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    Hey! I love eyeshadow and liquid liner! I have 3 cats and two kids! And i love dying hair :)
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    I currently subscribe to: ipsy, nerdblock, Bluum box and have a on and off again relationship with birchbox.
    I used to subscribe to: wantable makeup, fortunecookiesoap.

    I love besides makeup: drawing, writing, dragons, video games, my three cats ha, and the outdoors.
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    Full time mommy of twins and some other stuff
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    Mostly metal but i love all kinds of music.
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Sugarpill, Medusa's Makeup, Urban Decay
  1. I dont use specific vitamins but i do use oils on my hair. I do love argan oil for hair strength and shine. But what i do is i mix castor oil, coconut oil and grapeseed oil ( make shure they are organic or cold pressed you get them in food stores)in a haircolor bottle with a ponited straw(idk what their called) and i put them on my dry head all over from root to tip then i leave it in for 30-60 mins. Then i wash my hair out with water then shampoo rinse shampoo rinse and condition. People also use this method as a preconditioner just make shure you wash it all out or youll be oilly honestly i had long wonderful thick hair as a kid then i started straightening it and then i really killed it with bleaching and hair color and bleaching and on n on. My hair stopped growing COMPLETELY. I was like ahhh im 20! This is wrong! So i looked stuff up n turns out stuff youd get for cooking or eating actually helps your hair! I find doing this once or twice a week helps. This may not work for everyone but look up oils for hair growth and it may surprise you. from my personal hair journey
  2. Free box i got bronze packets, facial mask, aveeno body wash, la fresh wipes, and the bh california sample i have from ipsy. Now first thing that comes to mind is where have i seen stuff like this but better and free? Oh yea influenster [email protected] now im positively shure ill cancel i mean wow
  3. Thats odd. I think months ago i had to stop a person who was pretending to be someone else but was actually herself. She was using multiple accounts to bully this one girl. I honestly dont know how Ipsy can let people like that or just plain bullies on but ban people that actually honestly reveiw their bags i love Ipsy but sometimes...
  4. XD yay! All i can say is blend blend blend and a good eyeshadow base and it looks bomb you should totally get it! You can even make a bright purple smokey eye with this. The colors work very well together! I used the small end of the brush to line the bottom lashline with slowburn and that brush is amazing! It works wonderfully if you want to line your eyes with the amazing colors. You should get it! Its so fun to play with you wouldnt regret it
  5. Ohh yes haha !!! Revolt really brings it together . It looks very goregous )
  6. Thanks the colors are very bright and they work together wonderfully
  7. So i did this randomly. I used Thrash, Gonzo and Slowburn. I did it quickly to just see how it would work but wow they blend great
  8. So even after having a bad experience with them before, i ordered more dry shampoo( their stuff is amazing) and i got it in 3 days unlike last time it was two [email protected] so i will order from them but not when they launch a new line so i know my order will get to me i guess. But look at the size difference (not that its a bad thing) The biggest one is from their garden of good and evil collection, the second largest is the one i bought it is zero from the nightmare before christmas collection, and the small one is a sample of zero from their soapbox. As you can see their sizes are drastically different [email protected] i love how they changed the bottle, packaging and size though that is a plus also it smells just like fruitloops to me ha
  9. Im sorry for sone reason i was cut off uploading the last two. Weird but anyway its lovely )))
  10. Well what type of hair did you have before? Was it colored before? If so how long since and how much? What colors was it colored before? If you are had natural hair before what color was it? Also i will say this any and i mean any hair dye from the drugstore i never wear for more than 40. Its normally recomended 30 but i go 40 just because my hair is dark. The reason you never leave that type of dye on for longer than recomended is because it can severly damage your hair. If you bought lets say a brand that dosent have the damaging things in drugstore dyes like vegan or henna dyes, then your hair would actually turn out healthier afterwards! Also if you check every five to ten mins and its close to the 30 mark and you see NOTHING or barely anything take it out! Most dyes or even natrual ones have a 30 min mark, so there is no reason to keep it in longer.
  11. Hmm thats odd. Ive seen them on amazon and they look interesting but i do not know how they wear but their in the garden of eden looks pretty i know way too many colored shadow brands so im pretty picky.

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