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  1. Oh and testerkorea have a sale atm and done first haul for a while so might be worth a looksee
  2. Not gonna shock anyone here that has known me for a while but I love my dairy beauty and gotta say that I love the Tonymoly bananas (lip balm, sleeping mask and hand cream are fab), secret key milk toner (not gonna shock you there) and the bounce cheese cream by dear by enprani. I think most I have used with dairy has been good though except that Xaivita (I think that was the name) goat milk cream. That junk ended up on my feet and even then it was too greasy. Btw I went to do an order on secret key int website but there's a weight limit on free postage (I won't pay postage) and won't deliver orders over 2k so didn't order as only wanted toners. No intense ice sleeping pack on there that I could see either
  3. Nah I think you can get horsemeat to eat in Germany. Well you could when I went there in late 90s. I think don't think it is hugely common to eat it but it is available
  4. Lol I don't want to poke the bear on facebook.... I don't want to discuss liposuction again
  5. I am quite happy with plant based oils and hoping that they don't sell well....
  6. Lol got two lovely customs charges in last month, my first ever grrrr.
  7. I'm not sure in Korea but I know horse is eaten a fair amount on the continent and if it is eaten in Korea it would be another waste product. Tbh I probably won't use the horse oil either though as I have so much and prefer to use the plant oils like argan or rose hip or macadamia anyhow as they are what I am used to and I find they are beneficial to my face, hair and body.
  8. I always find certain things difficult in terms of farming practices difficult but I think that using placentas in beauty products is not one of them. Since they are iron rich and therefore good for the skin I prefer them to be used rather than discarded as that is the only alternative sadly as they are only useful in the uterus.
  9. I think some are plant placenta and some are animal placenta but not got this one so can't look at ingredients. I would be enclined to think it might be something like lamb placenta though as the plant placenta ones tend to say plant placenta. For me I'm not particularly squeamish so will use anything.
  10. The bag is really nice quality too.
  11. Here is my tk haul from last week. A bit of an odd one and not too many cuties but sadly after seeing those snails I think I have to have them (anyone who knows me won't be surprised) No idea why it is upside down sorry and no idea is it is machine or user... But probably user
  12. When it comes to Korean cosmetics it is also a PITA to experiment with Korean beauty and I miss memebox as they gave me a nice range or apart from customer service and some boxes moving dates they were fairly reliable.
  13. I have to admit I miss my memebox addiction like it was a year ago

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