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  1. That's random because I got a January box already. I didn't even cancel and resub this month because there wasn't any codes out there. (Used the feb.2nd expiration box code on my husbands BB man box) hoping it's a mistake and it'll update to my actual box because if I end up getting two "January" boxes I'm gonna be bummed. Edit: yup, just checked my past samples and it's showing my January box I already received
  2. Curses birchbox, first you don't send me my ace PYS email, so I decided to not fret about it and leave it up to chance. Boy am I kicking myself now. - 100% real mascara - Camille Beckman body butter - Dry Conditioner - tea - JC perfume Tea and perfume in the same box :/ I have a enough black mascaras to last me years so will pass that along to my little sis. Super bummed but oh well. Ipsy for once sent me a great bag so the whole month isn't a wash
  3. I got the same message at checkout. I'm glad I didn't change my order. If I'm waiting this long already, at least I'm waiting for polishes I really really love.
  4. Just got the resub email spoiler. Looks like some nail polish, brush, eyelash curler and NYX eyeliners are among the lot.
  5. I didn't get it in the mail, but Ulta did send me the 20% off thanks for being a member email. Putting my makeup addiction on hold and attemting a low buy for most of this year because I'm surprising my little princess with a trip to Disney. With that said, first person to inbox me gets the online code UPDATE: Claimed
  6. Wohoo FINALLY made it in time to redeem my hoard of points. Was able to get the body butter, the Skyn Iceland wipes and the eva nyc.
  7. Too bad it sold out already. I adore target but the fact that I can save so much with all their forms of discounts plus coupons made me not instantly bite and reconsider if I wanted to buy it. Buy the time I decided I was going to take the risk and buy it, it was already sold out. I don't doubt it was because PS wants to use this as an example for all of us that don't instant buy. What a shame, because I know I can't possibly the only one who reconsidered and was willing to purchase the box.
  8. Will have: - Astrida Naturals lip balm - LashFood lash Enhancer - Pacifica shaddow (color unknown) - Probelle Polish ( not my color of blue) + trade list Looking for: - Elizabeth Mott brush - Real Techniques liner brush - Hey honey take it off mask - Swissco eyelash curler + I'm pretty open to anything, so willing to look at lists *My trade list is a current mess right now bc I need to update it. Will be doing that today *
  9. I prepaid during the holidays for the six months so got a steal of a deal. Super excited for this box. I love the FAB cleanser, so very excited to try the cream tub. The only thing I am not excited about is the beenie because my awkwardly shaped head has never looked good in a hat. lol, I've tried so many and I just can not make it work. But again for the price I paid I can't complain. Very very happy
  10. Cheat finally uploaded for me today. I'm getting a variation of the popular combo everyone seems to be getting. - Dr. Jart BB - Juliette has a gun - Sumita brow pencil - Neil George Shampoo - Neil George Conditioner Received the dr. Jart black label BB last month and while I liked that variation, getting another dr.jart bb this month seems pretty lame. Excited to try the brow pencil and pretty meh about everything else. The good thing is from the reviews the Neil George seems to be a unisex scent. I gifted my hubby a birchbox man sub for Christmas (he's always been an outdoorsy guy who didn't really care too much about specific grooming products) but he really enjoyed the sub. Been slowly incorporating more products into his daily routine. I'm sure he'll be happy if I pass those on to him.
  11. Didn't pick a sample this month. Partly because it was the holidays and I was busy and partly because I've received all 3 samples before and didn't care either way. Hope my page loads soon. Excited to see what I end up receiving
  12. Part 2 of Santa Gifts. I hope I didn't keep y'all waiting too long, was going to post these last night but my mom kept me super busy trying to get all her errands run before I leave out of town with my husbands family. On to the reveal
  13. My gift arrived today from the wonderful @@fayeX . Thank you so much, I feel so blessed to received such a loving and amazing gift. I love how you included little notes with my gifts. It helped explain the new products to me and showed me how much thought you put into every product you selected. On to my reveal
  14. I had two tracking numbers on my cyber Monday gift order. At first I thought it was the same box because sometimes I get two trackings for my birchbox and it turns out to be the same package. When it got delivered a couple days ago, it was two separate boxes. Will end up gifting the extra box to my little sister for Christmas. Also emailed popsugar to let them know the mistake but that was 2 days ago and they haven't responded.
  15. I am beyond excited!!! I'm so giddy that I keep smiling and giggling as I type this just thinking about the rest of the treats I packed for you. I had so much fun putting it all together and coming up with the rhymes. It makes my Christmas to know how much you appreciate and loved it Oh and my hubby just told me, "I'm pretty sure you are on MUT or Sephora because you have that certain look on your face right now." LOL!

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