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  1. I got shipping info on the 4th but it hasn't changed. Hoping to get it soon!
  2. Really hoping my box changes According to the cheat I am getting: Number 4 Shampoo(Repeat), Wish Shaving Cream(repeat for the 3rd time), Pop Beauty EyeShadow (PYS), Beauty Protector Protect and Oil(repeat), and Real Chemistry 3 minute Peel. I am not okay with 3 repeats! I understand that every now and then this is bound to happen, especially since I have been with BB for almost 2 years, but 3 in one BOX! Plus I received the Wish product last month!
  3. The next Spoiler is up on facebook! I need that blue nail polish! I already own the necklace it is pictured with!
  4. Ha! Loved my email from Birchbox this morning! Is it sad that I was extremely excited when I saw the "Saved by the Bell" theme!
  5. My box hasn't updated yet It is still showing February's Box. Hope the cheat is right! I love the box it showed! I do have shipping info though!
  6. Interesting box for me this month! Not a fan of the Bee Kind brand. I love masks and body butter/lotion though and I did like the smell of the Whish shaving cream! Plus I wanted the Highlighter!
  7. I know!!!! I spent like 2 hours just looking at all the crazy!
  8. So I know this is slightly off topic but during my usual random eBay searches I stumbled upon people selling birchbox/ipsy samples and such! At first I was like okay, I get it, they are selling huge lots of samples they didn't want and such but then I started finding ones like these! My mind is blown!
  9. Nothing really stood out for me with the PYS and I'm not really feeling the curated box. I'm going to leave it up to chance! It has worked out well for me in the past. I have typically been getting 2-3 of the sample choices in my box anyway.
  10. I love the idea of a vibrant floral bag! Maybe it is just me, but I feel like we have been getting quite a bit of Nyx lip products lately. Not complaining because I do love them! I do like trying different brands though!
  11. I have been a subscriber for over a year and just now found this website?! What?! When I use the cheat my box shows all three of the sample choices as well! I am hoping this is correct because I absolutely love my box this month! I am also getting a sample of Harvey Prince-Ageless (Love Harvey Prince!!!) and theBALM Lip Gloss! My last few boxes have been underwhelming so I'm pumped to finally (hopefully) receive an amazing box.
  12. Ugh! I am so tired of getting lip stains! I always rate them low and somehow continue to receive them!

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