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  1. Got my box and was happy every thing fit perfectly. I love this subscription!
  2. I freely admit I haven't been a fan of this company for awhile so maybe it's with some cynicism that I think the reason they can't continue is a little over the top. They didn't secure VC funding because they're women? Please. *rolls eyes* VC funding tends to be in the millions and there's a lot of things they look for, including ROI potential. The subscription box model is not a lucrative one. Birchbox and Ipsy were lucky to get what they did but they only got it after years of hard work and extensive expansion of their business model. Both are run by women. Now if they'd mention Angel investing, I'd be more inclined to believe them since that's more the kind money that would likely be invested into a company like theirs. Instead, they likely have a poor business model with no growth potential. The blame shifting is ridiculous. LLB didn't fail because they didn't get VC funding. They'd failed long before that for a multitude of reasons.
  3. Got my box and love everything! After last month's shoe size debacle, I had switched to a 6.5 (from a 7) in my profile. Got my new Bounce shoes and they're a half size too small. Blargh!! I really think they sent us Men's sizes last time (or at least some of us since others had no issues with theirs). When I emailed to get mine replaced this time, they requested I return my current ones first. Totally fine with that, of course, I just wish they'd send them now instead of me having to wait until they get mine first. I'm kinda glad they asked me to return them because I was afraid they might raise the cost of the sub to cover returns the way they were letting everyone keep everything. I adore this subscription and plan to keep it for awhile. I've never had such nice shoes!
  4. I guess they're making $150 million a year in sales although it says they still aren't profitable (yet). They expect to be profitable this year, though, moving away from subscription boxes to in house brands and brick and mortar stores. Interesting to note they got $66 million in venture funding in august.
  5. I wonder if they know that the word "mystery" does not need to be in quotes...
  6. It looks like Memebox is phasing out Memeboxes. There's now no mention of them on their site.
  7. I got my replacements! The 6.5's are almost too small (only almost, though, totally wearable). I'm wondering if they sent out Men's 7's instead of womens or something because the difference between the two shoes was HUGE. It's at least a full size difference between the two, if not more. I have no idea. I've never seen such a wide disparity with sizing. Either way, I got shoes that fit and I'm happy. I really cannot believe they allow us to keep the extra pairs. Maybe shipping everything back would make it not worth it? Shoes are heavy. Who knows. Super happy with the Bounce shoes!
  8. Hm. Well, I bet that's the problem then. I've never received a shipping confirmation for any of my boxes. I only know they're coming from my FedEx account. Thank you SO much for telling me!! I just looked up my FedEx account and found a number in there in the shipping information that worked!! I'm so glad yours are on the way already. Last time it took nearly a month for them to respond to my exchange email. Hopefully this will speed things up!
  9. Does anyone know (or did anyone ever figure out) what on earth the Order Number is? What is the magic formula for it to actually work in the exchange form? I couldn't get it to work last time and I still can't now. It took SO LONG to get a response using regular email. Both shoes are gigantic even though they're the same size that the last box had (which fit perfectly). For some reason I got the sweatshirt in a Small (good) but the other tops in a Large (not so good). I need to switch out almost the entire box! It would be nice if they sent out an email with the types of items we were getting and allowed us to choose the size specifically based on the product.
  10. has everyone with an annual received a shipping notice? I ordered a second one and got that before my regular one! Still nothing on my original account.
  11. Puppies are a LOT of work. A LOT of work. They take a lot of time to train (and not just potty training) and they take a lot of patience and understanding. I don't know how old you are or if you live on your own or not but Reija does have excellent advice. If having the time and energy to properly train a puppy will be too much for you, you may want to put the same effort you're putting toward finding a kennel-bred puppy and see if you can't find one that's a little older (maybe a year?) who has already been potty trained and will sleep through the night. That being said, I understand wanting a specific breed with a specific temperament. I had never had a dog in my life or even been around them. So when my husband and I went searching, I needed something I knew I could deal with. It sounds like you have more experience with dogs than I did, though. So maybe talk to the shelters around you, tell them what you're looking for and see if they can't help you find a dog that's a little older. That's my plan when we get another dog. A rescue that's between 6 months and year would be perfect. I didn't sleep a full night for nearly two months when our second puppy came home with us. I don't want to do that again.
  12. I will be thrilled if there is pink in it like she's wearing. THRILLED! It took awhile but Avenue A finally got back to me and is sending me a new sports bra in a smaller size. They told me to keep the original one! That's pretty awesome considering the size issue isn't their fault and I totally would have sent it back. So slow but excellent customer service. I cannot WAIT for the next one.
  13. I was not expecting to love this box as much as I do. I love the shoes. I looove the jacket. I like the capris (so comfy) and the black shirt is more daring than I normally go while at the gym. I'm having trouble exchanging the sports bra for a smaller size. This was my first time so choosing sizes was difficult. I've switched everything now to what I think I'd prefer but for the exchange, I tried on their website and couldn't get my order number to work. So I emailed customer service but no response. Maybe I'm expecting it too quickly. I can't get over the jacket. It's so heavy and nice. My husband saw it and wanted one, too, so he looked it up. I wish it wasn't white but at the same time, out of all the colors it comes in, white looks the most awesome.
  14. I was surprised to discover that I actually liked the cape. Very surprised. I'm short at 5'1" and I like it with one side thrown over my shoulder. It looks great with a white tee and black skinny jeans. It's also going to work perfectly with some of my business dress suits. It does add pizzazz. The bracelet, though... not so much. The belt? Hm. Not feeling it quite yet. Maybe because I don't really have a well defined waist (the curse of my existence!) and belts always look weird (plus I'm short). Ah, well. I'm still a big fan of the boxes because this really was well curated. Im not sure anything will ever top the Miansai bracelet, though.

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