 6th. MUST have To Peach His Own and Funky Cold Patina NOW! So, should I be worried about them selling out in a heartbeat or anything? And if so, do we know what time KBShimmer usually opens their sales? Thanks in advance!
  4. A mod, a mod, my kingdom for a mod... oh, wait.
  5. Yay indeed! Ipsy, you wily evil temptress... you sure know the way back into my good graces, don't you? Now, which one to wish for? On one hand, l love warm-toned blushes... but on the other hand, I already have several, and will it be too similar to the City Color melon from LAST February (the only other blush I've gotten from Ipsy)?
  6. Ermagherd, that Demeter fragrance has jasmine and honeysuckle, which are two of my favorite individual scents from Demeter! I wear Honeysuckle almost every day. Pretty please, Ipsy? I'll stay for March if you send me that and a blush and an eyelash curler. Deal?
  7. Posting here in case not everyone keeps tabs on the points thread: New points items up from January's bag: the two brushes, Malin+Goetz balm, the moisturizer pouch thing, and the Hikari eyeliner. No 250-point items this time, though... all 500-1000. I'm glad I already traded for the RT brush and the balm that I wanted... otherwise I'd be pretty disappointed at not being able to burn my last 250-ish points on one of them!
  8. New points items up from January's bag: the two brushes, Malin+Goetz balm, the moisturizer pouch thing, and the Hikari eyeliner. No 250-point items this time, though... all 500-1000.
  9. Does anyone recognize the brush? I'm not too enthused by anything, but I guess I'd prefer the brush or the curler if they're decent. A big yawn here.
  10. I just wish that they'd send more palettes or at least multi-shade samplers instead of just the single eyeshadows... I never find myself reaching for those, except for the matte brown that I use for my brows.
  11. Huh. Until I saw that, I hadn't realized that I have actually never gotten a blush from Ipsy! (Well, I guess the Elizabeth Mott stain counts, but I don't use stains as blush.) I have the City Color blush from last February, which I still use regularly, but only because I ordered it after not getting it. And I looooove me some blush! BLUSH OR BUST, IPSY.
  12. Currently sniffing my fingers because I love the scent of my Nail Honey cuticle oil soooo much... I really wish they'd release more products in that scent!
  13. Me too... I was going to bow out after January, but then I ended up redeeming for a couple of points reward items that I actually really wanted, so I had to stick around. I guess this means that Ipsy gets one last chance to blow my mind and convince me to stay!
  14. I know it's hard to avoid the Valentine's thing with a February bag, but PLEASE no pink. Last February's was that boring pink bag, and then we got the pink ravioli... enough! A pretty pattern in a nice fabric, not cheap vinyl, if you please. What happened to the contributing-artist thing? As for the contents, if we must have a V-day theme: -rose gold anything, really (instead of just rose) -Demeter in some non-rose floral bouquet scent (and maybe a mini splash or spray this time instead of another rollerball) -one of the Too Faced chocolate products -matte pastel eyeshadow sampler (for the ubiquitous conversation hearts) -Rainbow Honey or a new indie glitter polish (in lieu of diamonds) ...and hey, throw in a Lush bath bomb for those of us who will be spending V-day alone! Just saying. ;-)
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