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  1. I have no idea why I need a second Popsugar box, but of course I couldn't resist. Hopefully it will be good enough to help me get over my breakup with OuiPlease. That one is like a bad boyfriend, super gorgeous, but tends to give more to everyone else, late all the time, horrific communication & no apology, just a smile. I hope we see spoilers for the mini this weekend! Mine hasn't shipped yet, but I'm dying to see if it's worth it.
  2. Thanks for starting the thread! I was looking for one too. I know I'm probably in the minority, but they could put a scarf & jewelry in every box & I'd be happy. I also loved the Canvas Home bowl from last year & swapped for several more. I use them to set out cocktail olives & oil & vinegar for dipping bread. I'd love more home items like that & in white because it goes with everything & works for every occasion.
  3. I got this box & the Nov box today & it felt like Christmas haha. As usual, in my opinion the box in person is even better than in the photos. I could have done without two beauty items, but they are beautifully packaged & will make awesome gifts if I don't swap them. Gifting from boxes is one of the ways I justify the costs, so I'm ok with these. The necklace is beautiful, chic & well made. I'll be wearing it a lot. The tray is really impressive. I swapped it already for some awesome stuff because I already have several large trays around my house & don't have anywhere to put it. Otherwise I would have kept it happily. Chocolate-yes! And the clock is my absolute favorite item. I'm sentimental about rocks because I had a dear uncle who was a rock hound & it is stunning! I was hoping for the blue one to compliment my all-white modern decor, but I love & will use the neutral one if I can't trade. I was just hoping for a pop of color in my very neutral home : ) Oh! I almost forgot the sunglasses - gifted as well to someone I needed a really nice Christmas gift for. I'm super happy with the box. I can't wait to see what's in the Holiday box & Rachel Zoe winter. I adore this time of year.
  4. Got my box today & I love it! One of my favorites in a while. I thought I would swap the headband, but nope, keeping it. It looks adorable with a ponytail & it's really well made. The mustard will be gifted to a foodie on my Christmas list. The palette is going in a Christmas stocking with the Tarte blush from earlier in the year. The candle is really cute. If I don't gift it or swap it for something I really want by Christmas, I'll be happy to use it. The bingo set is classy, modern & beautiful quality & we love to play games as a family. I can't wait to play this on Thanksgiving. Our two grown children will come over & enjoy it with their 8 year old brother. I might gather some good chocolates & little gifts for prizes. With the son-in-laws included, we'll have 5 big "kids" at Thanksgiving dinner. I'm going to ask each of them to write what they are thankful for on the postcards, then use a hole punch & ribbons to hang them on the Christmas tree. I think that's it...awesome box.
  5. That's it! I love the smell of that candle. I have one left that I saved for this fall/winter & I've been savoring it. They would make awesome gifts!
  6. I got a similar box, mostly filler & leftover items. No scarves or leather goods at all. I'm not sure how this is a "best of" box. It's nice stuff & free, so I'm not complaining at all. Just not what I expected. Tea Sprigs Lavender Flowers Graine de pastel hand cream Graine de pastel face and body balm Atelier Cologne .25 oz spray Douxe Me Orange Blossom Mist Pier Auge Body Balm Almonds Elixir D'eclat (I like to put this on at night) Historiae Hameau de la Reine candle Julie Sion pin (this is actually really nice) And cheap plastic tote thing, made in China, similar to a 'gift with purchase' beauty counter bag.
  7. I was just going to check if this was posted yet. Love, love, love the spoiler! My fave "splurge candle" brand. Now I feel like I need another Nov box...
  8. I adore Nina G, love her books & I've been a big fan for years. I just don't see her at all in this box. I had such excitement & high hopes for a real fashion box, but since the first one it's never been the same. I cancelled after I had to send back the "Ballin" box. I keep watching & hoping it will redeem itself. At least I'm saving money. I hope Zoe's stays amazing & consistent like it has been so far. Even if I don't love everything it's all quality fashion goodies that makes fantastic gifts. I couldn't even gift most of this stuff to anyone I know.
  9. I like my box ok, but it didn't feel special at all. When they include something as unique & personal as a Monogramed scarf, it's hard to feel the other items are comparable. I think everyone should have gotten one. My tea tin arrived all bent up. I had planned to gift the tea, but I can't gift it in that condition. It does smell amazing though & reminds me of the Teavana blends. I was also supposed to receive an "extra gift" to replace a damaged item from a previous box. It was not included. I emailed them about both issues on Friday & no response yet so we'll see... In addition to the damaged tea, I received: -Almonds & mustard (stocking stuffers) -Shower gel (I'll use it) -Salome Charly bracelet (love this, already wore it on Friday) -Marina de Bourbon perfume (gifting this to my youngest daughter for Christmas. Cute, but $160? No way is this worth as much or more than my Chanel & Tom Ford fragrances of the same size. The listed price is just silly, maybe $40 reasonably) -Pauline Pin tote (very cute & sturdy/well made, but $100? Again, no way, maybe $20 - $40 if I'm being generous. The Huge Clare V. tote from the Popsugar CFDA box wasn't even valued that high & it is easily double the size with leather handles & a pocket. I think I received the exact box as an earlier poster, but instead of the market tote, she received a second perfume & the Sencha monogramed scarf. I get the variations I guess, but when some have more items & with higher values, it leaves others feeling cheated. Some others didn't even get a tote, just filler items and the bracelet? I've tried to be supportive of this box & I have loved most of the items over the year, but this has got to be my least favorite box so far, in addition to being super late & behind schedule. I guess I was due a crappy, low value variation but shouldn't every box feel lovely & special at this price? I'm still expecting a "best of OuiPlease" box that I won a couple of months ago. It finally shipped. I'll post when I get mine. I just don't think I'll be renewing. The promised boutique discount for yearly subscribers that we never got, the change in original promised box value from wasn't it over $450? to now twice the value = $300, the super late shipping, we are currently 1 full box behind for the year and that's only if we actually receive 1.6 in December, and the lack of customer service response is wearing on my soul. I still have 2 boxes left on my sub. At this rate I should hopefully get all my boxes by spring sometime... I really hope all the winter boxes are amazing & arrive before Christmas. That would be ideal.
  10. I feel exactly the same way! This box feels so carefully thought out & very personal.
  11. I'm dying to see some photos of the scarves. They sound amazing... I'm supposed to get my box on Friday. I can't wait to see what's in it after such a long wait.
  12. Great sleuthing! I'm not sure if I could pull this off, but it's beautiful.
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