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  1. Sample choices look ok to me, not too exiting, not too bad. So, I'm leaving it up to a chance
  2. I hear you. I don't really regret the substitute, as I ended up getting one more from Pixie Dust series, which is being discontinues. It just peeves me that I tried to avoid delays, and here I'm almost four weeks later... Tell me about it, lol
  3. makes sense. I didn't see this note in this promo, but when I ordered their "4th of July special" last year they did say that it may take up to 40 days to process it. And sure enough, it did (sigh). I'm sure they will ship it eventually, but this is annoying. Especially because on of the nail polishes I was going to order was in "high demand" and "could delay processing of your order", so I substituted it for something else.
  4. This is so tempting! I have a soft spot for Mystery Bags, but I don''t really care for Pur Minerals...
  5. this sounds pretty interesting. I've been trying to find samples of Hourglass Ambient lighting powders and Guerlain Meteorites to avail. I know you can swatch them at Sephora, but for me it doesn't really cut it.
  6. For what it's worth I like Lorac Pro (first) pallet a lot better than Chocolate Bar. I feel that Lorac shadows have much nicer texture. And I heard that Lorac Pro and Lorac Pro 2 are very similar texture. However, when I saw this deal was kind of sorry I already have it, lol
  7. I'm leaning towards this too. I really don't think they actually run out of samples. With that said, I think the reason they send out emails in waives is to prevent everyone trying to select a sample at the same time and crushing the site, as it happened first couple of times they did PYS.
  8. I suspect that only physical sunscreens (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) would cause this problem. So foundation with a chemical sunscreen should work.
  9. That's so strange! I guess I'll have to email them about mine. Thanks!
  10. Same here - never got the email. I didn't even think that it could become regular thing. Maybe I should email them too. Have you heard back from them?
  11. I want that brush! But I'll take pencil and nail polish as well
  12. Ladies, I have 20% off Ulta code, that I'm not going to use. PM me if interested. taken
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