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  1. It's the end of an era but also a chance to start sth new. To look for new places to shop, to talk and to develop our interest. This is my last post on MUT because I no longer see a point in staying here. I'm sure I'll meet many of you again in other places so it's not a real goodbye See ya and take care, it was fun while it lasted! Signed out.
  2. From what I've heard it's kinda of an end of MUT, too. Almost all - if not all - mods and admins are leaving along with many members. For all of you who are interested: http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/topic/135734-stepping-down-as-community-manager/
  3. Well, it doesn't even shock me anymore. I guess I got to expect all sorts of crap from Memebox. Will probably buy sth this last week as a way of saying a final goodbye and move on to other things/places. I just think it's a seriously bad move and Memebox is digging its own grave, It's been fun while it lasted, now it's time to step away. I'm just going to miss this forum and all of you, ladies
  4. I got Pixie Epoxy from them 2 days ago so I assume they must be around
  5. I was very impressed with the first box and their shadows look the prettiest to me, along with Hello Waffle. I may be wrong, though as I'm so new to indie but those two stores made the biggest impression on me so far and I intend to get their subs for some more time. Being new gives me also such a great excuse to get so subs because I don't own almost anything when it comes to indie so I don't feel guilty I think I+TA is not my style, I'm not into anime and bright cartoonish colors at all. NM is right up my alley when it comes to themes but somehow their shadows don't seem that pretty to me looking at their site and some swatches.
  6. I just got my order today and everything looks so cute and pretty. I got full sizes of Franz Katfka, Purr-ride and Purr-rejudice, Portrait of Purrian Gray, Catticus Finch and Call Me Ishmeow from Catssic Literature collection and I'm in love with the shades and the art! Gorgeous! I also have Lumps as GWP and a sample of Mozart, which I asked for. Incidentally, I also got my Pixie Epoxy order today together with a free Dinosaur Plushie mini jar and it's a marvellous silver gray color. I can't wait to play with all the goodies, it's been a seriously great indie day :3
  7. Nope, I've never been an affliate and I got the code. I also did buy some this month. So many new boxes - what to do?
  8. I've just got my Milk Bag, finally! I also got an extra Laneige lip gloss for all the trouble which is really nice of them. I like the bag on the whole but... I got a different nail polish color and a different cleansing foam than I chose. I've just emailed them again *sigh* I suppose me and Beauteque are not really meant to be
  9. I love the GoT collection, so sad it was released at such a time - 1 a.m. in my time zone, everything I wanted was sold out before I got up On the other hand, I checked the shipping costs later and it's over $16 for one mist (Imp Mist Me was what I wanted most)! So with the exchange rate atm I won't probably be getting it even if it restocks. Really sad to miss out on this collection completely but I just don't see how I can justify the cost
  10. It was never my intention to cause any drama, I just wanted to describe my experiences because I was, in fact, mostly confused with the contrast between my CS contacts and what almost everyone else was writing about. I don't feel so strongly about my issues with them anymore, maybe it's just resignation or maybe I'm too overwhelmed with other things atm. I'm sorry if I reacted too strongly and therefore spoilt the fun for some people, I'm just too stressed out these days. I just feel my concerns are legit and I'll try to explain my issues with the owner. @@biancardi None of my comments was really made in connection with what you wrote. In fact, I find your advice totally valid and I'm really grateful for your concern with my issues @@moosie Thank you for your kind words! I promise not to get whiny and wimpy anymore and not to bore you with my personal issues I'm also really curious to see your NY bags once they arrive
  11. @@biancardi thank you so much for the kind words. Totally off topic and self-piteous but I just wanted to explain why I feel that frustrated with all my issues atm. Promise not to go on any rants anymore
  12. @@biancardi you're right and I know I should email them but I'm just tired of all that. My health issues make me overwhelmed with anything stressful at the moment and I just wish to get my order and not think about it anymore. I don't want any compensation or anthing really but I just feel sad about it. Maybe I can't deal with some things reasonably myself atm, I don't know. I hope I'll manage to muster some energy and contact them about it again.
  13. I want the Mystery Box but there's no CPM disclaimer...
  14. I'm also tempted by the New Year's bags but... My Milky Bag saga continues. As most of you know the owner of Beauteque tried to contact me here about my shipment and bouncing emails. I contacted her through a different email account, she apologised, was really nice and told me - as she also stated here - that the bag shipped. It was on the 14th. So I was ok with that, but still got no tracking and the bag still didn't show up. So I contacted her again yesterday asking for tracking info and got it today. And guess what - the bag shipped on the 21st. I may be told now that I'm being negative again but, I'm sorry, it's just not the right way to conduct business and treat customers. I can understand delays, problems with stock and communication but when sb actually states publicly and privately sth that obviously isn't true... Then I just don't get it. And I certainly will have some trust issues with the company. I'm glad it's working for so many of you but sadly, I just don't think it's a place to order for me.
  15. Actually, there are only about 20 January Boxes left so you'd better get it if you want it.
  16. I think I'm as disillusioned with Memebox as all of you, ladies. I don't like their new policies, I don't like $40 boxes, I don't like cheating and making a big deal of a few old boxes and above all I hate the way they treat long-time customers who made them get where they are now. I got my tracking for SoothingSista which I'm glad about but I think after that there's gonna be a final breakup.
  17. @@TonyaBeans as far as I know it has never been restocked. I follow all restocks closely and I don't believe I've ever seen it.
  18. Nope, many of those that say 'Sold Out' were never available. Maybe they're going to restock them all throughout the week? Nothing there for me, anyway, I only wanted SoothingSista and Boxing Day 2 - I think there might have only be two of the latter so I don't suppose I'm going to see it again. Oh well, got my SoothingSista and it's enough to make me happy
  19. City Girl, Foot Therapy, Oh My Lips, Makeup Edition 3

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