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  1. Looking for eyeko liner and not soap radio green or purple body washes
  2. I love Formula X Alchemy! I actually considered getting a backup bottle but then convinced myself that I have so much polish that I'll never even get through the one I already have. The formula for Alchemy is pretty good, I did a mani with it at home that lasted nearly a week before chipping.
  3. Hello Waffle makes multiple golds I really like 1000 Likes and she also has at least one as part of the Musicians collection
  4. @@ohsailor Hug of Death is up for preorder!! I just saw this now since I've been out all day, here's the link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/220842601/reddit-preorder-of-guilt-rhug-of-death?ref=shop_home_active_8
  5. I do rmb the description saying that the total value would be at least whatever the cost of the box was but it didn't seem like it would be more than the cost. And back to NM VC stuff - I too will need to look into overstock if Cumberbatch and HIddles (Heartbreaker Hiddleston?) are involved
  6. that really sucks, they could have at least offered you points and been like "you can order it yourself with these"
  7. Lol I asked if anyone got that email and then I got it myself like 10 min later. I wonder what brand the purple eyeliner is? It doesn't look like it's Nyx. Anyway I don't think I'll resub after seeing this.
  8. has anyone gotten the resub email with a spoiler for Feb? I got an email asking me to resub a few days ago but there was no spoiler in it.
  9. There are still some of the Valentine's releases left at DC - I'm debating getting Noose Jewelry. I'm supposed to be on a low-buy but it's also listed as a unisex perfume and I also want to know what true raw carrot smells like...decisions, decisions. This is where I need that emoticon that had the angel on one side and devil on the other.
  10. I would suggest you go for it if you're not on a low-buy, sixteen92 doesn't have sales very often and their samples are 2 mL (as opposed to 1 mL at most places) and actually last a really long time. Unless it's a premium scent (it'll be noted) which are 1.3 mL. I think their GC 5 sample set also includes choices from the upcoming spring collection. As for the hot chocolate bar scents, I have Mexican Hot Chocolate and it's really realistic, not cloying or candy-ish at all. The scents are high quality and well-blended and the packaging design is nice too.
  11. flash sale at sixteen92 today - they have their standalone website up and running at http://sixteen92.com/ and there's a coupon code, HELLOTHERE, for $5 off $20 which I think is only good for today. I ordered some samples.
  12. I think Life's Entropy was planning to have a sub box but I don't know what happened to it. This was mentioned way back when the store first opened, and I do remember seeing it listed on the site 1-2 months ago but I don't remember if it was actually up for purchase yet.
  13. Murder of Crows and Black Friday overstock is up - though a lot of it is sold out already
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