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  1. Kristen27

    Popsugar Must Have May 2014 *SPOILERS*

    Those are so good. I garbled them all up in one sitting. Totally bad.
  2. Kristen27

    Birchbox May 2014 - SPOILERS

    Me too! I can totally use some cc cream. Hopefully a color that will blend with my skin well.
  3. Kristen27

    Billing/Shipping Concerns

    Do you know if we get shipping notifications?
  4. Kristen27

    Maybelline Haul plus Sephora Beauty Blender

    For the beauty blender there is a special cleanser you can buy. Otherwise, you can just use a mild shampoo and rinse well. It may not last as long on shampoo, but it is an option if you plan to replace it.
  5. Hi, I am interested in a few items on your swap. Are the beauty items from a sub box? Or are those items you purchased? I am interested in Caudalie pulpe vitaminee eye and lip cream
  6. Kristen27

    Memebox: Korean Beauty Box Service

    Just discovered this today. very cool. are the products all legal for usa?
  7. Kristen27

    Social Bliss

    I have purchased Izzy and Ali handbags from Nordstrom before and WOULD have paid for this. When I saw the spoiler, I checked izzy and Ali website and that is the same designer price as well. Please don't ruin it for the rest of us. Because I was very happy with my box until I saw this message. I dont always like everything in every sub box I get, but part of the fun of a box is trying new things and value. Otherwise I can always search on ebay all day. but its just not the same experience. http://izzyandali.com/index.php/shop/crossbody/hannah-shoulder.html
  8. Kristen27

    Social Bliss

    I just got mine this morning! So happy! I got this gorgeous honey yellow color Izzy Ali bag. I generally buy neutrals so this will be a nice change for the summer. The earrings are nice but I already have a similar pair. So my earrings will be up for trade. Is there forum for that somewhere?
  9. Kristen27

    Alexander Wang for H&M

    I am so excited about this! Cant wait to see what the collection will look like this November.
  10. Kristen27

    What has made the most dramatic difference in your skin?

    Apple cider vinegar. I drink 2 tablespoons every morning. Ever since I have nice skin and losing weight.
  11. Kristen27

    Natural remedies to get younger and glowing skin

    Have you tried Apple Cider vinegar? It works miracles! Otherwise there is always lift serums.
  12. Kristen27

    ISO Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners

    What color are you looking for?
  13. I hope there are some good perks too!
  14. Kristen27

    PopSugar Special Edition Resort Box

    Quote: Originally Posted by feisty1 $100.00 Darn. I wish I had the budget. I'm tempted but I just saw the spoiler for the Socialbliss Style Box. Its $39 for a $200 value box this month. I love getting bags. I love these both!
  15. Kristen27

    Social Bliss

    I would love to see their curation of home items too. Maybe some more skincare too! I wonder what they will do next? I want summer. Maybe a summer dress and a great sunblock. I'm already dreaming for next box and this months not even over yet. lol
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